I thought I was doing really well with shifting my underlying beliefs and stuck emotions and I totally believe that I create my own reality and therefore I can also choose a different reality. All good. But recently I have been shown repeatedly that I have an underlying belief that I am powerless and I can't do anything about my reality. Even when I do manifest something, it will be something I wanted decades ago, so it still feels like the universe is deciding to 'give' me something at its leisure.

I have worked with the Abraham processes and I have worked with different clearing methods, but this belief seems to sit under everything and is just not shifting.

I have some examples that help to illustrate, but I can see that each of them is just a different way the universe is showing me that I still have this belief. One incident was applying for my passport, which in South Africa is a bit of a mission. You have to go to Home Affairs to have your picture taken and finger prints done. Also, my passport was expiring and I had a flight back home to the UK booked, so it was urgent. We queued for hours, only to be told their system has just gone down. All very friendly, but there is nothing to be done, the system is down. We went back, queued for more hours, then the system went down. We went to a different office, sat for a few hours, and their system went down. We did finally manage to get the application in, but I had to change my flight, at cost, because I wouldn't get it back on time.

Another example, we were driving to the coast, which is an all-day journey, and the traffic was great, right up to when we got stuck in an almighty traffic jam. We were on holiday, so it wasn't a huge deal and we used the time to listen to an interesting recording and chat. But we were still stuck and couldn't do anything about it. The delay resulted in having to do the last leg of the journey in darkness and rain.

Another good example is that I have chronic pain and chronic sinus and there is seemingly nothing I can do about that either. This is harder to accept because, well, pain!

Now, Bashar says that when you uncover the belief, it goes, but that is not happening here. I can see clearly that my powerlessness is being mirrored back to me, but it is not shifting and I can't see how I can change that belief in the face of more and more 'evidence'. The only thing I can do is accept, but then I am not changing the belief, only accepting that I can't change my reality, I only have the power to accept what is.

I actually did try to sit with the feeling of not being able to change things and to find the feeling, but it just feels like 'this is what it is'. I know that this is just a belief and it can be changed, but I just can't work out how to shift it. Any thoughts?

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I don't know the answer, but just wanted to say that I relate to this so hard. I've recently realized that I feel worthless. Just... worthless. Realizing the depths of this belief (and seeing how, of course, all of my effort and action couldn't overcome it, and seeing how to explains much of my life experience) gives me a kind of relief. But I, too, do not notice it shifting. Thanks for asking this, I'll watch the answers closely. <3

(15 Oct '18, 13:52) corduroypower

@myself, thank you! I kind of get this, but I don't GET this. I understand the theory of it, but it feels really, really powerless.

(15 Oct '18, 13:54) Antheia

of course it feels power-less ,that is because the request is to give up the power. the univers is forcing you to give up the wanting to control the situation and therefore the resistance you feel, because you are used to think too much of how fix things - but that isn't your job. once you're in a good vibration of acceptance and trust then a good idea will come to act upon or a nice situation or that you'll be in the perfect place in the perfect time....

(15 Oct '18, 16:50) myself

@corduroypower, thanks for your comment. Hope we find the way through this.

(16 Oct '18, 11:17) Antheia

PTSD, have you explored guilt, blame and shame and how that factors in ? If so, how did you resolve it?

(17 Dec '18, 14:24) ele

@ele, thank you. I am working through shame and guilt and I think it has a huge impact.

(17 Dec '18, 15:15) Antheia

Guilt is a major factor in PTSD. I mean absolutely no disrespect but when you say powerlessness, I think victimhood. I think you are doing really good. You aren't attracting abuse from outside sources meaning abusive relationships or situations. Lay off the self abuse :) By that I mean the stories you are telling yourself.

(17 Dec '18, 15:46) ele

@ele, thank you! I did though recently lose a job because I was being bullied at work and the boss took the side of the bully. That felt super powerless. But you are right, I am working through the old trauma and I am facing this stuff more and more rather than dissociating from it. Thanks again!

(17 Dec '18, 15:54) Antheia

boss ... which created more feelings of unworthiness, not being valued or believed and feeling rejected. Disempowering but not powerlessness and certainly not based on fact.

super powerlessness ... bully ... you know you can't change anyone else. Your desire to get out of that abusive situation was met. You are more powerful than you realize.

... and probably any which way you could ??

(17 Dec '18, 16:57) ele

@Antheia I read a comment you made in June about your job. You said you hated it. Not sure if that was before the bully or not but yes, you wanted out. You lost your job and that's frustrating as was the traffic jam and the hassle w/the PP. I don't have the answers but what I know from experience is you have to find a way to be happy first and foremost because you create/attract based on how you feel. Best of everything in 2019 !!!

(21 Dec '18, 19:35) ele
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"The only thing I can do is accept, but then I am not changing the belief, only accepting that I can't change my reality, I only have the power to accept what is".

I think that this (your) quote is the biggest paradox of the low of attraction.

you say - if you accept - now you cant do anything about it and nothing can change.

well, that it logical but not true. it is logical because we've learn that we need to be in control all the time, and we think that we should be in control during all steps of reality creation. but our job is to only ask for what we want and then let go of it, let go of control, and let the univers give it to us in its own time. we need to get to a place of trusting it.

the fear of letting go is preventing us of getting what we want. we actually should accept reality as is and love it as it is, but also ask for what we want, and then expecting it, and feeling good about it while feeling ok about our now reality.

so, the belife you should change is not the powerlessness one but this - I accept my reality, and with that comes the changing of my reality. I am brave enough to let go of my control and accept what is.

also, you think that the only thing you can do now is to accept -so maybe give it a try?

here's a great rampage of Abe, listen to it. in there the answer for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=504Jy8uoinI

also Abraham once suggested to take a paper and split it to tow. on one side - things that you are going to take care of. on the other side - things you want the univers to take care of for you. i did that and a great reliefe came just after finishing writing. suddenly i didnt have to take care of so much. and it also brought me back to my child perspective. try it. i notice that i wasted so much time trying to control things i just couldn't. instead of let go of my mide (control) and let things just be. just like a child:)


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@myself, thank you. I commented earlier, but my comment seems to have disappeared. I initially thought that I get this, but now I have had time to ponder and I realise that I really don't. Abraham say we are infinitely powerful. But then have to accept that we are totally powerless?? And if we are not manifesting what we want, but just accepting what is, then how is that different from those who do not believe that they are manifesting their reality?

(16 Oct '18, 11:14) Antheia

hi, i saw you previous comment and commented on it, its on your main post. anyways, i'll try to explain. you must realise that when abraham speaks to us they speak from a really high vibration. when they see us we are not at all focused in the NOW moment. the NOW is only one moment and it is happaning NOW! the past, future, people...everything is now. but you need to also remember that EVERYTHING is made up from thought.

(19 Oct '18, 17:25) myself

so if you're depressed today because of your ex lover than you DONT live in the past. you live in the NOW. but, your NOW contains past thoughts that needs clearing. so, abraham does not say that we are powerless. abraham say that we should lose control of our NOW moment because the now is never what we truly want.

(19 Oct '18, 17:26) myself

also the NOW contains the old and not who we are or what we want to be. the NOW contains the REASONS for why we want to be where we want to be but NOT the vibraitions of these things. and these reasons creates contrast.

(19 Oct '18, 17:27) myself

so they suggest to let go of trying to control the NOW, also becouse it already been created so why even bother? so accepting the now can give great peace. their suggestion is that our POWER is in looking always FORWARD to what we want, hold the expectaion toward it and finding the right feeling that matches it. without deluding yourself that you are what you want but to really FEEL it.

(19 Oct '18, 17:27) myself

@myself - Brilliant. When I accept what is, I'm bogged down with stuff I've manifested and it feels like a mess. If you don't keep it in perspective it is a pitfall that I wasn't seeing. Seems obvious now, but you know, forest... trees. ;) Your answer is great but this Now moment explanation ^ is bloody brilliant. Thank you!

(24 Oct '18, 20:30) Grace

@Antheia - In @myself's comment on the question, there is a link made between acceptance and trust. I think that is helpful. Acceptance of what we don't like feels like a negative vibe, but acceptance with trust makes all the difference. Trust that what you think and feel now is what matters, and relax....

(24 Oct '18, 20:58) Grace

...Also, if you are getting things you wanted a long time ago, it is because you have let go of resistance to those things; how much they are wanted, longing for them, etc. Getting what you want is always going to be a bit blah - you've moved on and stopped blocking it. You might want to look at how you feel about the old stuff and try to emulate those feelings when you think about what you want now. And take heart from those old manifestations! Look how well you did there! Just a thought. :)

(24 Oct '18, 20:59) Grace

thanks @Grace

(26 Oct '18, 17:07) myself
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Ok I am going to try my best here.

Was listening to a Bashar recording the other day. I believe it was titled "The Manifestation Space."

Several questions were in regards to chronic pain. One person said they had pain for 16 years or something like that. This person had amended their lifestyle to try and solve it, done belief work, done many things. They were telling Bashar that they were 'over' experiencing the pain and had had enough of the pain.

Bashar responded by getting them to look at their pain differently.

"If you had not experienced this pain, what would you have otherwise not learned about yourself?"

Bashar stressed the significance of asking this question. Without tricky situations in life, sometimes there are just no other ways to discover power about ourselves. Sure you can know generic things about spirituality, but only when being cornered or forced into tight spots can you learn how to repower yourself in specific ways.

Bashar then continues to explain that one must really acknowledge the things they have learned or benefited from with the pain in their life.

Example: I injured my ankle. Through the severe injury where I could not walk a few weeks, and through the slow healing, I learned to 'slow down' in my life and be easier and gentle with myself. My ankle is thus healed since then; but I still live by being more gentle to myself now.

If I had NOT injured my ankle, there would be been no way of properly implementing that life tip. There would have been NO OTHER way, I know myself enough to know that.


answered 24 Oct '18, 19:46

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@nikulas, thank you! 1/2: I do get this and I know that the pain has been a huge push for doing 'the work'. As is the loneliness and depression and lack of abundance and lack of motivation. The thing with the pain, though, is that I have had this for close on 30 years. It was a motivator and a teacher, but now it just shows me powerlessness. I can't do anything about it. I have done the real world stuff, the belief stuff, the emotional stuff, the spiritual stuff, but no improvement ...

(25 Oct '18, 03:46) Antheia

@nikulas, 2/2: So what makes sense to me now is that all these things are showing me my underlying belief of powerlessness and something inside is holding on to this belief even though I consciously believe I am a powerful being. So, I try to accept, and that feels terrible and I try to push against and that feels more powerless and I feel trapped. I feel like I have been pushed to this point and I really want to break through now - there is so much inner pressure!

(25 Oct '18, 03:46) Antheia

@Nikulas - "Without tricky situations in life, sometimes there are just no other ways to discover power about ourselves. Sure you can know generic things about spirituality, but only when being cornered or forced into tight spots can you learn how to repower yourself in specific ways" - this is beautifully written and yes, I completely agree with this. I would never be at this great point in my life where I know about LOA had I not experienced extreme contrast.

(01 Nov '18, 15:13) spacemetalfantasy
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If I were you I would learn EFT (if you're not already familiar with it) and tap the feeling of powerlessness away with @Stingray's method described here.

This process worked very well for me in the last years. Try to feel the hopelessness as much as can you can and then tap it away using EFT.


answered 01 Nov '18, 15:19

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Hi there, I have not had much success with EFT. I have certainly seen it work for many people, so I think this is good advice, just not something that seems to work for me specifically.

(02 Nov '18, 09:52) Antheia

Antheia, great post! I'm working with the same thing...I've had so many things go great for me that I felt like "I got this!" with everything, like I was a LOA master, and then stuff started happening, like I badly injured my achilles tendons hiking in the mountains every single day, they haven't really healed, and someone I was really wanting to reconnect with, and thought I had aligned with that happening...I found out they had passed away!

So I just look at what feelings these circumstances cause to arise in me, and to just feel those...to feel the shock and powerlessness of not being currently capable of feeling fully physically healed, of having no more chance to experience someone in the physical...to feel all these wholly and then it passes and I'm still OK even though nothing has changed in the world.

Which feels very powerful, and really, more powerful than being able to manifest things exactly how I think I want them when I want them, because it's a power that has NOTHING to do with anything outside. It's just my extraordinary ability to feel better in the current moment, regardless. Daily I'm getting better at this, it's super cool! :D


answered 25 Nov '18, 21:47

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@JMA Thank you, this is really good!

(17 Dec '18, 15:17) Antheia

@JMA, I hope your tendons are better now!

(17 Dec '18, 15:24) Antheia

This question is interesting because you describe how you keep encountering powerlessness in your life, and you sound completely fed up with it. I was wondering, though, how you might change your focus, and perhaps, change your assessment of your circumstances.

Are you really totally powerless if you can fly from one country to another? Right now, I cannot do that; I haven't the money to do that. Do I feel powerless right now? No...even though I cannot fly as you do, I do not feel powerless. It really has to do with my assessment of my circumstances. In other words, I have not considered myself powerless because you can fly around the world and I cannot. It is when we constantly are comparing our lives to each other that we start running into an undercurrent of unhappiness. If I start wishing and comparing, then I might feel "powerless", especially if I start wanting stuff I don't have. I try not to watch television, because I am constantly bombarded by commercials that expose me to products I do not own, and cannot afford. I know that I will start feeling down; I would love to own a Lincoln Continental and a brand new shiny refrigerator, but I cannot afford either, nor can I afford to long for them. In the same way, it sounds like you have been doing a bit of comparing, and have come up short.

"The attitude is gratitude". What is going right in your life? Your plane trip happened despite trouble with your passport.... Did you feel grateful??? I surely would have! I would dearly love to fly to Britain!!! I try to be completely grateful for what I do have, and keep myself as much as I can from comparing my pile of stuff to others' piles of stuffs! When I compare what I have to what others have, I get into trouble. The feeling of powerlessness comes when you perceive that you are just totally stuck with problems, and have no way to stop them. But I see in your question that you have been blessed, and that you have solved the problems that have come your way. You might be depressed instead of powerless.

Try to shift to assessing your life correctly. Every time things go right, every time you experience something good (like eating three meals, being not too hot or cold, running water, etc.), be sure you notice these events as positive. Shift your perceptions to the good. Shifting perception will shift your feelings positively, and you will feel less powerless. I am betting that many more good events happen to you than bad.



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