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Hi, I'm very new to the LOA community so apologize in advance for anything wrong I might say below.

I've read accounts of people who have reported to cure illnesses, lost weight, and have made other bodily changes that also might otherwise be doable if they weren't actively practicing LOA.

I had a couple of questions(and apologies for being shallow)

A) Is it possible to increase penis size just via LOA? Since the past couple of months, I have been doing manual penis exercises, but wondering if I can stop those and just focus on LOA to increase my penis size. I will admit that this has been causing me extreme distress. I factually know I'm above average when it comes to it, but it stems from comparison to other guys who've been with the women I'm either dating / talking to (which I realize is a very unhealthy attitude and needs to go).

B) I did read through Stingray's manifestation experiments this week. Wondering is anyone could also please suggest which manifestation experiment they'd recommend so such a shallow yet essential (to me) goal.

C) Is it a good idea to visualize multiple goals for let's say 5-10 minutes each per day or just focus on one at a time? I have a spreadsheet that has a detailed and visual list of all things I'd want and I currently spend 5-10 minutes per day visualizing and feeling good about each of them separately. Just wanted to confirm is this is an okay approach or if anyone had better ideas.

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Not crude at all. Even the word penis is no longer hash tagged like it was a couple yrs ago when I used it. Question - are you comparing yourself to those other guys when they are flaccid or erect? I'm sure you're aware of the fact a flaccid penis is no indicator of size & does not usually correspond with the actual size of an erect penis. You already know you are above average & you also know what the real issue is. You answered your own Q when you said "(which I realize is a very unhealthy

(22 Dec '15, 19:43) ele

attitude and needs to go)." Confidence is sexy. My advice, work on your attitude & issues with self esteem & all will be well :)

(22 Dec '15, 19:45) ele

Thanks Ele. Definitely working on a comprehensive solution that obviously includes attitude and self esteem issues. But in addition to that, do you think what I asked in A) above is possible?

I've read a few threads on how women were able to increase their cup size just doing LOA. My fear is breast size is more 'malleable' and can vary via hormonal changes (such as during pregnancy), whereas penis size usually is not.

(22 Dec '15, 20:34) echnarcissus

I'm having internet issues otherwise I would have edited my 1st comment to semi & fully erect. I did bump a thread with a similar concern which I thought would be helpful. It's not unusual for men who are 'normal' or more than adequately endowed to suffer from what is referred to as "small male penis syndrome" which is a psychological issue but perfectly understandably when you are young & inexperienced. It doesn't sound like you've been in a sexual relationship yet which gives you even more

(22 Dec '15, 22:14) ele

things to worry about needlessly. I'm really not so sure if there really is such a thing as a 'normal' penis. Kind of the nature of the 'beast' so to speak. You KNOW you are above normal size in comparison to other men. Size is determined mainly by genetics but hormones do play a role. How old are you? Are you over 18? The size of man's organ has nothing to do with his manliness or sexual prowess. As for your Q, I believe anything is possible but probable, no for most men over age 18

(22 Dec '15, 22:17) ele

If you are over weight, losing weight will make it appear larger :) W/o going into a lengthy explanation of why its possible but not probable, read some of the other Q & A's especially in regards to someone wanting to grow taller as an adult. You can still use the concept & the materials you will find here to bolster your confidence which I feel you will find very helpful.

(22 Dec '15, 22:22) ele

As a female, yes we will notice but its not what really matters. If this is a huge concern for you why don't you try to find a female who had not been with one of your buddies. Make sure to practice safe sex & use protection.

(22 Dec '15, 22:25) ele

Thanks Ele. I probably should've given some background. I'm 26 and have been in a significant number of sexual relations. Would consider myself pretty fit so losing weight won't help much. None of my partners have ever complained.

I was reading some success stories about how some women managed to increase breast size by visualizing. But I think I get your point, this case is more like the wish to grow taller as an adult (possible but not probable). Appreciate your help though.

(22 Dec '15, 23:23) echnarcissus

Weight loss comment was intended to be humor. I would stop the penis lengthening exercises & focus on visualization in regards to being an amazing lover as well as work on becoming more self confident. As for breasts, hormones do play a role as does weight but working on your posture & chest exercises will also have an effect on a woman's breasts. If these women are using LOA, I think the main reason their breasts appear larger is due to being more confident & possibly life style changes

(23 Dec '15, 00:05) ele

Haha, you got me with that one. Regarding penis enlargement exercises - unlike no proven success for height increase as adult there are major communities and forums where hundreds people have posted success stories with the routines. It does take a lot of time and effort though. Do you think LOA would help me enhance that process?

(23 Dec '15, 00:09) echnarcissus

due to feeling happier & more attractive. The more confident you become does have an effect on your posture. The way you carry yourself changes & this alone will make a women appear to have larger breasts. I do know working with the info & tools you find on this site will be most helpful in many ways. Glad to hear you aren't a virgin or young teen. I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable. I'm sure you will become a more confident over with 'practice' & the right woman. Best Wishes

(23 Dec '15, 00:10) ele

.... and you're welcome even tho I didn't answer the Q the way you hoped. Welcome to the site too. I rarely post anymore & I was just wondering through when your question caught my attention.

(23 Dec '15, 00:12) ele

Thanks so much Ele - have a good night.

(23 Dec '15, 00:15) echnarcissus
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Absolutely possible but tricky. The LOA does not work the way most people try to use it. You can say adurnations or focus all day long but you can't get something if you have any negative vibrations around it. For example, you can't say I want more money if in the back of your mind you feel you don't have enough. The Universe doesn't hear what you are saying, it only hears what you are feeling around that subject and can only create something back that matches your exact frequency. So if the want has any feeling like frustration,dislike or lack associated with it, it can only perpetuate creations that match that frequency. You either have to release the negtive feelings on the other end of the desire (or at least get into feeling neutral) while desiring your want. You can focus only on the desire and how much you love that thing, how wonderful it is and how good you feel as you imagine yourself having it, and get some better creations that way, but it will nver come as you truly desire until you no longer feel any tight feelings associated with it. Try to not look at the things you do not want or like, keep focus only on the things you do want and like and this will help move your emotional body. Easier said than done but can be done!


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