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I am curious to know how many people are aware of the fact that Autism and ADHD can be healed with Applied Intentional Epigenetics, Applied Energy Medicine and Intent Healing. Awareness about this would help millions struggling with the limiting symptoms in autism and ADHD. Epigenetics has revealed that genes are not destiny and physics has long since confirmed that everything in the Universe is made up of energy. Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied Energy Medicine using Intent Healing(TM) is showing results in healing the limiting symptoms in Autism and ADHD. This helps the people with Autism to thrive with their Unique gifst and talents.It would be interesting to know how many are aware of these cutting edge scientific tools in healing the limiting symptoms in autism and ADHD. Please share your views and let us know if you are aware that this is available and is showing results in autism and ADHD. (Udemy has a course listed on this titled 'Autism Solution That Works From Day One') for those interested in wanting to know more along with the testimonials. Just FYI.)

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Hello @Authentic Autism Solutions from what I've read about Applied Intentional Epigenetics the key to it all is "energy shifts" ... so from this basic point of view yes I certainly do believe that autism can be cured using correctly tuned subtle energy vibrations.

(31 Dec '15, 01:29) jaz

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