I have noticed that I often hurt the people I love, even though I absolutely don't know myself in these situations. When I think about it later, I don't understand why I acted the way I did and I'm negatively "surprised" of my own behavior.

An example of this would be:

A person I really care about is in deep trouble. Five of the times I am here for the person, care about the person, try to help, listen, console and give hugs. I have no problem doing this and I enjoy being here for the person. But on day six, there's like something in the air, it's like a "mental barrier", I can't bring myself to console the person, am cold, have no interest to listen, am almost annoyed of the negativity in the person's air.

I'm literally disgusted of the vibration the person offers. And no, not because I know about Law of Attraction, but because I feel like a complete different person! The person who I actually should have behaved lovingly towards, is deeply hurt because I seem like a completely different person compared to the other days. And I don't understand it myself either! I have no idea how I can turn completely cold towards the person that I lovingly consoled before (and I loved doing it!). I don't feel any positive feeling for them, they are all gone! I feel like I'm completely numb. But I'm not depressed, not at all! Most of the time I'm really happy and enjoy my life (and I love this person!)

The other person is hurt because "Just when I thought I knew you and can relax in your company, you change to a completely different person and I don't know how you are anymore".

I have two theories about that:

1: I have some trouble with my emotions, have some kind of "disorder" (although part of me denies that strongly), didn't clean up my childhood traumas enough, somethings wrong with me and I haven't figured it out yet what it is.

2: The person offers two completely different vibrations and my reaction (love/coldness) is just my answer to them. "I can't create for someone else, everything one attracts is based on one's vibration."

I would love to hear your thought about this.

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I think it could be much simpler than that. You may be realizing the universal truth that you are here in this phyisical reality to live your own life rather than trying to live someone else's life. Let me explain.

Often it can be fun to help other people or to uplift them when we feel inspired to do so. We feel better, they feel better too. So it's win-win.

The problem is that this can make people "addicted" to your upliftment, espescially when they are not seeking self-empowerment but self-pitty. They don't want to learn how to fish but they rather want you to catch them fish so to speak.

If you encounter such a person, you will know because it will feel that "something isn't right". This happens because you know deep down that this person doesn't want to take responsibility for their own life (and for the self-empowerment and joy that comes with it). So the only way for you to make them feel less bad (for a few moments) would be to constantly perpetuate their belief that "they aren't powerful. They need someone else who gives them power".

And your higher self will never accept such a belief because your higher self knows that every living being is the creator of his own reality, and therefore insanely powerful without the help of anyone else. Your higher self not agreeing with you on that one feels bad to you. So to feel good and aligned again, you have to believe what your higher self believes which is "This person is powerful on his own exactly like I am". And from that perspective, it is pointless to help someone that is not seeking to recognize their own power.

So ultimately, by manifesting such a person into your life, you are trying to show yourself that you have to recognize your own power (and the power of this person). You are also showing yourself that you are not here in this physical reality to "babysit" other people but to be your own powerful self. This is the only way you can inspire those people to recognize their own power anyway, by being the strong and powerful example you want them to be.

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@releaser99, thank you for your answer. I'm sorry that I'm late with commenting. I thought a lot about your answer and I completely agree with it. Surprisingly, the person mentioned recently clattered out of my life - just when I worked on my issue that created the problem from my vibrational point. Thank you again.

(12 Sep '16, 15:06) spacemetalfantasy

@spacemetalfantasy - You are welcome :)

(14 Sep '16, 19:13) releaser99
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