Well, basically my question is in the question itself. But it is quite difficult to understand so I will try my best to use an example to illustrate it :

Let's say @ (for the below , all my resistance to what I want is too great to manifest it)

Day 1 : I wish for an apple , but no apple.

Day 2 : I wish for an orange, but no orange.

Day 3 : I wish for a pear, but no pear.

Day 4 : I wish for a durian, but no durian.

Day 5 : I wish for a bunch of grapes, but no such thing.

Day 6 : I wish for a watermelon, but no watermelon.

Day 7 : I finally find out how this thing works, and get into the good feeling place for my things to come

The example may be quite funny and literal haha.. but my question is : Since all of these fruits existed the moment I wanted them, would they come in

1) apple, orange , pear, durian, etc in this order

2) maybe a blended cocktail of all these fruits

3) or just some pictures of all these fruits somewhere

4) a weird blend of fruit juice containing most of these fruits

5) a fruit hamper

6) any of the above

7) none of the above

Cause it has been said that the moment you wish or want for something, it exists, all you need to do is to allow it to come. But the thing here that is confusing is : I am 100% sure I am always wanting something new almost every few seconds that I sometimes even lose track of what I want... so how would I know whether the things I want did come to me, or wouldn't it be 'too much' of things that has to come to me once I allow them to come?

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The correct answer is 6) any of the above.

When you make a request, you sensitize your mind to the thing that you want. Then you go out into the world, and your mind begins to match to the things that you want. If you follow your intuition, you will eventually arrive at those things (in no particular order).

Let's take the apple as an example. When you ask for the apple, your mind begins to search for ways to find that apple. You might see an ad for the local farmer's market, and go there. You might remember that there are orchards nearby, but not know whether there are apples there. But the Universe does.

You might look down on the floor of your room, and there is an old Beatles 45, with the Apple logo on it.

More info here: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/6065/when-i-want-to-manifest-something-must-i-see-myself-already-with-the-object-o/6073#6073


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Not sure how it would come. If you want all of them equally or had more resistance to some. What your belief said you could have, to many varibles. Try wanting and believing at the same time. You could ask for many things. Keep a strong belief in each request. I personally focus on the things I really want. I focus on request that would benefit others as well. Focus on why you want the objects of your request.


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Think about going into the Supermarket with your Grocery List, do you pick up the first item on your list first, or do you pick up the items on your list as you see them as you walk along the aisles?

Based upon my experience, the things that you want can show up in any order, but the point to remember is that you are receiving these things that are on your list, as you attract them. If you do have a problem with remembering what you have received, and you want to keep track of it, then of course keep a record of it.


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I agree with Vesuvius.

6) any of the above.

It could be that even unconsciously, you have a craving for one more than other, then I would say that one will come to you first. In any way. It has happened to me that I had been thinking of some particular edible all day, and at night, a neighbour rang my doorbell to offer me some of what I wanted, saying that they had too much of it!

I am 100% sure I am always wanting something new almost every few seconds that I sometimes even lose track of what I want... so how would I know whether the things I want did come to me, or wouldn't it be 'too much' of things that has to come to me once I allow them to come?

I would suggest to make a list let's say of a dozen things. Put it away and start another list with other twelve items. Put it away. And so on. (I don't say only one list because if it is too long you'll find it cumbersome to check it out after a while)

Try to feel good every day. Place yourself in "allowing" mode.

Forget all about it.

After a month check the lists out and tick the things you already got.

You'll be surprised! :)



answered 25 Nov '10, 12:58

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