This question is based off a couple of things, first a CNN video regarding a Donald Trump rally in Tampa, where a group of people came together that are backing some person or group called Q-Anon, an internet forum where conspiracy theories are discussed and a lot of different radical ideas are presented as the truth. These average american people, middle-class working folks, have read these ideas from this QAnon and after as I am guessing weeks of reading these ideas- they now hold them to be true. I wont go into the details of this QAnon but among other things they say Trump is fighting against a group of left-wing politicians and other powerful people who (as they believe to be true) are involved in global pedophile networks, that the press is the enemy and that the CIA is infilitrated in the media and reporters are hypnotized by them to carry out their agenda, also things like the deep state, the clintons and obamas and bushes are trying to undermine trump and so on and so forth and i can go on but you get the point. regardless of wether these claims are true or false is not the point- what is important here is that these people fully believe this to be absolutely true without any doubt whatsoever. they KNOW its true. they get signs that reinforces this (they talk about this) for example everytime Donald Trump says the number 17- its a direct sign from him to them (Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet and the conspiracy theorist is known to be addressed as Q from Q-Anon).

These people obviously did not think of this themselves, they fervently believe all of this to be true, its not a joke to them and they are not pretending- they believe this to be true. even when people present them factual information they debunk it with the confidence of someone that knows they are right.


Second, this question asked by the ever so magnificent Stingray, who always gives me so much to think about, where he discusses how easy it actually can be to change a belief, especially in the day and time we live in right now

Third, which basically what my question is about, Pizzagate. for those who dont know what that is, this is from the wikipedia page about Pizzagate:

Pizzagate is a debunked conspiracy theory that went viral during the 2016 United States presidential election cycle. The conspiracy theory has been extensively discredited and debunked by a wide array of organizations, including the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia. In the fall of 2016, the personal email account of John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, was hacked in a spear-phishing attack, and his emails were subsequently made public by WikiLeaks. Proponents of the Pizzagate conspiracy theory falsely claimed that the emails contained coded messages referring to human trafficking and connecting several U.S. restaurants and high-ranking officials of the Democratic Party with an alleged child-sex ring involving the Washington, D.C. restaurant Comet Ping Pong.

There was no child-sex-ring in this pizza place- the police had investigated it profusely- there was NO child sex ring there. Not one slither of evidence was ever found that there has ever been a child sex ring in this restaurant- ever.

However, because as the above Trump rally video clearly underlines- to some people, they are not merely theories, some people actually started to believe that this was true and this is what happened next:

On December 4, 2016, Edgar Maddison Welch, a 28-year-old man from Salisbury, North Carolina, fired three shots in the restaurant with an AR-15-style rifle, striking walls, a desk, and a door. He wanted to save the children that were held there.

So this all being said, my question:

Regardless of the action of this man which i am not judging, regardless if what those Q-Anon people believe is true or not or good or bad- REGARDLESS of that- just looking at the fact that they all TRULY BELIEVE it themselves to be true- why are they not creating that reality for themselves? Because when that man went in that restaurant- he found out there was nothing there- he did not find those children, he did not create a sex-ring- but why not? He believed it to be there didn't he? He truly did- so why did his belief not create the reality in where he would get what he believed in- why did his belief- which was certainly dominant- because he felt it to be true so much- he decided to do something to stop it- imagine the amount of belief necessary to actually take such drastic action- but it didn't matter what he believed because when he got there- he did not see his beliefs being confirmed- no reality creation based upon his belief happened and that worries me because...

we have this premise about beliefs in the loa-community/this forum/generally everyone involved in consciously creating - we know that you get what you believe- every belief you have will reinforce itself and prove itself to be true to you- and i am most definately certain- just as stingray says in his flat-earth-theory-post- this man most probably got signs it was true, he got it reinforced in his life the more he believed in it- and that made him take a gun and try to save those children that he believed were held there- luckily he did not injure anyone but it could have been very very different.

so how. if he truly believed it to be true- than- shouldnt there have been a sex ring ? i know this sounds weird but if we say here, that you get what you believe and if you truly believe something to be true, it will become your reality- and sure enough you start slow, wait for the signs and synchronicities and Abraham always says a belief is just a thought you keep thinking- and think it enough it will become your reality- but the truth is- there was no sex ring- so- what is going on here?

how could it not be true that there was no sex-ring- when this man clearly believed it a hundred percent to be so- he took a rifle and shot people THATS how much he believed it.

if what we assume to be true is true about beliefs- than there should have been a sex ring for that man waiting for him when he arrived with the rifle- but it didnt. HOW

now, what does this mean for everyone trying to manifest or change a belief then? if i for example, want to change my current reality- and i know that my dominant beliefs and habitual thoughts are what is actually creating my reality- and i introduce a new positive belief- make it dominant- BELIEVE it- truly truly believe it- get signs from the universe- synchronicities start occuring- i now have made that belief the dominant one and then

well, that man believed it- he got signs im sure- but eventually he got there- and it wasnt true. it wasnt his reality. it was NOT his reality- so does that mean your beliefs eventually dont create your reality- whats the issue here? is there something else which i have not heard about that would counter this belief-habitual-thought-based reality creation

i dont understand and it doesnt make sense- does this mean that eventually your dominant belief does NOT create your reality- because again, repeating myself a thousand times- that man should have had a reality where there was a sex ring in that restaurant- but there wasnt- so what then does create your reality? whats the missing piece here?

edit: just wanted to add, this man was NOT mentally ill, he perfectly understood what he was doing, plead guilty to all accounts and confessed he came there to save the children- this also explains why he didnt kill anyone and the shots were fired from him in more in a like 'show me where you hide the children'-way, im here to save them. just wanted to add this as perhaps his mentall fitness would be questioned.

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perhaps the belief 'we
create our own reality',
is less than accurate

(17 Sep '18, 16:53) fred

Well this aged amazingly

(03 Aug '22, 23:34) Januaryfeelings

Call ME Q cause i apparantly saw this coming

(03 Aug '22, 23:34) Januaryfeelings

Hi @Januaryfeelings for me all beliefs are relative, everything is possible at the same time ... in other words "if beliefs create everyone's reality then why does it not support the following situation" is your dilemma for me it can "support the following situation" ... have a great day :)

(04 Aug '22, 01:23) jaz
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Offering my limited understanding again.

This is a question which can show you both the simplicity and grand complexity of reality. I mean, if we were to hold the LOA theories and channeled information to be true.

Examine the, now famous, statement: "You create your own reality". That should mean literally that: you create your own reality, and not the reality of others. So actually, the fact that the police didn't find any evidence of kids ever being molested and kept there says only that you don't believe in that story.

That guy, who fired those shots, on the other hand, probably has enough evidence in his own reality that supports the story about molested kids there, because he believes that.

Think of your reality, your world, as a bubble. Everything in that bubbles is because of your beliefs. And every person has their own bubble. Bashar often talked about parallel realities. That concept can explain how every single person has their own unique reality. But then again, all those realities are entwined and connected somehow, like a matrix, apparently.

This actually raises a big question(that maybe calls for another separate question, but I'll type our my thoughts here nonetheless). If we accept that all of the above is true, that would mean that people who populate our bubble aren't really real(?)(we should first, of course, define what it does exactly mean for something to be real). If everythig in our own reality is like an illusion, adjustable, and like clay that then means that even people are like that. And it is actually already well known that we can change people, manifest that someone specific falls in love with us, that certain people stop being rude to us, etc. So are then people really just shadows, illusions like everything else? Don't know, could be.

There is a, not so popular, theory in philosophy that actually says that we can't prove anything that is around us. All of the world we see around ourselves could just be a product of our mind. I already mentioned this theory here on IQ and explained it a bit. It's called solipsism. And it's a bit scary.

So yeah, if everything above is true, the Universe is doing a really good job in keeping things together and at the same time keeping us fooled.

EDIT: actually, to tell you the truth, I think solipsism is not very probable, at least not in its most narrowest sense, when considering all the theories, etc. And it's pretty probable that the reality and the Universe is brutally complex and we just can't ever fully grasp the mechanics of it.


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i completely agree with your theory on parallel universes and i did already contemplate this BUT assuming i created a reality for myself where this man believed but did not find a sex ring- assuming everything is my creation and my reality, THEN the more urgent and pressing question becomes this...

(25 Aug '18, 10:50) Januaryfeelings

Why would i create a reality for myself where this essential core universal truth of beliefs and thoughts creating reality - which i believe truly to be so and i live by- is essentially debunked by this situation and this reality is showing me- no its not true that you get what you believe because this man believed and he did not create based upon his belief?

(25 Aug '18, 10:56) Januaryfeelings

is it showing me that i myself still have a belief that you dont really create your reality- no matter how much you believe and this situation is showing me exactly that- look- this man believed and he did not create- essentially reinforcing my own belief that i dont truly believe that thoughts create...

(25 Aug '18, 11:01) Januaryfeelings

You're asking how come there wasn't a sex-ring there if you believed that one's beliefs create their reality and that man believed that there was a sex-ring, so your believing in his beliefs should ultimately result in the sex-ring being there? That is a good question, if I got it right.

Hmm I need to think

(25 Aug '18, 13:18) Marin

I think that holding a belief that you don't really create your reality would just result in handing your control over to the "illusion". You would take away the conscious power of your thoughts from you. You would just be an observer of reality. Nothing more would come out of that, I think. I hope I worded that clearly.

With that being said, other beliefs would then be responsible for there not being a sex-ring. Example: maybe you labeled the whole story about that sex-ring a bunch of nonsense

(25 Aug '18, 13:37) Marin

..(maybe even unconsciously), or maybe you have a belief that "men at power" control the police and the media and that the public knows only what they what the public to know, etc

(25 Aug '18, 13:42) Marin

yes that is it- i got it- i DO believe more in the there-was-no-sex-ring-in-the-first-place than i believe in the this-man-believed-so-much-he-would-have-created-it

hmm but this is contradicting! because i dont believe in the sex ring being there- but i DO believe in beliefs creating reality- and i do believe that if this man truly believed he would have created

this is some sort of weird paradox how can these this be

(25 Aug '18, 13:47) Januaryfeelings

Well, some channeled sources actually speak of how much we are "invested" in a belief, i.e. how strongly we believe in something. Namely, I remember Treb explaining that concept in one of the sessions, he was even talking in terms of percentage(paraphrasing: "Let's say you are 80% invested in a belief...."). So it seems like you believed more in the non-existence of the sex-ring, as you said yourself, and reality manifested accordingly

(26 Aug '18, 14:40) Marin
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There's one thing you might be missing on the Pizzaplace example. You aren't him so you wouldn't know what he was truly believing at that time.

Yes, he truly believed that there was a sex ring there and he took all the actions which reinforced that belief. But human nature is kind and what if actually there was even a tiny bit of belief in him subconsciously him which hoped that what he believed wasn't true? That all the children were safe and sound without needing his help? What if he had also believed that the power of him alone might not be able to save the children and that he might not be able to win against a vice ring syndicate?

With all these odds stacked against him, it is plausible that there was an ounce of belief in him that hoped that he wouldn't have to fight to save the children at all.

It's the same as someone who believes that he can really fly, and then proceeds to jump off a building and fall to his death. Does he really truly believe that he can fly when such high odds are stacked against him (no news of ppl having done it before and so on)?


answered 27 Aug '18, 22:21

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yes i agree and that is most likely what went on

but would you agree then with me, hypothetically speaking and assuming that he did completely believe that there were children- that he would then have created that reality for himself and he WOULD have found those children and then the headline we read would have been "Man Rescues Children In Washington DC Pizza Restaurant"?

(28 Aug '18, 08:59) Januaryfeelings

But here's the thing - statistically speaking, of all of the people who believe even a tiny bit in the Pizzagate conspiracy and there being a sex ring, there must be at least one person who truly believes it. So, because of that there should have been a sex ring manifested, right? But there wasn't one(allegedly). That is why I think ultimately only your own believes matter.

People believe all sorts of stuff. How would your world look like if every belief that is "truly" believed was manifested?

(31 Aug '18, 04:56) Marin

I mean, I don't see many sasquatches, yeties, aliens, talking animals, flying people around...

(31 Aug '18, 05:00) Marin

@Marin for me I feel beliefs are more towards the physical actions of yourself. Like if you have a belief "I can't get a high paying job", it doesn't mean that a high paying job won't come knocking on your door. Sometimes it does but you might not feel confident or that belief talks you out of taking that opportunity up. The opportunity sometimes still will come to you (as a form of "test" ? I think? Stingray mentioned this somewhere before in an answer).

(01 Sep '18, 11:20) kakaboo

Regarding flying people, talking animals..imagine this: what if someone does believe that they exist so strongly that they go on a search to look for them. And they do manage to find it, but maybe it's in a place that is not easy to get to. So when he goes back and tell others about it, the people who don't believe him wouldn't even bother to take the effort to get to the place at all. That's personally how I feel beliefs work (I may be wrong), that they mainly influence your own actions.

(01 Sep '18, 11:24) kakaboo
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beliefs precondition what
we perceive, we live in a
context of 'Earth 21st century',
seven+ billion of us

what is awareness,
what is programmed


answered 29 Aug '18, 20:54

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Dear January Feelings, welcome to the world of awakening souls, a world that can be quite confusing at times. There have been a number of events throughout human history which have initiated periods of awakening. One such event occurred in 1972 with the publishing of Seth Speaks by author and psychic medium Jane Roberts (Seth being channeled by Jane). It was Seth who coined the phrase You Create Your Own Reality, sending people all over the world scurrying down a seemingly endless rabbit hole in search of the understanding. The process that would eventually lead to Esther Hicks to becoming a channel for Abraham, and thus, our understanding the Law of Attraction, began with her introduction to Seth. Recommend you read Seth Speaks if you haven't already.

The confusion you are experiencing is not uncommon, and in most cases, the result of conflating "truth" with "belief". Truth is what it is, what it always has been, what it always will be. It exists whether we believe it or not. Think of truth as the set of laws that govern all creations, whereas beliefs are the medium we use to express our creations.

Just as an artist uses paints on a cloth canvass to create a work of art, a soul uses beliefs to create its reality on the fabric of space/time.

Beliefs are created ideas that only exist so long as someone believes it. Each of the eight billion people on the planet has his or her own unique set of beliefs covering any number of real or imagined topics. There are literally hundreds of billions of beliefs available for adoption by anyone. Edgar Welch (the shooter), like the rest of us, had formed his own set of beliefs over the 28 years of his life. It is the combination of those beliefs (dominant or not) which resulted in his violent behavior. His belief in the conspiracy theory (pizzagate) only became real in "his" imagination. Our beliefs can't manifest a reality involving other people unless those people choose to play a role in co-creating that reality. The reality Edgar actually created involved him being incarcerated for a period of time. It is likely then, that his "dominant" belief was that his ideas, attitudes, and behaviors would eventually lead to Jail. Hopefully the time he spends locked in the reality he created for himself will change his beliefs in a way to allow him to move towards a life free from anger and violence.

Throughout our lives we are continually be exposed to various beliefs. Most will be suggested by others and some will be the product of our own imagination. You will have to choose which beliefs you will adopt as your own. Knowing that the beliefs you choose will affect your life, I would suggest you consider creating you own set of guidelines to help you decide which beliefs will benefit you in some way and which will not. For example, I personally tend reject any of the fear based beliefs promoted by religious groups, politicians, pundits and, occasionally, well meaning friends. I liked your question January Feelings. It was a good question.

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