There have been a few questions asked on InwardQuest to manifest a change in the other person's behavior, such as here, here, here and here.

But the similarities between those questions is that the asker is directly in the "line of fire" of the person he wants to change, i.e. someone is blaming him, someone is scolding him, someone is undo-ing all his hard work and so on. When you are directly in the "line of fire", it is easier to soothe those feelings as you know easily what are the things that are triggering you.

What if you are not exactly in the "line of fire" and the actions taken by someone else does not trigger or affect you directly or affect you that much but you still want to be able to attract a different version of them? Are the processes the same as it just feels different.

E.g. if you live together with a sibling who doesn't save up any money at all, and you wished that he would start saving money. or if he spends a lot of money even when he is jobless and you wished that he would not be spending so much when he is jobless. or if he doesn't give your parents any allowance and you wished that he would be giving some allowance, even if just a tiny amount. or if he quits new jobs just after one day of work and you wished that he would work for longer, like at least a week or a month.

As you can see, the buttons are not being directly pushed so it seems harder and distant to mould these feelings to a better place. Or it is not possible to manifest such a change in someone else when you are not directly in "the line of fire"? as he is still living in his own reality and you are still living in yours without any interaction of the two realities.

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well, i hope i'll be able to explain it properly. it's kind of complex but really simple actually.

the "line of fire" is a chosen place to be in. but also related to where you are vibrationly.

so for example - if someone blames you consistantly- you could see yourself as in the "line of fire" and try to heal from the situation. but the other option is choosing not to be there. that means not even get out of the line meaning on a higher vibratory level you wouldn't even exist in that line. your reaction to blaming would be to express your viw point with commpasion to the other person, and NOT EVER try to heal yourself because of another person experience (the blaming is because of their experience). you choose to love yourself and not take others pain but to be just the observer who know confidently who they are (so blaming does not affect them). in both cases there was blaming but only one chose to be in the "line of fire". the one who chose to be in the line will give the other person power and lower himself. the other one will see both equel and will never lower him self. so the PERSON WHO IS BLAMING ALSO SEEM DIFFERENLY.

so actually you can see that the "line of fire" is a matter of perspective when one chooses to become the observer (focused) instead of taking on himself the pains of others.

try to look at the LOA from an up side down point- instead of thinking that what you attract implies 100% who you are and from this you can identify what you can change in you...(can you see how negetive this cycle is?)then try think about it like this: you are already healed!!. what you attract is on your vibratory level, higher or lower. your only thing is to choose while observing in every moment ,if to pay attention or to ignor this vibrations. you choose if its belong to you or not.

so, if someone spends a lot of money even when he is jobless and you wished that he would not be spending so much when he is jobless - then it affect you. you chose not to ignore it so it belongs to you. you are definitely in the "line of fire". otherwise you wouldn't care at all and be happy for him/her for the abundance and freedom in him and the confidance that everything will be just fine, careless, childlike etc.

again, this person did nothing to you deliberately unless you choose to look at it this way, they just live their life (maybe together with you). you can choose to move out of the line. by accepting that you are two different people and love that difference with out focusing too much on that differences. just recognizing it. by looking at them whitout the judgment. by looking at yourself without judgment. (i dont feel free, i care about everything and everyone,etc..)

And they will change in your eyes. but if you try to accept them in order to see change in them you will never see it. accept them just because and love YOU as you are NOW and then they will change.


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