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What makes you feel most alive?

For example, I remember overcoming a fear of public speaking. it was like a sheet over my life was removed and I felt more vitality in my being and interactions.

asked 09 Nov '10, 20:34

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Unexpected Good makes me feel part of the Stream. Sometime my customers friends do unexpected gook things for me. I have really nice neighbors too. Unexpected income Unexpected meals Unexpected referrals where the person go to the job and translates in Spanish for me wiht out being asked. How good is that? Unexpected prayers Unexpected CDs and other gifts Unexpected praise.

Hold yourself in readiness for unexpected good!


answered 09 Nov '10, 22:47

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(09 Nov '10, 22:57) Back2Basics

As odd as this may sound, but stubbing my toe really makes me feel alive.

I have been performing this exercise for a long time now. Let me explain.

First I hated it when I stubbed my toe like most do. Then I realized since I did not see it coming and moaning about it made the pain last longer, I decided to say YES! YES! when I stub the toe. My acceptance of it made the pain go away much much quicker and it gave me a chance to think how thankful I am to be able to feel such a rush of adrenaline and feel so alive. I actually become thankful of the incident.

So don't get me wrong. I am not a glutton for pain but on the chance it happens, I get the most out of stubbing my toe. Try it next time :)

Much Love (but a little nutty)



answered 10 Nov '10, 00:35

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jim 10

haha, wow, I see what you mean.

(10 Nov '10, 00:46) Back2Basics

Ah yes, I know the feeling. That instant sharp pain. You think you're OK, and then that second wave of pain comes. :)

(11 Nov '10, 19:20) Vesuvius

waking up in the morning knowing that you have the WHOLE Day to make it whatever you want - new canvas every day is SWEET (even if its stubbing your toe - LOL I LOVED your comment Michael!!!!


answered 10 Nov '10, 01:10

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nice! very positive outlook. Your new canvas analogy is very fitting! welcome to the site.

(10 Nov '10, 01:28) Back2Basics

Volunteering my time to a worthy cause to help others, and making a difference in someone else’s life! And basically giving back to society what society has given to me!

Also I love Cheese Cake. I can eat it every day!


answered 10 Nov '10, 03:15

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Inactive User ♦♦

Waking up before the dawn, seeing happy, loved animals, the smell of freshly cut grass... ahhh my list is endless :)


answered 11 Nov '10, 09:07

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A lot of things in my life make me feel alive but the thing that makes me feel most alive is the love that I feel for people who are close to me, but more specifically the love that I feel for my partner.

The emotion I feel is so strong, it overcomes any other emotion that I have ever felt. To me, it is the best feeling in the world and it is what makes me feel most alive.


answered 11 Nov '10, 11:03

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Pink Diamond

so you equate strong emotional energy as the essence of being alive

(12 Nov '10, 00:04) fred

Yes, I think that is the essence of being alive. However, what you want to experience in life is as little of the negative emotion as possible so that it only allows you know what you prefer and as a result, choose the path of your highest joy.

(12 Nov '10, 07:14) Pink Diamond

Thats a beautiful answer Rani! :)

(14 Mar '11, 13:52) Nikki777
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The Sun, the Sea, Music, Dancing and love all around. Thank you, namaste


answered 12 Nov '10, 19:10

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