Why do we have dual energies. Everything has an opposite, hot and cold, good health and bad heath, sane and insane, good and bad, hot and cold, night and day, even with the weather we have floods and droughts, even our body has two legs, two, arms, two ears , two nostrils, two eyes, two sides of our body that are ying and yang, forward movement and drag, it goes on and on.

Every day new cures are invented for sick people but there are still the same amount of sick people per population as there was 50 years ago, does this mean there will never be total healing on earth, the good versus the bad has been happening for as long as records were kept, does this mean there will always be wars on earth.

Will there ever be a way to join these two different energies so there will be no wars, and people will be free from sickness. Everything seems to have an opposite trying to prevent things from being the way we want them to be, everything is fighting against itself. can we change these energies and if so how?

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@Wazza these dual energies are what science names electricty and magnetism. The combined action of these two energies is named electro-magetic forces and these forces hold the entire visible universe together. Both forces are necessary for the physical world to exist without them every single piece of physical matter would simply evaporate.

(29 Jun '15, 07:16) jaz

These energies are neither good nor bad, neither negative nor positive, they're alternating vibrating forces that that move at the speed of the limite given by the reference planck length


Planck length corresponds to the smallest piece of physical matter that can possibly exist.

These energies are the simplest expression of pure original energy.

(29 Jun '15, 07:17) jaz

thanks for reminding me @kakaboo magnetism and electricty are different expressions of the same thing just as are thoughts, emotions and feelings ... and all this fits in nicely with the bagua


(29 Jun '15, 09:10) jaz

It does not make sense what you are saying, what you are saying is we should all use heroin so we know what it is like not to have tried it, should we all cut off our hand to know what it is like not to have it, I don't think so. You are being selective. Why would we have to experience these things, my life is happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, I have no intention of experiencing the opposite, there is no need. The question is how can people charge the dual energies.

(30 Jun '15, 03:13) Wazza
(30 Jun '15, 03:53) jaz

So. does duel energies have any control over a human or it it just unconscious programming that creates good and bad, wars eg where good fights bad or is it bad fights good and nothing to do with energies, hence there will never be peace on earth.

(30 Jun '15, 06:04) Wazza

@Wazza you say you are happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, seems pretty good to me ... why do you ponder over such things as duel energies, unconscious programming, wars?

(30 Jun '15, 08:52) jaz

@wazza everything is dual and in conflict because it is in ignorance, fear, uncertainty it creates that opposition and conflict. until people experience that from the inside out and put things in the light in truth so that darkness of lie, ignorance, fear, uncertainty go away. when people will be born again and the two become one then they will not live in duality any more at least from the inside. as for the outside each person is at different level of understanding and every one as-

(01 Jul '15, 13:00) white tiger

free will so let the children grow. one day they will understand their mistake and will not have any one else to blame but them self. and they will come to realize the truth and accept the truth about them self and other and the conflict and the duality shall stop by it self. who would go in darkness and stay in fear because they do not want their evil deeds to be shown up when they can accept their error correct them self and go stay in the light. john 3.20

(01 Jul '15, 13:08) white tiger
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I think these 2 questions and answers might interest you:



Have you ever heard of the famous saying that Light & Darkness are actually the same thing? It has been mentioned quite a few times on this site but I do not know where the quote actually came from. Light & Darkness are basically the same thing, for darkness is just the absence of light.

Same goes for good health and bad health, negative and positive emotions, etc. Bad health is just the absence of good health, and negative emotions are just the lack of positive emotions.

Without opposites, we would not be able to experience the polar opposites of each other. If we do not feel sadness in our life, we would not know what is happiness. If we do not have bad health, we would not know how it feels like to have good health. If we do not experience the lack of having money, we would not know how it feels like to have a lot of money.


answered 29 Jun '15, 08:41

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@kakaboo my conclusion from what you are saying is that all energies just "are" and serve a purpose ... in other words energies labeled as "bad" or "good", "posive" or "negative" just are, they're neither painful nor pleasureable they all serve a purpose ... such energies as "anger" "fear" "joy" "happiness" are all equal, just as all notes af music are equal and their purpose in a symphony of movements

(29 Jun '15, 09:44) jaz

I love to listen to certain types of music, the music just "is" and is caused by the musical instrument outside of my body ... I perceive those musical vibrations through my senses that go to my brain to be analysed, my brain following the programs and algorisms it contains will make appear a feeling into my consciousness ... and here's the interesting bit, that feeling depends upon "language"

(29 Jun '15, 09:52) jaz

hi @jaz ok.

(29 Jun '15, 20:27) kakaboo

hi @kakaboo glad you appreciate :)

(29 Jun '15, 22:57) jaz

corollary definition of language in;

The Free Dictionary; communication of thoughts and feelings through a system of arbitrary signals such as voice sounds, gestures or written symbols

Urban Dictionary; Device invented to hide our thoughts e.g. ".....?" ".....!"

(29 Jun '15, 23:10) jaz

Why would I want to know what it feels like to be sick or poor, I can see what it is like, I look at people with these problems, no sense me being like it. If dual energies exist they must be equal, so what happens when someone sick decides to be healthy, how do the energies decide which healthy person is to be sick.

(30 Jun '15, 17:38) Wazza

@Wazza yes you can see how it is be like which is why you would not want to be in that position. Or, you don't have to be in that position to know how it feels like to be sick or poor. But imagine a world where no one was sick or poor... how would you know how being sick or poor felt like and whether you would like it or not ?

(30 Jun '15, 20:00) kakaboo
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perhaps, to coordinate
ones balance with perception
to see the continuum
within creation as it is


answered 30 Jun '15, 15:25

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a world with out war? everything you see on the outside is the result of what is on the inside. and everything that you see as horrible, disturbing, criminal, bad etc.. is only a small part of what comes from the inside of some one. because people tend to hide to other what disturb them they even hide it to them self. you cannot change the outside with out first having change the inside because it would be vain. would you put a criminal in charge of your estate? would you expect that criminal to not steal from you or people that come to your estate? you see every one as free will and you cannot change someone from the outside it must come from them self from the inside. until they get to know thyself. and solve their own duality that little space with lots of darkness about them self and other where uncertainty, fear, ignorance reside. where the ego always try to pull everything to is side saying I deserve it I am better then other etc.. always trying to get is desire. even when it is not good for himself and other. you do not believe me look on the news war, criminal, atrocity in the world. even bureaucrats talking about Greece not able to pay is dues. the fact is all country have dues to other country and all country own stuff in other country. we put the value on money product etc... and we are trying to fear are self and put our self in misery because of bureaucrats . to put it simple those country are like people that exchange and buy stuff with out having anything since they all have dues to other. and at the same time they all own stuff from the other people because they bought it. so even if they do not have the money to pay they have stuff in other country that they bought. and if you look and trade exchange and stokes it is all fictional and it all affect our lives. you see business making lots of money and their chair taking lots of value and a little later you see it fall down because it was not really worth that much to begin with. so stuff goes up and down just according to people that play that money game. the reality of it is that we put value on money and stuff and it is all fictional. sometime the value is to high sometime to low and you are the hamster in the wheel that need to turn the wheel faster when it is to low and not spin the wheel when it is to high. but the fact is that it always fluctuate because it is fictional and the system is base on that. what a duality. so you see money as no high value or no low value it as only the value that we give it if there was no one of us on this planet to give it value or create it, it would not exist period. you see if you are able to understand this you are all ready starting to solve your duality. in this way the hamster will live longer with out being in fear and believing every stupid things that it is being told from the outside. and the wheel will turn slower but more stable. you know what men invented the wheel also weird coincidence poor hamster. any way when people truly get to know them self and solve that duality in them only then will they make better choice for them self and other. with being in fear and reacting to fear with violence and other doing the same to them. and they will not have to say well I am better and they deserve it, you cannot blame me for it. as they judge also shall they be judge. so judge not and you shall not be judge. when you will make a image in the place of a image and when the two will become one. you shall know how to love the neighbor as thy self. for the moment many need a to go in the desert for over 40 days so they can find that reflective light that will lead them in to all truth until the two become one. was it not said to you to be born again.

John 3:3-7

Let there be light be the light that you can be experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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