Some time ago, I asked How do thoughts create things? and @Cory's answer has helped me understanding things better. To be honest, I came back almost every day to reread it and to really understand how these things work.

What interests me most, is how it's possible for me and for every one else, to create physical objects without the help of other people. I've asked @Cory, if my inner being is really capable of creating, say, a house without the help of other people. Before knowing about the power of my inner being, I would have said that the house was made by real people. I assumed every person depends on many other people to contribute the life they are living (groceries, building and manufacturing material objects, etc.). But @Cory answered that I don't need other people to create a house (and I guess that essentially means, I don't need them for anything else either):

The house's construction can be created instantly into your reality in any order you choose, with or without other people building it.

How is this possible? Aren't there people needed to stack the bricks, build the roof, etc? How is it possible for me to create a house of of "nothing"?

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But @Cory answered that I don't need other people to create a house (and I guess that essentially means, I don't need them for anything else either):

The main point I was trying to make regarding not needing other people is that...You are your own reality!

You are literally your very own version of earth and everyone else that you see with your eyes and hear with your ears are your unique versions of what you believe are separate physical human beings. So essentially, you may have physical-ized humans building your house, but you are the one creating this action completely because it is your reality.

How is this possible? Aren't there people needed to stack the bricks, build the roof, etc? How is it possible for me to create a house of of "nothing"?

Lets look at it in a different way for a second. I'm going to use the example of a virtual reality headset.

alt text

You're sitting staring at a blank wall. You put on your virtual reality headset and a whole new world appears as if out of nowhere. Everything seems so realistic that you just want to reach out and touch it.

Any program that you wish to experience can be installed into this VR headset. Maybe you want a new car in this virtual world so you can see the town and surrounding area.

alt text

You're out and about in this world driving around taking in the sights and sounds in your brand new VR car that you amazingly conjured up out of thin air. You decide that you want to find some houses on your car's highly sophisticated touch screen computer.

alt text

The cool thing about this VR experience (since you are in total control of everything that happens in VR world) is that you can simply show up at any house you want in an instant if you choose.

In this world everything is in your control and you know that because you have this state of the art VR headset on and it can give you anything you desire depending on the program you are running.

That car was able to show up instantly because you knew for a fact that it was possible in this program.

The exact house you wanted to go and see showed up effortlessly because you had complete confidence of the outcome in this program.

So you finally decide that you had enough of VR world and take the headset off. There you are staring at a blank wall again. Now you are back in the place that we all collectively call earth. You think to yourself, "oh darn, I'm back on earth where everything simply happens to me and I have no control over it."

This is the biggest crock of bull that any of us can ever think up because "Earth Game" may very well be the most advanced and highly sophisticated Virtual Reality headset that the universe has ever conjured up. It's kind of funny to think that we can put on a VR headset in the most ultimate earthly VR headset of all time.

So the point of all of this Virtual reality talk is that this is essentially what human life is.

We are playing a game called... Earth human: Try to figure out who you really are :)

So right before you were born (or made manifest) onto this earth, picture putting on a VR headset. Your non-physical friends were telling you that it takes a really brave and powerful soul to incarnate on the earth and were making sure you wanted to do this. They also said that you wouldn't remember who you really were for quite some time and that it could be a really challenging game to play.

You said, "I can't wait, lets get this party started!"

So everyone that is in your reality exists in your own personal VR headset. Everything you see is your own personal version of a virtual reality earth. There may be people building you a house, but since they are in your VR headset of consciousness, isn't it actually you who is building or should I say manifesting/creating the house?

Nobody can create in your reality but you. No matter what all of those people who seem to be "out there" tell you, they are all actually within your own consciousness. You create everything.

We can even look at it another way.

If you simply got your vibration high enough to a point where you just believed you had a brand new house, it would just happen like that.

Who's to say you might not get a call from a long lost relative that just died. This relative was filthy rich and you never even heard of him/her before. The funny thing is, they just completed construction on a brand new house. Low and behold they actually have the same exact taste as you do. Lucky you huh?

You get a call one day and this long lost relatives estate calls and says that the new house was left to you. You are happy about this but not completely blown away by it because you already have a 100% belief that a brand new house was yours already.

So the universe simply said, "oh this belief of a house matches what this person asked for a while back, here's a way better house for you."

Or maybe you got your house from a stranger on the street who just simply said, "do you want a new house I just built free of charge?" This seems pretty impossible because most people believe that it is impossible. Universal vibration hears "give me a house just because, no freaking way that happens, get away weirdo, guess we can scratch that manifestation off the list."

In these instances you never actually experienced the physical construction of the house. It was simply just.....there. And it can simply just be "there" in an infinite number of ways depending on your belief.

We live in a universe where everything is happening right now all at once. So if everything is happening right now all at once, then everything is capable of being experienced right now in any order just like in the VR headset. You pick somewhere to go and you are just there.

If a person had a belief strong enough to just stand in a spot and say "I want to experience my home being halfway built right now," it could happen. There may be workers who pop up with the manifestation but in the end it was the creation of the individual no matter what the workers were doing.

Anything can happen when you get your dominate thoughts aligned with what you prefer to experience. This is what people call miracles. It is simply a strong belief made manifest. Every human is their own manifestation on earth. If that isn't enough positive momentum to realize we create our own reality, then I don't know what is!

So hopefully this answer helped you understand my last answer a little better. If not, maybe a fellow IQ-er can give you a better explanation to what you are seeking:)


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@Cory, wow thank you so much for your detailed and thoughtful answer. I'm definitely going to read it a few times. Thank you very much!

(25 Aug '16, 14:40) spacemetalfantasy

Great post! As I read, I was reminded of such Biblical sayings as "If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, move from here to there, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you" [Matthew 17:20]

Yep--Jesus understood this VR headset stuff ;)

(25 Aug '16, 21:28) Delphine

@spacemetalfantasy You are welcome. Glad I could help!

(29 Aug '16, 14:49) Cory

@Delphine Wise words for all of us to live by "...and nothing will be impossible for you"

(29 Aug '16, 14:51) Cory
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you can build anything by your own. of course you will make mistake every one does. also sometime you will need help from other you have only 2 hands after all and can only be at one place physically at once, you could need people suggestion or know how to help you figure out stuff, no one know all from the start in this world.

look in the past people build their own home their own tool, etc... today the world is different some tool cost a small fortune, some stuff require a lot more know how to build and people in work place most often know only to do one part of something not the thing from a to z. as for creating something from nothing, who said there was nothing to build it from. at the base everything is energy. a creator look at what he as what he know what he would need to know and use what is at hand to do stuff.


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white tiger

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