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First time Im started not appreciating others, to the extent.. one of my colleague told me 'he want to be hero' and my comments to him 'no, you cannot be hero.' Guess anybody what kind of feeling it driven into me..... happy (I felt happy)

Without any reason I always used to encourage other for there mere appearance in front of me for any of the reasons. Now Im amazed to not only myself passing such comments but to the extent even after that I feel happy Wow!! this is something I always fear about but now myself I able to deliver it smoothly without any guilt in me.

I know by heart I always stopped here; it means if something discourage me I end up cursing myself why this people talk this, Im I really not capable or his stupid. Round and round my thoughts circle those thoughts. Pain and insecurity gets built in me. And for that I never use to decide by nature not to discourage anybody. But by fact I did it... and happy. Now I understood why those people used to behave such way.

If life is to fight against all such kind of persons (like me) and pass on and full fill dreams is really a very tough challenge. I don't know how to wish the new generation to stand on your dreams after being such kind of cruel person by me itself.

There is saying 'time will teach all lesson to the persons'

That something I experienced.. :)

Thank you.

asked 19 Sep '15, 07:02

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The whole spectrum of emotional activity is there to maintain health. When emotions become so strong so as to be disturbing,when they reach extremes, there's a state of disequilibrium. Anger can be used to destroy or construct, joy can be exalting or clatter the spirit. All emotions are useful, anger allow us to adapt to new situation, meet challenges, recognize threats ... joy allows us to appreciate, to feel beneficial things, it's a matter of equilibrium

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Now Im amazed to not only myself passing such comments but to the extent even after that I feel happy

Looking at the Emotional Guidance Scale...

alt text

You feel better because where you were before behaving that way was lower down the emotional scale than the Anger-Revenge-Hatred area (#17, #18, #19 in the diagram).

That means you must have been feeling Fear, Insecurity, Unworthiness, Depression, Powerlessness (below #19 in the diagram)...and so on.

But the "pleasure" you are feeling is not genuine Vortex-aligned pleasure. It's just the "pleasure" that comes after someone who is hitting you over the head with a hammer stops hitting you over the head with a hammer for a while :)

In other words, you are feeling relief from your usual pain...not quite the same thing as "pleasure" :)

There's a full explanation in Why are people mean to each other?


answered 19 Sep '15, 08:07

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Yeah, but is "pain" the energy you want to attract in your life? If not, then don't give it.

The energy you put out, Law of Attraction responds to it and you attract it.

Gratitude and Kindness leads to attracting more positive energy.


answered 20 Sep '15, 22:57

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