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I would like to share my story about how I healed myself from acne after living more than ten very long years with it. I know exactly how painful and desperate one feels when dealing with this issue, especially when you feel like to tried every single imaginable thing to get rid of it and still nothing seems to work. I've been at this horrible place many, many times and now I'm so happy to write down my story to uplift and encourage others who are dealing with acne and to show that, after all, acne can actually really been cured and it's not even difficult, once you get to the root of the issue.

I've had acne since puberty, more or less bad. It was never severe, but bad enough to make me feel really uncomfortable about myself and I feared, what other may think about me. It made me feel dirty and I couldn't relax in my body. I was about fourteen years old when it started in my youth and back then I thought this was "normal" for my age and the issue would solve itself after some time. But, unfortunately, this wasn't the case. My acne didn't disappear and so my quest for healing began. Since I was young, I've has always wanted to know the real cause diseases are, as I didn't buy into the concepts of mainstream media.

Before I found out about the Law of Attraction, I strongly believed that the choice of food would influence the body the most. This conviction lead my to vegetarianism, then veganism and in the end, to a period of 8 months of living only on a raw, vegan diet. My skin would get better during this period of time, but somehow, I felt there was still something missing. During the years, I practiced with a lot of different diets like paleo and other special diets. I did a lot of research about acne and there was a lot of different information and advice on skin care, exercise and on what to do, but nothing seemed to work for me. What I didn't do was going to the doctor because I knew he would only prescribe me drugs which wouldn't work longterm anyway. I knew that, as soon as I would stop taking the pills, my acne would come back. So my quest continued.

Two years ago, I found out about the Law of Attraction and this finally openend the right doors for me. For the first time, I considered that it was my thoughts that created my acne. What a different approach after all these previous years! Although, in the beginning, it was really hard to believe that my invisible and "unimportant", "little" thoughts could create such tangible and painful things like the pimples on my face.

During that time, I came across Louise Hay's book "Heal Your Body" where she describes different diseases and the thought pattern that created the disease. I was so curious to read the cause of acne and I was really so surprised to read this:

"Not accepting and disliking of self"

I remember that, at first, I couldn't believe that this should be the cause of my acne and that I wouldn't be loving myself! Looking back, I have to laugh because this description of myself then couldn't have been more accurate :)

Despite my first "shock", I was determined to do anything to get clear skin and over the passing of a few weeks I thought, okay, let's find out if I really have a problem with loving and accepting myself. I started to carefully observe my thoughts. Slowly, I noticed a thought pattern that has always been there but I never noticed. It's kind of hard to put it into words, but it would be best described as "being kind of disgusted at myself and not feeling comfortable with who I am". Sounds really bad, hu? I couldn't believe I thought that bad about me! But something inside me realized that my quest came to end and that this was the real cause of my acne. Fascinating to realize after so many years of wandering around in the dark. Acne was my very symbolic metaphor, because I would look in the mirror and literally see something I didn't like! How symbolic!

My next steps were simply to literally start loving and accepting myself more and more every day. A quote that has helped me a lot was:

"I am not better or worse than any other people"

Meaning that I really was not worse than anyone else. I repeated this sentence like a mantra and it especially helped me to also accept my acne. I unconsciously believed all these years that I was somehow "less" that the "other" people. Learning to believe that this assumption is not true was the first big mile stone. From then on, my skin cleared up really fast. It was a matter of about two or three weeks and my skin was clear!

This happened about three months ago and my skin stayed clean since then. This makes me so happy! I notice that, when I have days where I fall back in old thought patterns I get one or two pimples, but they are rather small and disappear very fast. I am still not 100% done with my self love journey, but I love and accept myself enough that I no longer have acne. What a ride it was!

I hope this is useful to someone. It really is absolutely possible to heal acne with our thoughts, even tough you may have tried everything before and nothing worked. The cause of any disease lies really in our thoughts. Much love to you.

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@spacemetalfantasy Good for you :) Now that you "know for a fact" that you can create something like this with your thoughts, I can't wait to hear about all these other physical reality type things that you are on the verge of creating being the powerful thinking, feeling, vibrating creator that you are. Please post those manifestations as well because I also "know for a fact" that they are on the verge of bursting into your "master of manifesting" experience real soon!

(12 Sep '16, 11:03) Cory

Thank you, @Cory, I absolutely love your comment! :) I am excited about what's coming and I feel my dreams are approaching really fast. You and the whole IQ community have contributed a lot to my success! So glad to be alive. Will keep you updated :) Have a really nice day.

(12 Sep '16, 14:53) spacemetalfantasy

Hey @spacemetalfantasy, really glad to read your account and how you realised this mind-body connection and are coming into your own power along the way. I would personally recommend the improved version of Manifesting Experiment 5 to clear those remaining self-defeating emotions that occasionally still crop up. Enjoy your new life :)

(12 Sep '16, 15:41) Surfgrass

first clean the inside of the cup and the outside will also be clean.

(13 Sep '16, 08:40) white tiger

@spacemetalfantasy "You and the whole IQ community have contributed a lot to my success!"

Just for a motivational boost to add more fuel to your already hot Master Manifestor fire, remember, in the end all the success is actually coming completely and 100% from you. We are all just a reflection created from your extremely powerful consciousness. So I must actually say...Thank You for this wonderful co-creative experience and I wish you a most excellent "NOW Moment" day as well!

(13 Sep '16, 11:36) Cory

@spacemetalfantasy - Thank you for sharing your inspirational story :)

(14 Sep '16, 19:15) releaser99

@Surfgrass, thank you for your comment, I will definitely clean up the rest of this issue as well. Enjoy your life too :)

(18 Sep '16, 07:19) spacemetalfantasy

@releaser99 - you're welcome :)

(18 Sep '16, 07:20) spacemetalfantasy
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