So I completed the 30-day vortex challenge, and I am keeping up with the habit. Today I am on day 40 and so far I have been consistent in my morning vortex alignment.

I am somewhat disappointed that I am still having mood swings and frustration. Last couple of days have been difficult - today being particularly bad. I managed to touch the vortex on both days but didn't stay there for very long.

I had the last episode of mood swing about two weeks back. Yes, I know they are two weeks apart and that I used to have mood swings every other day rather than once every two weeks, and I am very proud that I kept the thing under control rather than losing it completely like I used to, but I am still disappointed that I am having them at all. Surely 40 straight days of vortex alignment should have got rid of them?

I found this post on mood swings and it seems even people who are habitually in the vortex continue to have them, although it's unclear from that post if the questioner was following a daily routine and how far s/he had gone.

So my very specific question is:

For how much longer do I have to endure mood swings? How many consecutive daily vortex-touchings do I need before they go away permanently? I am so used to being in joy now... why do I still get visited by this cursed thing?


asked 26 Nov '14, 18:02

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"This is not a degenerating process but is actually a purifying one." This is a quote from a @lozenge123's answer that really helped me to understand this. Better out than in, dear, better out than in. ;) (Love the graphic lol!) It's a great way to look at what you're going through - as purging:

(26 Nov '14, 18:48) Grace

Thanks @Grace, as always. That statement rings very true.

(27 Nov '14, 03:01) cod2
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Your mood swings will stop when you stop thinking the thought(s) that cause them. However long that takes depends entirely on how long you continue to allow yourself to keep going back to thinking bad-feeling thoughts.

Can't say it much clearer than that :)

It's always thought before emotion, so the mood-swing is always preceded by the thought that caused the vibrational dip leading to the mood-swing.

alt text

So if your mood-swings seem (to you) to be coming out of nowhere, it can only be because you've grown so used to thinking the bad-feeling thought (see the leather shoes analogy) that you no longer realize you are thinking it.

The way then to identify the mood-swinging thought is to try and catch yourself the moment you feel your mood start to dip. Then the thought you were just thinking before that moment is the culprit and needs vibrationally "chewing over" :)


answered 26 Nov '14, 19:49

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Thanks @Stingray, as always. I really appreciate you taking the time writing these answers. I am also amazed that you don't get tired of the endless barrage of questions from us.

(27 Nov '14, 03:04) cod2

@cod2 - Well, I only churn out the same old stuff in different ways (Universal Laws don't change from year to year) so it's not really that much of a burden :) It's kind of like practising a martial arts Kata - repeating the same moves again and again helps with perfecting your own technique.

(27 Nov '14, 07:15) Stingray

I was that questioner! So I can say the following:

1) It's possible that I am a really, really slow LOA student. I've been working with these ideas for 7+ years, and it was only pretty recently that I had what I think was a breakthrough and realized "I don't need to DO anything", and finally grokked that effort was jamming me up. So I am not sure to what extent my experience is helpful - I may be the slowest learner ever!

2) I think I have finally arrived solidly in "contentment" as my average vibration, on the Abraham emotional scale. I would have said that I was there previously, but it wasn't until my vibration became fairly non-resistant that I was able to actually understand just how resistant I was, previously. (Does that make sense? Like I would have said "I'm feeling hopeful", when what I was actually feeling was doubt.

3) Once I spent most of my time in a kind of "meh" emotional space (I think Abraham would call it "boredom" - pretty okay, with pulses of "I should be doing more!" but nothing very exciting, generally) it seemed that the mood swings largely evaporated. So that took longer than I thought it would/should, and I was a pretty active daily student of these ideas. But I think that was because of my action fixation, which constantly added both momentum and resistance. Until very recently, it was very hard for me to think "I don't need to do anything, everything is okay" and actually mean it.

The number of mood swings I have dropped dramatically to almost zero the more I realized that I could consistently improve how I felt by gently meditating and reminding myself to "do nothing". Once or twice in the past month I have taken a dip, but they are MUCH softer dips, and I no longer feel so much intensity and pressure to "fix" them, I am able to remember that effort is unhelpful and to just relax and in an hour or two I feel better.

4) I already meditated frequently - the 30-day challenge was helpful in reminding myself to do it every single day without fail, but for me I had to be careful not to slip into an efforting mindset, which (again, for me, your mileage may vary) tends to really make me resist the energy stream. But I did/do find daily meditation helpful and I think that a couple of weeks into doing it daily, I had some new insights that moved me further along my path.

So tl;dr - I would keep trying to meditate every day, and try to be open to the idea that no effort is required, the only goal is to feel gently good. And probably don't look to my experience for how long it will take you, because clearly I'm some kind of outlier! :p


answered 29 Nov '14, 15:24

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Hi cod2,

I also recently finished the 30 day vortex challenge. I am still somewhat up and down. What has amazed me is that I no longer sink into a bad mood for as long as I used to do. I have much less tolerance for feeling bad and consequently I notice it sooner. I'm more willing to do something to align myself again. That has been the greatest gift of the challenge.


answered 27 Nov '14, 08:10

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Thanks @purple_iris. I was also thinking that bad moods are a thing of the past, then suddenly BAM! Taught me not to let my guard down.

(27 Nov '14, 09:01) cod2

I don't like the vortex challenge. By definition, it is about mood swings.

Rather than toy with your emotions, why don't you toy with setting them aside so that you can experience the emotionless moment of NOW (learning how to hold it for 15-20 minutes, or just break out of an emotional pattern by interrupting it for a few seconds). Then you will be able to receive guidance from your own guides, and that information will be relevant to YOU, not to the masses.

When Ms. Hicks begins to channel Abraham, she doesn't spiral up into her emotions. She sets them aside and goes into the moment of NOW, where wisdom resides. Emotions block feelings, which is one way that wisdom comes to you.

I understand that emotions are the energy of manifesting, but Ms. Hicks does not talk about one very important element of LoA. She never brings up the importance of sorting through your belief system in order to root out mistaken beliefs that cause you to feel fear that causes you to have mood swings.


answered 01 Dec '14, 06:31

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@Gail she does talk about beliefs but its just that using emotions as a gauge is a kind of "shortcut"

(09 Jan '15, 10:03) kakaboo
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