So I've read about the law of attraction for some time now and have read many stories of people's success with it and the apparent power of the mind. They say the mind and law of attraction is very powerful and can do anything.

Here's my goal and desire. All my life I've had curly hair and I want to know if I can change my hairtype to straight hair. I've always desired straight hair and the things that can be done with straight hair. I don't exactly hate my curly hair, I just prefer it to be straight instead.

I've read other threads of people with hair loss and they were curious If they could stop hair loss and regrow hair and this leads me to a second part of my question. Can I thicken my hair with my mind? Is that possible as well?

I really want a change in my hairtype and to be able to experience straight hair. Just the thought of it excites me and makes me happy.

So my question to all of you is, is it possible for me to use ny mind to straighten my hair and also use my mind to grow in thicker hair.

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Short answer: Yes, of course.

Long answer:

The only way you'll be able to manifest the type of hair you want is to line your energy up with it. The LOA (law of attraction) gives you a match to what you are now, not what you want. You have to be a match to what you want before the LOA can give what you want to you. Take your attention off the negative aspects of having curly hair and focus on how you'll feel once you have straight hair. See your desire as a normal, everyday part of your life right now. Practice the feeling of having straight hair not to make it happen but because it feels good when you do it. Practice the feeling long enough and your desire will come. That's the law.


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probably that you would need to know the difference between straight and curly hair first. some people that have straight hair get curl when it is humid outside. we know that hair grow out of you contain your dna. and can be affected by static discharge. making it stand straight. you might also have notice that some time your hair is pulsing. the most easy way would be to talk to a barber maybe he got some product to do the job. outside stuff outside solution. inner stuff inner solution. if you could change the inner it would change the outer. it would be good for you to know thy self much more important then desire about hair type.


answered 26 May '16, 18:58

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