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This question is not an advert of an kind for the Chi Energy Healing school. I hope this question does not breach any community guidelines.

I have seen this school mentioned in Inward Quest, and I know several long-term members are also students of this school. I have very recently joined the school.

If you are a student, what is your experience so far? Please do not divulge proprietary information and please talk in generalities. How long have you been a student? What benefits have you seen so far? What are your long term plans around using chi energy?

I will start.

  • I have joined very recently.
  • Too early to see benefits but I have received proof that chi energy definitely exists. In the second week, while performing the daily exercise, I almost burnt my left ear. It was PAINFUL. I have become more careful since.
  • My long term goal is to acquire healing powers, and what I, at this present time, consider superhuman abilities, e.g. invisibility, telekinesis, etc.

The only reason to ask this question here on IQ is there is no "student's only" forum for this school.


asked 11 Dec '14, 12:10

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Hey @cod2, how did this go? Any updates? I am thinking of enrolling next year so I'm eager to hear any experiences others have had with this.

(20 Dec '14, 10:23) cassiopeia

Hi @cassiopeia, it's early days for me yet, and you are better off waiting for the testomonies of more experienced students. I am finding that I don't like their monthly structure very much. But it's not their fault, it's just that I much prefer to work at my own pace.

(20 Dec '14, 11:11) cod2

Gosh, for some reason I thought your post was from 2010 and you'd been at it for years now! Must've quickly glanced at the time it was posted - "12.10" and my brain translated it wrong. Well, I'm reading the course info now and getting excited about it, so I hope to be able to update in a few months!

(20 Dec '14, 14:36) cassiopeia

So cool. I'm hoping to enroll late January/February.

(20 Dec '14, 22:22) Kriegerd
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I have not done anything with CHI, but I studied REIKI and became a Reiki master. What I found is two fold. Intention and Belief is important, but so is Faith. There are many great books and videos on the subject, but what I can tell you is that when I started having faith in God to do healing through me, things really started to happen. Here is the difference. Belief is knowing God "CAN" do something through you (like healing).
Faith is knowing that God "WILL" do something through you (like healing).

We have to recognize that their is an ultimate creator that is inside us that will shine through with the right attitudes, intentions, beliefs and faith.


answered 20 Dec '14, 16:11

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edited 20 Dec '14, 23:10

Cool answer. In quantum entraintment you hear something along those lines. Paraphrasing: "You are not doing the healing (or anything really), you are just tapping into stillness/pure awareness and let that do the healing for you"

(20 Dec '14, 22:21) Kriegerd
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