I am sure that this has been asked, but I know that sometimes other questions cannot be quite simply the SAME question as mine.

I have read The Secret. I am soooo interested and wanting so badly to do what it says and put it all into action. Here is my problem...I have a hard time thinking positively, no matter what I do. I always get images in my head of bad things happening. I always feel sad/depressed. Instead of going to a doctor for pills, I would like to cure this naturally. I want to think positively. I want to feel alive, and I know only then will I be able to put this "Secret" into affect.

Is there any hope for me? How do I become more positive? How can I control my thoughts? How can I just sit back and enjoy life???

P.S. I'm not a skeptic of this. When I first read about it, I tried a test. I said I wanted a blue hummingbird with red specks all over it to show up to me hurt so I could take care of it. Thinking of that, I decided no I don't want that. I don't want to injure an innocent beautiful bird. I would just like to see one. A week later, a magazine came in the mail with a blue hummingbird and red specks all over on the cover. It was just like I wanted. This showed me that it is real. While I wanted to see one in person, I wasn't specific about it so that is what I got!


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Barry Allen ♦♦

Once you put the positiveness and aliveness into action, the "Secret" will already be in affect! "I want to think positively. I want to feel alive,and I know only then will I be able to put this "Secret" into affect."

(15 Dec '10, 17:26) Back2Basics

~Katie, you are doing wonderfully and you have a beautiful smile.

(16 Dec '10, 20:09) jim 10

If you're having a hard time being positive, then just quit trying. And feel the pressure gone.

(14 May '13, 07:45) CalonLan
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I sometimes have this battle to.

I stop thinking the negative unwanted thoughts by REPLACING them.

Because i cant think of two things at once this works quite well.

I used to think it was HARD GOING....now i think its different going. Not hard to do ,but just that it takes a little practice and perhaps isn't the way you've done things before.

When a car breaks down and you've got to get behind it and push its hard for the first 10 feet or so...after this the momentum builds up and its easier. Ive found steering the minds like this.

When the grooves of positive and pleasant thoughts are deep enough you'll struggle to think negative...it will take a conscious effort.

Keep going,listen to teaching you may think at first glance is crap.

You may be surprised.



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Monty Riviera

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the grooves of positive and pleasant thoughts are actually being discovered physically in the brain!

(15 Dec '10, 19:42) Back2Basics

Yep ive heard that too b2b

(15 Dec '10, 20:02) Monty Riviera

I agree with Graham's good post. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones is tedious, but starts to work after awhile. Soon, you will do this automatically and will see change.

(15 Dec '10, 21:31) LeeAnn 1

No one can think about two things at the same time. great answer ^5

(15 Dec '10, 23:03) ursixx
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Generating the feelings of appreciation is one of the most powerful ways to shift your counsciousness from seeing the negative to seeing the positive. When you consciously take time in your day to appreciate, your whole world will open up. I say my thank yous when I wake up in the morning and when I go to bed. I also have a thank you song I sing in my head through out the day. The song is just the words thank you, sung to whatever melody I'm feeing. This makes me smile. Also, by setting aside time in your day for thankfulness, you are also adopting a new positive habit. Approximately eighty percent of our days are habitual, so if you can fill your day with positive thoughts and things you will have a positive day. With appreciation and the great suggestions from the other Inward Questers, you'll be sitting back, and enjoying before you know it. And one more thing, if you haven't already done so, I suggest turning off the nightly news and the commercials on TV. This form of media is able to place all kinds of unwanted "negative" seeds in your subconscious. If it's really that important it's going to be the talk of the town anyway.

I hope this message finds you in the vortex,

Thank You.


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I agree with you Brian.

(15 Dec '10, 22:14) Drham

I love this answer, and am definitely going to try the Thank You song! That really made me smile. :)

(28 Dec '10, 18:59) aquamarine

Smile for 60 seconds straight and watch what happens. And whomever is reading this, you try it too. It is pretty cool.

Love Your Smile,



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jim 10


I love smiling for sixty seconds straight. Try saying that five times fast.

(16 Dec '10, 01:15) Brian

I tried this and afterwards omg I still smiled I just let it stay freely and I feel SO good :) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUU

(17 Dec '10, 02:20) katerbater19

I used to do this a long time ago, but somehow I forgot to keep on doing it. Thanks for the reminder, very powerful thing indeed.

(28 Feb '12, 10:30) Kriegerd

It's incredibly silly how something so simple can work so well. Also very easy to forget sometimes. Cannot remind myself of this enough. If the answerer is still around on another account, thanks for sharing. ^_^y

(14 May '13, 01:31) Snow

smile though your heart is breaking :)


(14 May '13, 02:02) ru bis

@ru bis Thanks for the edit. Love it! No one sings "Smile" better than Nat King Cole - great voice.

(04 Jun '13, 01:06) ele
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Try thinking about what makes you feel good and focus on that. If you are unable to do that you can try watching a comedy show that makes you laugh or take an outing to a place that you can really appreciate. This will help you to shift your thoughts to things that make you feel good and from there you can start focusing on what you want.


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Sometimes that works, but then I get back into my old state again of feeling insecure, left out, alone. I feel selfish lol. But thank you for your insight. I hope one day I can really REALLY do what you say and not even look back and think of bad things.

(15 Dec '10, 17:23) katerbater19

you will..........

(15 Dec '10, 17:49) Back2Basics

Just keep going back to what works until you develop the habit of feeling good. At first you have to work at it but later it comes naturally. And you deserve to feel good anyway.

(15 Dec '10, 22:13) Drham
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I am currently working on basically the same thing in my life.

Some of the things I am doing right now that may also be helpful to you:

-Realizing more and more that God is within me, not just "knowing" it after reading something.

-Reading books on religious topics from authors that were not considered too extreme. (i.e. currently - C.S. Lewis, "Screwtape Letters", I know I'm going to get a comment on that one)

-Meditation and exercise.

-Monitoring and controlling my thoughts (very hard work)

-Trying to be more social and enjoy the company of others. When a bunch of us are feeling good and having fun I have to say this is the most effective fix for the present moment.

-Also, quiet down the mind.

-When negative thoughts come, a they will, just keep pushing through and tell yourself what a stupid illusion this is, I am so much more than this!


Also, I just remembered, a big thing for me is that I am always trying to change external conditions around me in hopes it will change me. I am just now learning I have to change the inside and then the external will follow better. This one is really hard to do when everything around you may seem terrible but you can do it.

Also start reading the Master Key ASAP -http://www.psitek.net/pages/PsiTekTMKS1.html

It was written in 1914 but is timeless.


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Right now I am actually trying to set down some time aside to read that because I have it as an ebook. The only problem is, I read the 1st part a while back and I had to keep reading it over and over and it's hard to understand for me lol. I am thinking of doing some meditating before I start reading that way my mind will be clear and focused

(16 Dec '10, 18:55) katerbater19

Yes, it can be hard to follow if your mind is not very centered. When reading the ebook you have or the link I sent you (same text online) forget about everything else in your life and read ina quiet place away from others. Go the the library in the next county if you have to where you can mentally get away and help you focus on what you are reading. That might help to make it easier to understand. Some of it is just written weird, being in the early 1900s, and the meaning is lost....However, I like how the study questions are short and sweet after each chapter.

(16 Dec '10, 19:46) Back2Basics

I would just like to say thank you to all of you helping and all that have answered/responded to this question. Actually just seeing people willing to help and giving advice has put easiness on my mind and has made me feel light today. It's weird. I think all of you are angels and I wish I could help you all the way you have helped me. It may not seem like much but I have been struggling with depression since I was 9 years old, and I am 19 now. Today I woke with a smile on my face, which hasn't happened in sooo long. And it's because I know that there are people out there, even though I do not know you, who care.

Thank you. And I am so blessed and happy to have found this place.

I will take what you all have said and put them into affect right this minute. This is my plan:

  1. Wake up, no matter what mood I am feeling I will smile while singing a happy tune in my head or out loud.
  2. I will write down everyday what I am most thankful for, even if it is repeats, you can't be too thankful!
  3. Any time I feel in a bad mood, I will just walk into a quiet place and smile. I won't ponder on the things that I cannot change, I will not harm myself or anyone with my thoughts I will just sit and think of what is beautiful and astonishing about the situation. Once I feel well I will walk out and continue on my day.
  4. I will not watch sad shows or the news, I will not partake in anything that will make me feel angry, sad, ashamed, ugly, or helpless.
  5. If there is anyone in my life who makes me feel bad in anyway I will get rid of them or at least say how they make me feel stand up for myself and stay away from them for a bit.

If there is anything else that I can do, let me know.

Thanks again!!!!!


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Every morning first thing ask God to direct you thoughts. Ask for an inspirational thought to be given to you as you need them throughout the day. Tell God you are relying his guidance. Smile and keep smiling. Many Blessings

(17 Dec '10, 03:29) Tom

I don't want this to sound rude or anything but I'm not religious and don't think that I ever could be religious lol

(17 Dec '10, 21:21) katerbater19

Have you heard of EFT?

(05 Apr '11, 18:29) Fairy Princess

@katerbater19: If the word God is tripping you up, think of the universe, or the universal mind. As a general recommendation try (1) reading the book Ask and It's given from Abraham Hicks, it's amazing with many insights and process on transforming your life. (2) Meditating at least 15 min.

(28 Feb '12, 11:10) Kriegerd

@katerbater19 so 2 years later... hows it going?

(02 Jun '13, 16:32) ursixx
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EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique, is an excellent way to get rid of negative emotions, obsessive thoughts, fears and phobias, limiting beliefs, etc... Then you can use it to tap in good, positive feelings, emotions, etc... There are many techniques that have been spun from it including Matrix Reimprinting, which is a more advanced technique and FasterEFT and some more discrete, right now techniques like one handed tapping, etc... There are many videos and websites out there for learning about this fast, easy way to feel better, great, awesome fast!


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Fairy Princess

is EFT your answer to every single thing in the world or what?

(28 Feb '12, 06:15) Nikulas

Try my new technique I came up with. For now I will call it EZ Midline Deletion System or EZ MDS :)

Before you start the first time and only the once is needed, say or think: Delete all deletions to zero, then Zero minus infinity, then zero minus infinity to the power of infinity. Then place your attention to the midline. The midline is a plane that divides your body in right and left halves. See thishere question and Rindor's second answer to learn about the midline.

A * at the end of the phrase means to place your focused attention to the midline briefly.

Step 1. Think of issue

Step 2. Rate the issue on a scale of 0-10, 0 being neutral or no issue and 10 being the worst feeling.

Step 3. Say or think the following statements: 1. Delete all the ways I feel about ____ (This issue). * (place your focused attention to the midline briefly)

2. Delete all the emotional causes and affects of ____. *

3. Delete all the mental causes and affects of ____. *

4. Delete all the psychological causes and affects of ____. *

5. Delete all the psychic/epmathy causes and affects of ____. *

6. Delete all the spiritual causes and affects of ____. *

7. Delete all the unknown causes and affects of ____. *

8. Delete all the ways I hold ___ in my body. *

Reevaluate on a scale of 0-10 and repeat as necessary.

(28 Feb '12, 19:20) Fairy Princess

That blue hummingbird is a start. You need to keep at this creating. Creating is fun!

I have an old book (I think it was from the book Universal Mind.) someplace that talks about a story of a girl reading a mind power book in a park. Along came a man that sat near her and observed a bit then asked a question, "What are you reading?" She replied, "A book on mind power." "Interesting said the older gentleman. What does it say?" She responded, "It says I create reality with my thoughts." He responded, "Interesting, have you tried it yet?" She responded, "Oh no, I am just reading it, I haven't tried it yet." He said, "Go ahead give it a shot, try for something small at first." She got excited and said, "Alright then, what about a feather? I'll create a feather!" He said, "Good give it a shot!" She concentrated and released the thought fully expecting a feather. In a short while a feather mattress truck drives by with a picture of a feather on it. She jumped up and pointed, "I did it! I did it! I created a feather!" The older man said, "Yes you did! Good job for you! I'll be on my way now. But one thing though. That is not a feather. Here is a feather." Just then a beautiful feather like she never saw before seemed to materialize someplace above her head and float down into her lap.

The man was showing her, she was on the right track and did good for a beginner. But not to make the mistake of thinking that is all there is. It gets so much better with practice.

Do you know that demons have names like Sloth, Gluttony, Doubt, Depression, Fear, Anger, Hate, Inadequacy? Anything negative in thought can be associated as a demon thought. Anything positive can be associated as an Angel thought. Think of the picture of a demon on one shoulder and an angel on the other shoulder. These are thought-forms, when you can think of your negative thoughts as demons you can cast them out and destroy them from their influence on your thinking.

alt text

First really feel the negative thought until you are sure it is there then imagine it as a demon and cast it out in the name of Jesus Christ and as you rebuke it (Say, "I cast you out of me in the name of Jesus Christ! Be Gone!" Point at it like you are shooting a lighting bolt of the Holy Spirit right into it!) imagine it vanish, or explode into a shower of sparks, or puff of smoke. It disintegrates and is nothing, gone completely!

If you don't like thinking of it as a demon shaped form then think of it as a black ball of energy or if you like science fiction Darth Vader it really doesn't matter as long as you solidify the thought as something you can blow up.

Now fill that space within with an Angel thought that is exactly the opposite, and importantly with love, forgiveness and compassion. "I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you."

Our God Reigns Here by John Waller (Clearing healing song)


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Wade Casaldi

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Kronks Devil vs Angel battle. Its much more realistic

(14 May '13, 00:59) Nikulas
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What's required in your case is to begin as follows:

1) Practice appreciating everything that you can that you already have. 2) USE YOUR IMAGINATION to imagine (: which is creating :) good things. It can be ANYTHING it's "feasibility" is irrelevant. 3) Meditate. Perhaps you can purchase some Brainwave Entrainment tools to help you along like Brain Sync (: very affordable :) or Holosync (: more expensive but also very good :).

Hope this helps.


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Of course there's hope...as long as you have blood running in your veins there is always hope!

But, first things first. Once again, we must watch what we say as the very question itself contains a part of your answer.

If you think or say that you "have a hard time thinking positively"...then according to the LOA you are going to have a "hard time thinking positively," correct? And the fact that you added - "no matter what you do," to the end, just further fulfills your self-proclaimed prophecy.

Adding "No matter what you do" is the same thing as saying that it doesn't matter what anyone suggests here at Inward Quest, because no matter what we suggest, "no matter what you do," it isn't going to work...you stated it yourself.

I'm sorry to be disconcerting, but whether you think you can or think you can't...you're right! Nothing here will work to help you think more positively until you realize that you must change your mindset or attitude about positive thinking itself!

Positive thinking shouldn't be looked at as a "chore" that you begrudgingly have to try to accomplish. Just as with anything in life, positive thinking can be improved with practiced, but we need to understand its inherent power and why it's so important so that practice won't be as much of a job. And the more that it is practiced, the more it will become second-nature.Then, once you comprehend the deeper, esoteric aspect that you are a spiritual being of unlimited, creative potential, positive thinking can and will become a natural part of your lifestyle.

Here are some facts to hopefully change your attitude.

It has been proven through the electroencephalograph that a positive thought is exponentially more powerful than a negative thought. A positive thought has a higher frequency or vibration than a negative one.

It is well-known that higher-frequency thoughts of love and confidence are associated with higher-consciousness. And in the name of the LOA, (and the Universal Law of Reciprocity) we all know that "like attracts like," so positive thoughts attract more positive thoughts and energies. If this isn't enough, positive thoughts have even been shown to positively improve your physical health!

On the other hand, it has also been proven that negative thoughts of hate and fear are of a lower frequency or vibration and thus of a lower-consciousness. And because of law, negative thoughts attract more negativity and they have been proven to be physically unhealthy.

Did you know that harboring negative thoughts or beliefs can cause all kinds of toxic maladies and dis-eases from mood-swings to hypertension and from cancer to strokes? Did you know that negative thoughts affect everything in and around you negatively, including your friends, family, mind, body, spirit and soul?

Why put yourself through all of this when all you have to do to change it is the very same thing that you did when you decided whether you wanted cereal or pancakes for breakfast this morning; and that is...simply change your mind!

It's only as difficult as you make it out to be. Remember these ten, two-letter words to live by:


I hope this helps.


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esoteric life-coach

All the answers here are amazing. I just wanted to add my two cents.

  • On the physical side, try exercising (A good 30-45 min if possible, but even 5 minutes is good if you're not into exercising much). It's been proven that exercising releases endorphins and improves your mood.
  • Try any releasing technique you like: FasterEFT, SedonaMethod, BSFF, Now Healing, Chinese Energetics. You can find all the information you need searching here.
  • MC2 (another technique that I think is really good): http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/60407/mc2-method-new-free-method-for-releasing-energies-easily-and-pushing-you-to-the-vortex
  • Read this short article when you have the time: http://www.zenkarma.org/12-Essential-Rules-Live-Like-Zen-Master.html
  • Stingray suggested (but I cannot find the post), of creating a feeling good playlist. Think of it as the greatest hits of emotion. Something that you can play and feel good. It's a great booster to have.
  • I recommend reading and applying the book Loving what is by Byron Katie. It helped me a lot in getting out of my depression.

All the best to you and hope it helps.


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