Consider: And how do we know that this is true?

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that may also have a dependancy on whether your objective is to lead or assist, possibly more complex than only yes or no / true or false


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Great observation! Thank you for your answer.

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What Fred said and I would like to add similarly that in order to take action on what you are manifesting then yes good interpersonal skills will come in handy.

Manifesting is not a sit back and see what happens kind of thing bit a I'm looking for clues that lead me in the right direction kind of thing. No manifestations happen without some sort of action and a lot of action includes interacting and listening to other people. Many people have the sign posts you need to manifest what is rightfully yours.

All you need is Love,



answered 16 Nov '10, 02:16

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jim 10

Love is all you need......

(16 Nov '10, 13:47) daniele

I can relate to what you’re saying, and your second sentence in your second paragraph speaks volume. Thank you.

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Manifestation is the movement from thought form to physical form. We are always manifesting, albeit unconsciously some of the time.

However, when we begin to consciously manifest we focus our attention on what we want rather than what we don't want. If we have worked on developing our interpersonal skills, what we bring forth into physical manifestation will be in alignment with those skills we have been developing, because that is where we have been putting our focus and attention.

As a result our manifestations will be more rewarding because they will fuelled by the realization that they will be beneficial to others as well as ourselves.Because of this we feel a greater sense of satisfaction and contentment because the manifestation is not merely for personal material gain.

We know it's true by how we feel.


answered 16 Nov '10, 14:36

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Great details and your thought patterns are very organized. I agree with your last sentence. Thank you.

(18 Nov '10, 02:34) Inactive User ♦♦

You're welcome Vee :)

(18 Nov '10, 12:36) Michaela

Yes good people skills would be what I would want to be happy. I believe however a person could manifest great wealth and still hate people.


answered 17 Nov '10, 01:43

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Not my first choice of course

(17 Nov '10, 01:45) Tom

They might have to be good actors too :)

(17 Nov '10, 01:58) jim 10

We know for a fact that there is good, and evil, so your point is well taken, it can be either of the two. Thank you.

(18 Nov '10, 02:25) Inactive User ♦♦
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