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I love inward quest. I missing it so far to comment and answer and ask a question. I didn't know to post a question regarding the pain im suffering with. Or regarding the happiness that Im experiencing (because my mother gave 100 rupees this morning). Or some sort of unreasonable questions (though their is no any such question or questions).

I just want to mention that right at this moment Im happy.

Really human is crazy he is sometimes not even permitted to express is happiness if he is happy for the rest of the time he not willing to work just want to spend time resting or some sort of doing his personal work. Or the happy person fail to pay respect to the other persons. Or the other persons afraid not to loose their happiness and extend the time of happy person to feel happy. However, whatsoever nothing is in and only in my hands or all human hands.

Forget about all the past and future and feel happy right at this moment. Pay respect to the profit that you waiting for and pay food to your body.

Thank you.

asked 15 Jun '16, 02:23

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If they hated me. they will hate you also. in this world many are in darkness seeking their own praise. they are blind and do not want to see, and they claim that they can see. when some one tell them truth, they say to him the truth is not important people can believe what ever they want. blind guides! they strain at a gnat and swallow a camel. since they say we see their sin remains. how will they ever escape damnation.

they prefer to believe lie and lie to each other. thinking it gives them something. in fact they are causing their own downfall.


answered 15 Jun '16, 16:05

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white tiger

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