I'm fascinated by the topic of being ageless and living forever.

I truly believe that it's absolutely possible for humans to live forever and that getting "older" (= spending more time on the physical plane and launching more and more desires) doesn't have to include physical decline, pain and all the other "characteristics" that most people automatically link with getting older.

I also truly believe that it's possible to be vital, energetic, healthy and vibrant forever. What most people experience when they get "older" and experience a physical decline of any kind is simply a result of resistance and a reduced/blocked energy flow in the body.

Personally, I have way more energy the older I get and my body feels more and more wonderful to me. When I was a child or in my late teens, I was tired all the time and didn't have a lot of energy. Today, decades later, I am full of energy, exercising feels effortless and I feel like I'm getting younger every year.

However, I have noticed that my skin is not as firm as it was in my childhood and that I have a fine line that is starting to bother me a little bit. The change is minimal though and I have no wrinkles and look younger that I really am.

At the same time I know, that I can make this line disappear again (by drinking even more water, focusing on the skin that I want and releasing more and more resistance).

My question is: Are things like wrinkles and sagging skin part of the "natural" aging process or are they a sign of reduced energy flow?

If I can do, be and have anything I want, then the answer to that question must be a "Yes".

Since time is nonexistant, all things already exist and what we perceive as time going by is simply a shift from parallel reality to parallel reality then it must mean that even things like wrinkles are only a sign of resistance?

Or are we "supposed" to look older and gain other perspectives in this physical life experience?

Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions about this.

asked 05 Nov '18, 04:47

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I'm not sure what is the meaning of wrinkles but regarding your desire, I know @Stingray discussed immortality before, he even mentioned that he successfully manifested looking a few decades younger, and also successfully maintained that state, if I am not mistaken. Look it up if you already haven't

(05 Nov '18, 13:21) Marin

... and if they are bitter in their own skins,they shall not age like fine wine.

(17 Dec '18, 15:23) ele

... but fine wines come from stressed vines ele

(11 Feb, 00:20) ele
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Wrinkles are a pointer to resistance for you. Yes. Are they a sign of resistance in and of themselves? No. All form is completely neutral...just an appearance in consciousness. It's the perceiver of the form that determines the meaning the form has.

So you say the line and slackness of your skin is starting to bother you. Why? When you look at the wrinkle or slack skin, what feelings come up? Fear of being marginalized? Fear of not being sexually desirable? Fear of not being employable? Fear of death? Fear of not being praised/recognized for looking younger? Dislike/revulsion of old people? (It could be anything, I'm just throwing obvious choices out there for examples). Remember, the condition of your skin is neutral in and of itself.

Bodies change as the duration of life experience unfolds. The only problem is the negative meaning it produces in you. Once you were in the body of an infant, then later, you were in the body of a five year old. Then a thirteen year old, and then you were twenty...and so on and so forth. You always looked different as your life unfolded.

The difference is that you didn't view your five year old body turning into a 13 year old body as something negative and limiting. And you hold a belief that a body that ages past your ideal is somehow less, and something to protect yourself against. That you think that your body should reach a certain point and then just cease changing, so you can be 100 years old but look 30? This is a very valid desire, but find out the cause of the desire. Find out the root. Is it rooted in resistance to something? Like, "Aging is ugly, aging is horrible, aging sucks." Find out what beliefs you hold that are really yours (they will feel good to you) and which were just given to you via social conditioning and not for you (they will feel bad).

Yes, you are ageless and forever-living. Your body is not ageless and doesn't last forever. The great news is that you are not your body. :)


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@JMA - thank you for your answer. Actually, this little line doesn't make me feel bad about myself nor do I feel less good just because it's here. To me, it's an indicator of resistance that I have going on inside me. Otherwise, it wouldn't be there. I truly believe that our body can be as young and as youthful as we'd like it to be.

(13 Dec '18, 02:58) spacemetalfantasy

@JMA - I just don't think that aging and getting wrinkles are fun! That's why I don't want to go in that direction. I'm in the Vortex every day and look already younger than I am, but this line shows me that there's is some hidden expectation inside of me that says that getting physically older means losing skin elasticity, etc.

(13 Dec '18, 03:02) spacemetalfantasy

@JMA - since we can be, do or have anything we want, a body that is forever youthful shouldn't be that hard to obtain :) And since time is not linear, then aging means it's 1. an expression of a mass belief ("Aging is inevitable", therefore it's "natural") and 2. it's an indicator of resistance. And I don't want to go in these directions :)

(13 Dec '18, 03:05) spacemetalfantasy
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I am inspired to share this channeled Q & A. Seems it is down to beliefs. Aging is a mass belief which I think may be hard to let go of in our society. I think most of us need "permission slips" to make headway with this. I recommend the books of Dr. Nicholas Perricone, Dr. Benjamin Frank (The No Aging Diet), The Tibetan Five Rites of Rejuvenation, and a little known book, Turn Off Your Age by Elsye Birkinshaw. Intermittent fasting, and fasting in general, is a well known rejuvenator.

And definitely look into face exercises. They work!


GALEN: Um... regarding age and aging, some people claim or believe that under laboratory conditions the cells of a human adult body degrade after they divide enough times. That, like they say the cell quality deteriorates and eventually the body loses its youth and regenerative properties and dies because the cell quality degrades after multiple divisions and essentially turns into mush after a while. Is that true?

ELIAS: No. I would express that this is what individuals are observing in an unnatural state and in that, it is not actually an observation in its natural state. Therefore the state of being is altered in itself, and I would express no, that is not correct.

GALEN: So I'm guessing when the cells are actually connected to a human body and part of a living human organism that the... If the subjective awareness and your objective beliefs were not instructing your cells to deteriorate and you weren't instructing your body to get older and age and deteriorate that it wouldn't?

ELIAS: Correct. It would to an extent in a natural progression of growth which is a part of the design of the development of your species and of all species. That there is a growth process and in that in your physical reality to an extent, yes there would be an aspect of growth, but in relation to the discontinuation of regeneration, no.

GALEN: So if I genuinely do not believe that I would age at all, would my body be capable of remaining functioning and appearing youthful even at say two hundred or two hundred and fifty years of age? Or would that require the additional belief that my cells would regenerate perfectly?

ELIAS: It is not a matter of a belief that your cells will regenerate perfectly, but a recognition that that is a natural action. The regeneration is a natural action. And in response to your question, yes - that if that were your GENUINE perception, yes, even at an age of two hundred you would present yourself in a youthful manner.

GALEN: And I have one last question. How old can the human body get, chronologically if it's new every seven years, before it starts to intrinsically deteriorate outside of the influence of any of the individual's beliefs concerning aging? Or does it do that at all?

ELIAS: I would express that the body consciousness could actually continue indefinitely.


ELIAS: That there is no actual age limit or in your terms expiration date. Ha, ha, ha.

GALEN: So there's no inherent built in mechanism in the body that makes it intrinsically age or deteriorate after a certain point [after the natural growth process reaches full physical maturity, which finishes at about 29-30 years of age]?


GALEN: Huh. That is quite interesting. Thank you so much.

ELIAS: You are very welcome. And I shall be anticipating our next meeting my dear friend. And I will express my thanks to you also for another engaging conversation.

GALEN: You too.

ELIAS: Ha, ha, ha. As always I express my energy to you in great encouragement and supportiveness and I shall be anticipating our next meeting.


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I also think it is important to look at our motivations for wanting to stay youthful. And paradoxically, to make peace with the whole idea of aging, even as you work toward your chosen state of youthfulness. What you resist does persist. This may be one reason why so many plastic surgeries turn out badly.

(06 Dec '18, 22:04) Delphine

@Delphine - wow thank you for this fantastic answer! The interview is especially interesting. What's the source of it?

(13 Dec '18, 03:09) spacemetalfantasy

Glad you appreciate, @spacemetalfantasy! The channeling is from a reading with Elias. Here is an intro to that work: http://www.eliasforum.org/introduction.html

"Youthing" is an area of particular interest to me, I have a blog on that. Haven't added to it for a while but if you want to peruse: http://youthing-jen.blogspot.com/

(13 Dec '18, 11:30) Delphine
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