This is very weird. Before I found out about the law of attraction, energy healing ect.. I was starting to have a negative outlook on people and on the world in general. I stopped having these thoughts and feelings after applying the principles here on Inward Quest.

I felt very empowered up until recently. I've been experiencing old energies and symptoms from the past that existed years before. I haven't felt this way in at least two years.

I have no idea what is happening.

I would hope that old energies are finally surfacing and that it's a chance for me to clean them up when I didn't know how to back then.

I hear that energy healing requires us to go back in time to clean up the past. I wish I knew the real reason why this is happening.

For a while I was improving a lot. Now I feel like I'm almost back at square one again.

At times I start to feel negative and I don't know what caused it. Feelings of mistrust and judgment seem to be creeping back in. I suspect I might also be picking up negative vibes from others.

Sorry about the ramble.

I would appreciate some of your insights

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Now I feel like I'm almost back at square one again.

I know exactly what you're talking about... this is just a case of becoming stupid :)

From what I understand, something (or things) have happened in your life recently which have kept you consistently out of your vortex, thereby causing your habitual vibrational set-point to fall lower than you have become accustomed to in the past couple of years. This lower set-point has lead you to become aware of these old negative behaviors / energies.

It may appear that these energies are surfacing to be cleaned up... and that might be true... but remember, it is not your job to clean up your entire life, because that's an impossible task.

Your job is to consistently find ways to feel good. Any subjects that need cleaning up will kick you out of the vortex i.e. inspired issues to clean up.

It's likely that once you habituate to a better-feeling vibrational set-point, most of the issues you've raised in your question will simply disappear like magic, and you'll be wondering why it was ever so hard to feel good all the time :)

The best way I know to re-habituate to those higher vibrations is through the 30 Day Vortex Challenge.

Take the challenge and you'll be surprised how quickly these old energies begin to lose their grip on you!


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Thank you.

(12 Aug '16, 11:05) TheCreativeOne

This new message from Daniel Scranton may provide insight--as it did for me. (Bolding is mine)

"We are very pleased to offer you the following transmission because it is all good news. There has been a time period for planet Earth where you have been using your training wheels, so to speak. You have been not completely sovereign, not completely independent. And you are at this time removing those training wheels and being given full access to the grid lines on planet Earth that are capable of sustaining a fifth-dimensional frequency for all of humankind.

This is a huge accomplishment for humanity. You are earning your stripes, so to speak, and you have many well wishers who are giving you a thumbs up and a pat on the back. There is more to come, of course. But for now, your access to these grid lines is going to be felt by the more sensitive ones on planet Earth. Those of you who are tapped in to Earth energies are going to feel this more intensely than those who are less grounded.

Right now would be a very good time to be grounding yourself to mother Earth and feeling for the access that you have to these energies. You have awakened a powerful force within your own planet, and you have done so by maintaining the frequency that you have as a collective in spite of all of the chaos that you've experienced on planet Earth over the past ten or eleven months. It has been a very intense time, and whether you are awakened or not, you have some sense of this as a member of the human collective. Those of you who are awakened have the ability to hear this message and to open yourselves more completely to the powerful grid that lies underneath your feet. This grid is a match vibrationally to the photonic energy and light that is hitting your world.

So you are getting it from both ends, and there's nowhere for your lower frequency energies to hide. So they may come up and out of you in a variety of ways, including physical symptoms, emotional instability, and even chaotic circumstances in your lives. But you needn't worry, and you certainly need not assume that you are backsliding or regressing in some way. Quite the opposite is true. It's time to congratulate yourselves for a job well done. It is time to celebrate.

We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are very fond of all of you. That is all." Channeled by Daniel Scranton


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Whenever old behaviors, or ways of thinking and feeling come up, there is usually a trigger. You maybe exhausted, worn out, or just spiritually exhausted. I find when that happens to me I need to recenter myself. I need to get away from the rat race. the noise, confusion, work, the internet, and go out in the sunshine. Sometimes this is difficult. The more negative you feel the more resistant you can become. But as you tune in to your own feelings, you can recognize those energies that aren't synchronous with your internal belief system, its like you need a system reboot :) Another key part of the puzzle is to allow yourself to feel the emotions that may be surfacing. We have a belief in our society that we should be emotionally strong and able to withstand any storm, be it small or large. The truth is your emotions were a gift of creation. Rob Gauthier while channeling Aridif Told me "When you feel emotional let your emotions crash over you like a wave, and then move on". So you do need to experience whatever is bothering you. If you don't, then you could end up feeling negative or "stuck". Just a thought :)


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