I would like to know the steps to follow to use servranx effectively.

This is a follow up question to the one I asked previously regarding manifestation.You can the previous question in below URL: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/97444/what-can-i-do-to-get-what-i-want-in-2-weeks

I would like see whether I can use servranx for manifesting my desires. Currently two weeks had passed from the time I asked my previous question and I am not very close to getting what I want but I still have hope. So I wanted to try this method as well and see where it will get me. Hope our good friend jaz can throw some light on this. I have searched a lot on this in the internet but I could not find any information that I could use. So I would like to get the inputs of everyone who know about servranx. Looking forward to the answers to this question and hope everyone will be able to make of the same. Also I would to thank in advance everyone who will take the time and effort to answer this question.

asked 10 Dec '15, 12:50

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Hi @Serene, yes things in life can sometimes be quite complex which makes choosing how to attain wishes very difficult. This servranx method will safely put you on the pathway in accordance with your wishes.

The first step is to obtain the servranx graph no.14 sélecteur psychologique, here's a representation

alt text

If you wish you can start by making your own template, that's what I would recommend and it's what I always do to begin with because during the construction process it's easy to enter into the energy of it and feel how it works.

The next step is to align the template with the earth's magnetic field by placing it correctly on the north south axis.

Then using black ink write clearly and legibly on a square of white bristol paper the aim that you wish to attain and place this document on the center of the template, on the channeled cross which is a vibration separator that will assist you to separate the wheat from the chaff. On top of this document place a vibrational pattern of yourself, in other words something that emits your personal vibration, I like to use a full length nude photo with neutral background. Make sure that these two documents stay well within the limits of the space formed by the lozenge.

How long the action will take depends on many factors, if you wish to attain something difficult it could take many months, the important thing is to leave the template in place.

There're however two mistakes not to make, don't voluntarily change your mind and don't expect things to just happen while you twiddle your thumbs not doing anything. Little by little you'll notice that things change around you, that barely perceivably you take on a new direction. All this will happen so long as you remain conscious that your basic action is real and efficient.


answered 11 Dec '15, 05:03

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Thanks a lot @jaz for your answer. I will try it. But ,what do you mean by your last sentence "All this will happen so long as you remain conscious that your basic action is real and efficient. " Can you please clarify ?

(11 Dec '15, 10:17) Serene

conscious that your basic action is real means that you have physically assembled the template, that it exists in reality, that anyone can verify it just by looking at it ... and conscious of it's efficiency meaning you have used physical, emotional and mental energy to assemble the template and this energy has set the wheels in motion and it will continue working automatically without any further need to perform anything in particular, you've started the ball rolling and nothing will stop it

(11 Dec '15, 14:33) jaz

@jaz ...i am a little confused , how can I assemble the template by using physical, emotional and mental energy ? Can you please clarify ?

(15 Dec '15, 00:37) Serene

Well to start with @Serene to physically place the template on a horizontal surface, align it with magnetic north and prepare and place the two documents on top of it, you use your physical body, you use physical energy ... your emotional energy enables you to know where you're aiming ... your mental (psychic) energy is your raw activating energy without which nothing happens

(15 Dec '15, 05:01) jaz
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