I came across a site recommended by another forum, advertising the services of a manifestation master, John Hicks.

He claims to be able to manifest for others. Is this possible? Has anyone tried such services? What was your result?

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Pat W


A few years back, my brother-in-law got himself into some serious legal trouble with various authorities regarding his business. He's the kind of person who is not remotely interested in any of the subjects we discuss on this website and wasn't religious in any way.

During those troubling times, my extremely religious mother told him to recite an Islamic prayer in his head whenever he was being interviewed by those authorities or when they were physically at his business going through various documents.

He's English, doesn't know a word of Arabic, didn't know what these strange odd foreign words he was reciting in his head were all about, but he was desperate and was willing to try (almost) anything.

I didn't find out about all this drama until several months later but, in any case, he still thinks all this Law of Attraction stuff is nonsense and so wouldn't have accepted any strange affirmations from me :)

So he did as instructed by my mother, recited this (meaningless, to him) prayer in his head whenever those authorities were in his vicinity and within a few months, the legal investigation was called off and he was cleared of any wrong-doing.

As a result, he has credited that mysterious prayer as "saving" him, has now converted to Islam and hails the religion as the answer to all his problems.

So did the prayer, in a strange language he couldn't understand, really assert some miraculous power into his life and save him from trouble?

No, of course not.

Trying to get his mind around reciting those words in his head just distracted him from his fear while the authorities were present and caused a different point of attraction in those moments, which eventually became habitual.

And from that different habitual point of attraction, he manifested his circumstances differently.

And it's fine if he now wishes to credit Islam (and obviously the interpretation of God that comes with it) with all of that power. But in order to adhere to this religion he has taken on, he now has to pray five times a day, avoid eating certain foods, go to the Mosque on Fridays and whatever else is involved. You can tell I'm not religious by now, can't you? :)

And the point of this little story? ....

I'm sure John Hicks is probably an extremely sincere person who genuinely wants to help others. And he's probably charging what he thinks his services are worth...

Multiple Manifestation Requests (120 days prayer broadcast) - $1680.00

...and once he starts praying for you, you will almost definitely see some results because absent healing (or sending energy remotely) does have an influence.

But it's still ultimately you manifesting your reality.

Like my brother-in-law, you can credit an external person/prayer with bringing about changes but they are only serving as excuses for you to allow yourself to feel better and thereby get what you want.

And even that's fine...many people in this world choose to live their lives giving their power away to some success guru, holy person/religion, manifesting system or whatever. If it makes them feel comfortable and happy to do that, it serves them.

But like the situation involving my brother-in-law, often these external excuses involve extra baggage that can become cumbersome after a while...whether that is having to pray five times a day, or pay Mr Hicks a sum of money every time you want to allow yourself to receive something you want.

My personal goal with others is always to get them to become self-empowered rather than externally-empowered because, in the long run, it's ultimately where everyone wants to be.


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Yes Stingray! Self-empowerement is the ultimate answer!

(29 Nov '10, 10:59) daniele

Good answer,weve all got access to whatever Mr Hicks has anyway.

(29 Nov '10, 13:31) Monty Riviera

Thanks Stingray. I just read that link to your remote energy/healing experience. I have another question related to that which I will post on the site.

(29 Nov '10, 15:04) Pat W

@Stingray- Nice to know taht your brother-in-law is now free from allegations etc and now accaepte Islam .There is a verse in Holy Quran which saves us from satan and satanic powers.If you ask your Mom ,she will deffinitely tell you.so,i want you to recite that verse when ever you got the oppertunity to attend any seminar of Abarahams or extrateristerial entities.if they are satanic they would not appear or be able to tell anything.appreciat if you could do it and let us know your findings.

(07 Feb '12, 05:29) Zee

@Zee - Sorry, I won't be doing that. I'm not religious and won't be engaging in any religious activity. I can sense your religious concerns but that's not my belief system. Your own emotions tell you everything you need to know.

(07 Feb '12, 05:50) Stingray

@Stingray-its ok.i just thought this could be another way to dig one lie behind 99 truths of such entities.anywyas i respect your free will.blessed people are not randomly blessed but for a reason.

(07 Feb '12, 23:45) Zee

@Stingray- I have tried the John Hicks thing multiple times, and still nothing. It's not I am angry, but, I have a yearning curiosity as to why I didn't get my manifestation. Observationally, why would this be so?

(06 Feb '13, 08:20) Nikulas

@Nikulas - If it wasn't clear, my answer was in no way at all an endorsement for John Hicks. I was just pointing out that "sending energy" does have an effect as my link indicates but only to "force a decision". I don't know anything about John Hicks and I personally would never use such a service and would actually never recommend another person to do so...always better to be clearly self-reliant. A question for you then...was this an inspired action for you from within the Vortex?

(06 Feb '13, 15:00) Stingray


Answer- Absolutely not. I've had no luck at all manifesting this particular thing of mine, so it was surely just something else I am trying out in hopes it could bring me, even just 1% closer to my desire. Sometimes it feels like a battle I'm just never going to win; I guess it also ties in with the notion that I'm going to try out nearly everything to get what I want, and make the manifestation sort of inevitable that I'll get it.

(06 Feb '13, 19:33) Nikulas

@Stingray- Really, a smarter thing to do, probably from your perspective, would be instead of channelling x-y-z amount of energy into trying to get a particular thing, to instead use that x-y-z- energy into merely finding a way to feel good. My hopes is in 10 years time I'll have all this sort of stuff figured out to a certain level of satisfaction.

(06 Feb '13, 19:35) Nikulas

@Nikulas - "a smarter thing to do...to instead use that x-y-z- energy into merely finding a way to feel good" - Yes, that would definitely be a smart thing to do :) It's not really your job to find ways to manifest stuff, your Vortex will automatically take care of the details and bring everything at the right time. Your job is just to find a way to keep up with your Vortex.

(07 Feb '13, 07:51) Stingray

@Nikulas - The only time you really want to get involved with the details is when it is fun to get involved with the details. It's what Abraham calls "the feeling of getting your hands in the clay"...the thrill of creation. If you are not enjoying the process (of creation), don't bother getting involved with it...just find ways to keep yourself Vortex aligned and let the Universe sort out all the manifestations for you. Eventually there will come a time when you will want to get involved:)

(07 Feb '13, 08:14) Stingray

@Stingray- You rock. Just sayin'

(07 Feb '13, 09:33) Nikulas

@Stingray, this is a wonderful answer, thank you. You really help keep things clear and solidly anchored in my head, I appreciate you so much. :)

(09 Feb '13, 23:10) Grace

@Nikulas, the first thing I thought of, when I read @Stingray's answer, was "Hmmm, in that case, I should try learning a new language". Just a thought. ;) Seems to me that would be one sure way to keep your mind off the subject of your manifestation, and give the universe some room to work. :)

(09 Feb '13, 23:15) Grace

.... and nothing you have ever posted here has ever been remotely silly. Never.

(09 Feb '13, 23:17) Grace
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Can someone else manifest for us? Yes. It can even be done with or without your knowledge. For instance, when you send out prayers for a loved one, you end it with " according to his/her will". This prayer is answered at a higher level by the loved one and is either accepted or rejected there, thus either allowing or not, its manifestation. Now if you specifically request another to manifest for you, you are relinquishing your free will pertaining that subject and entrusting it with that person. My problem with that is that instead of you trusting and honing your abilities so they grow stronger you're using another to do what you should be doing. (That's like back in high-school, having another do your homework for you!)

Thank you, namaste


answered 29 Nov '10, 11:16

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Haha, that homework analogy is funny, but I get it.

(29 Nov '10, 14:02) Pat W

I asked this question some time ago. It's your exact reverse :) but I think it might add something to your question too.

Can I manifest for some other person instead of for myself?

All the best!



answered 02 Dec '10, 14:24

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Thanks BJ09. Yes it is the reverse. I suppose in this case if we did hire the services of someone else I'd be giving him permission.

(02 Dec '10, 14:40) Pat W

everything in our existance is created by us, so it is mannifested or co-created,, when u bring a perosn in to ur existance u automaticly start co-creation, so yes, they help u create " your ( both) experiances"

love n light



answered 22 Jan '12, 09:13

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TReb Bor yit-NE


@rob - automatic co-creation, yes beautiful :)

(22 Jan '12, 09:18) blubird two

@rob - automatic co-creation can go a long way ... imagine we have a special project, we can co-create with the best specialists simply by naming and thinking of them ... and surely also with those that are no longer present in our physical world ... the mind boggles :)

(05 Feb '12, 10:00) blubird two

it is very great and teh mind is always boggled thinking in depth of this

(06 Feb '12, 17:19) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Of course you can use the Law of Attraction to manifest for others. That was exactly what I was talking about when I asked this question... "What would be the best methods to apply the Law of Attraction in the service of helping others."

Florence Scovel Shinn applied the Law of Attraction many times in the service of helping others.

She said The Word for people that came to her many times for many different situations from money to china to relationships to even a lost silver pen.

Many people experienced the blessings of God through Florence Scovel Shinn applying The Word to activate the Law of Attraction to manifest their desires. It is in this that she as well taught them to have faith and act like it that they will receive as she had spoken The Word for them.


answered 22 Jan '12, 13:04

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Wade Casaldi

You could....you could give a starving man a meal... and then keep feeding him for life. OR you could feed him for a bit and then give him some seeds of his own to plant and tend AND teach him how to do this.



answered 29 Nov '10, 13:33

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Monty Riviera

You can say all you want if you get desperate enough you'll try anything. Unity will pray for you for free. They would like a donation but they just mail you, not grind you. You might know at the time that you have the power; but find yourself to caught up in the problem. Have I been there, yes. Did their prayers help, I felt relief. I had to console other Ministers that had big tears in eyes. They just couldn't get the flow started again at that moment in time.


answered 30 Nov '10, 03:19

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A few nights ago, I woke up cold. I knew I had put the electric blanket away for Summer and just had a duvet cover on our bed. I lay there in bed for a while trying to think about where I had put the electric blanket.

I guess I woke @Dollar Bill up, because he asked if I was OK. I told him that I was cold and could not remember where I had put the electric blanket.

Part of our manifesting is asking, what is the easiest answer? Bill said, the electric blanket is on the bed, the control is plugged in, turn it on.

Suddenly I noticed that the electric blanket WAS on the bed. I could have sworn that it was not, a few minutes before!! All I needed to do was to turn it on!!!!

I think that Bill manifested the blanket. Or moved me/us into a universe where the blanket did exist and was ready for use. Things like this used to really spook me, now I enjoy them!


answered 07 Feb '13, 05:35

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No Brainer

Yes, someone can manifest for you but you are stronger when it comes to manifesting in your own life.


answered 10 Feb '13, 22:49

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