i axplored recently the topic of co-creation with other people. the more i explore the more bad dreams came (and i always had good dreams or not at all) but thats not my question.

i understand that everything i think or experience is only through my perspective. and that if someone behave in a certain way then this "way" percive only by me. i understand that i know nothing about other people vibration, but mine. and i also understand that i created every person in my life in the way he act/ treats me. and have the power to change these behaviores.

so im a very happy human being (even by myself), alway have been, i love to travel and be in nature, but i've noticed that in the past years i got rejected by my best friends and family when it comes to have fun , fly to anothe country/city, etc. im gonna share a little..its not that they dont love to do that kind of stuff, just not with me!! so i accepted it once, twice... but it became weird, humiliating and angers when my mom didnt want to go to a trip with me (and i asked not just once) she said she will never go with me and prefer to go with MY SISTER!!! another example is one of my best friend (so i thought) who asked me to not order a fly ticets a week before our flight because "she is afraid we'd fight" . so i was expecting somthing completely different, and felt really good, but the result was terrible in all aspect (accept their enjoiment of course).

so i tryed to work the bugs on my self .. but it didnt work - my true feeings is that i dont want these people in my life. well...they didnt want me to (through my perspective of course).

so my question is - i have a huge desire to travel and have fun, but im not in the place of suggesting anyone anymore after so many refusals. there arent confidents issues here. im just tired of it. i want someone to come and ask me for a trip. yeh, why not?

further to the issue of co- creating , how do i change my vibration or - what is the vibration of someone that dose not experiense what i do ? i want to be a match to that.

also, im not in an angry state usualy/now, but can defently observe my situation. so any affirmation or SPESIFIC method would help becouse the general dosent really anymore. thanks.

i opened a video on youtube and just got my answer. thanks everyone. but if you have somthing to add id love that too.

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@myself, before I try to give an answer to this question, and I really don't know if I have one, I would like to ask you some questions: do you feel lonely? Do you feel people don't like you? Are you able to enjoy activities alone? What do you do by yourself (without missing the company of other people) that makes you feel good?

(08 Feb '17, 12:15) VitoriaRegia

ok- i got my answer. thank you.

and to answer your q: no no yes everything

(08 Feb '17, 12:28) myself

I am glad you've got your answer :)

(08 Feb '17, 12:40) VitoriaRegia


"i opened a video on youtube and just got my answer"

Care to share a link to the video ?

(08 Feb '17, 13:23) ele

Thanks for the links.

It was good seeing @Eddie

Roxanne & Ocyphius state many of the same things as other spiritual teachers do but have a different way of doing so. Glad this resonates with you

The Now, I have to agree, it's the answer to most problems. Stay in the present moment.

Are you familiar with Eckhart Tolle? Read New Earth or Power of Now?

Nice quote too, thanks !

"co-creation is a symbiotic relationship of pure love, only distorted by the frequency levels you are at"

(09 Feb '17, 10:36) ele

Are you familiar with IQ's @TReb Bor yit-NE ~


or @Eddie ?


You may want to check out their sites too.

(09 Feb '17, 10:41) ele
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"edit: i opened a video on youtube and just got my answer. thanks everyone. but if you have somthing to add id love that too."

I think meditation would be very helpful. Try keeping an appreciation journal and write in it everyday.

You said you loved to travel. You said you loved your own company several times. I think a trip would be a fabulous idea. Can you travel by yourself ? Can you pay for your own travel expenses ? If its yes to both, what is stopping you ? Go !

If its a no, explore nature. You said you loved nature. Have an adventure ! I'm sure you don't have to travel too far to do that.

I think your higher self is telling you very loudly to have some fun. You say you are a happy person. That is your natural state but right now, you are also angry and miserable and stressed out . Go have fun, smile, laugh ....


If you have some fun and you're happy, your vibration will change

and you WILL attract different experiences.

Life is about experiences and the journey and the fellow travellers you meet along the way.


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thank you :)

(10 Feb '17, 15:18) myself

My pleasure and I hope it helped a bit :)

(10 Feb '17, 16:24) ele

In Zero Limits Ho-Oponopono Dr Joe Vitale talks about what he learned from Dr. Hew Lin about how if we are experiencing something then we are responsible for creating it. This is more than circumstances, this is the people around us we deal with. It is EVERYTHING we experience.

That is a lot to take into account, but what it is saying is that there is something in you that needs healing in relation to this erroneous creation of reality experience. Hew Lin healed criminally insane prisoners with this. He held each person's photo and name, then he tried to find what he felt within himself. This is much like Fairy Princess's Two Hands Touching found elsewhere on here. When he really strongly felt his feelings from each as much as he could, he then turned his attention to God saying that he is sorry for this creation, he asked for forgiveness for this creation, he then told God that he loved God and lastly thanked God for having heard him.

So this went like this feel how this feels, connect with God then say I'm sorry, I love you, Please forgive me and lastly Thank you.


answered 12 Feb '17, 04:11

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Wade Casaldi

thanks for your comment !

(12 Feb '17, 10:21) myself
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