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Hello IQers. Up front I'm going to note that I do mention politics in here in what I hope are general ways - I don't want to have any political arguments or anything, I'm certainly not looking to change minds or have mine changed. I'll try to keep this brief:

Recently I've been experiencing some changes in my emotional life, my mindset, my worldviews. I don't know for sure, but it feels like I'm approaching some kind of tipping point of understanding. I find myself understanding things I wouldn't have previously and just generally feel like my perception is expanding. Things that sounded like "just words" to me are beginning to actually make sense. These past couple of days I've been muttering "Just BE HAPPY. It's so easy. Why didn't I see it?!?" to myself, for instance. Previously, those were just words, it sounded like glib nonsense.

So that's all good, I think. It feels good. I feel more emotionally uplifted and stable than I ever have, even as I'm beginning to be sensitive enough to my own emotions to also realize how much habitual negativity I often tote around with me. But I think that's good, too.

Here's the part that's confusing to me at the moment. I'm a lifelong liberal hippie but recently, as my worldview has been expanding, or my perspective has been shifting to hold several points of view at once (maybe? It's hard to explain) I've found myself suddenly much less enamored of some progressive talking points and even sympathizing with people on the opposite end of the political spectrum, or at least being more "Hey now, they're people too" when people I've always nodded along with rage against the machine.

It's really surprising and kind of uncomfortable to go through. Has anyone else experienced this? What eventually happened? Is this a common thing?


asked 05 Feb '16, 21:35

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These past couple of days I've been muttering "Just BE HAPPY. It's so easy. Why didn't I see it?!?" to myself, for instance. Previously, those were just words, it sounded like glib nonsense.

You mean what previously sounded like "blah, blah, blah" now sounds like something more meaningful?

Healthy indication of "good-feeling" progress, I'd say :)

  • When you're out of the Vortex, a question or answer written from inside the Vortex is probably going to sound like ..."blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" :)

  • When you're inside the Vortex, a question or answer written from outside the Vortex is probably going to sound like ..."complain, moan, self-justify, complain, moan" :)

From: Is the only reason most of the questions are asked here on IQ because we are just simply not in the vortex as they mostly imply issues of worry,doubt etc?

As for politics and other associated "externally-focused" stuff, they are all completely irrelevant when everything you encounter in your reality is a reflection of You alone. Nothing wrong with playing with those ideas if you enjoy playing with shadows...

...but ultimately only Your vibrational attitudes matter in shaping Your reality :)


answered 06 Feb '16, 05:35

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1- Thanks, @Stingray. This is apropos because the other thing I've been "???" about is that intellectually I understand that reality is just a reflection of me, but on a day-to-day basis I've recently been really troubled by seeing poverty and people in despair and not able to believe that they are just "me". Sigh - maybe I should just keep trying to think less, chill more, and all will become obvious? Brains are stupid.

(06 Feb '16, 21:51) corduroypower

2- As I wrote that I realized that these things are connected. My worldview is shifting at the same time that contrast in the lives of strangers is really bothering me because my previous coping mechanism of "Those people have nothing to do with me" isn't compatible with my expanding understanding. I hope this seeing the humanity in more people and keenly feeling it is a waystation on the way to ULTIMATE GROOVINESS and seeing everyone as empowered wizards here playing a game.

(06 Feb '16, 21:56) corduroypower

3- It feels bad to focus on people as being disempowered, trapped, in pain. Intellectually, I know that it feels bad because my expanded self strongly disagrees that they're in terrible situations/are terrible people. But I'm not yet able to say and really mean "They're not poor and trapped, they're leading-edge creators who have amassed vast wealth!" (Is this a place you eventually get to for real? IT SOUNDS AWESOME AND RELAXING.)

(06 Feb '16, 21:58) corduroypower

4- Plato's Cave is a great thing for you to mention - thank you for sharing that video. So good. It makes me feel sad that he can't rescue his friends in exactly the same way other things are making me feel right now. I know but don't really believe that other people are a) reflections of me b) all-powerful and don't need me to "help" them. Life is a trip!

(06 Feb '16, 22:04) corduroypower

@corduroypower - "my expanded self strongly disagrees that they're in terrible situations" - Well stated. That's exactly why you feel bad about it...because a bigger, broader part of you knows it's not true and refuses to focus with you on that thought. It knows clearly that it's all just a game with willing game players. Don't worry, when you get tired of the emotional pain of disagreeing with your Broader Self, your (physical) self will naturally gravitate to more aligned perspectives :)

(07 Feb '16, 04:51) Stingray

@corduroypower "They're not poor and trapped, they're leading-edge creators who have amassed vast wealth!" Yes, you can and will get to this point in your perspective. As you align more on more and more subjects in your life your "vortex" perspective takes over across all subjects. This is how I view the "poor" "criminals" etc Imagine how amazing their vibrational realities are. They are heading there whether they turn and find relief today or they croak tomorrow. Either way its coming for them.

(07 Feb '16, 08:22) Yes
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what sounded like blah blah blah is actually because you did not listen or understand. so now you are beginning to listen or understand. what you see as opposite view is only the same thing view from a different perspective. like many people siting around something and each describing what they see and think about what is in between them but they do not see the same thing as the other people siting on the other side of the table. eventually once you have sit at all the chair around the table you know what is in the middle. then you see people oppose other people not seeking understanding and not able to work together or communicate together. they just need to sit in all the chair also but it can take a very long time. the good news is that once they do it they will stop fighting and opposing one another. as for politic and the world it is what we make of it. as for someone with opposite view he would probably tell you that politic and the world is what you must follow and aspire to. they will need a lot of labor to go in all the chair. "Blessed is the person who has labored and found life." do not conform to the world. seek to be better and to better it first start from the inside and work your way to the outside. because I tell you if you change only the outside it will not match the inside and it will not last or give the desire result. for example if you clean only the outside of the cup, it might look very clean to other but when they will drink the dirty water that is inside they will have a bad surprise and after taste. first clean the inside of the cup then you can worry about the outside of the cup after. for many I tell you always consider to look at the outside and change the outside and they deceive them self. do not be ignorant or afraid of this. look at the world man as free will and created and made many thing to help him self. then why is it going so wrong? man created money and there is poverty. man created weapon to hunt or defend himself and now there is war. I could give more example. but the fact is that the intention was good at first and the creation served is per pace; then why did it go wrong? why is man creation working against himself? is it not starting from man inside to want more then other, to be more powerful then other? to seing other that he does not know as the enemy out of fear and ignorance? man do lot of thing to praise himself and very often there is very little to be praise about when you see the end result. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God."

it is good that you are now reaching this point in your inner progression you are starting to touch your water and starting to do some inner work.

if you wonder how does one enter the kingdom of God? simple by being born of water and the spirit.

if I have been your helper so be it and let it be.

let there be light, be the light that you can be, experience and enjoy.


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white tiger

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