The more positive the emotion the closer I am to alignment and the more negative the emotion...agreement vs disagreement. Such is my understanding thus far.

I will assume this is the case across the board, but a bit of clarification would feel oh so nice. Probably because of the reason for agreement/disagreement.

Just as an example: suppose someone is talking to me about something I am not interested in, and I feel some negative emotion (annoyance, let's say), does this mean my higher self is trying to tell me there is no reason to feel annoyance, and I should instead look/feel for a way to feel better about it or is it an indicator from my higher self that I am veering from the path of highest excitement and would be better served by excusing myself asap from the source of what I may feel annoyance about (because if I continue to feel annoyance I am only asking for more annoyances, correct?)?

Another example: Suppose I say, "man I haven't written any stories in ages, really want/need to get back to it" and I open a document intending to work on it, but start reading it and can't but wrinkle my nose, the feeling being, "wow this is just not very good and I'm in no mood to work on it".

Is this disagreement because my higher self/inner being doesn't agree that it sucks or is it because my higher self is not in agreement with getting back to writing stories?

I could think of plenty more examples but hopefully you get the drift.

Maybe: when in doubt, look for just one thing, anything, where you & inner being are in agreement?

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How about for an all-inclusive way to look at it, something like: Any negative emotions/feelings are signals that your ib/hs is waving to get your attention and say, "I'm over here!" or "Your true self is over here, just so you know" or "all you have to do is turn and float this way" (is this where AH's letting yourself float downstream fits?)? Feel free, anyone, to modify or enhance my understanding. Just started looking into this stuff a couple years ago.

(08 May '21, 13:52) Kieth61
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if someone is talking to you and you feel annoyance then this is how you feel, and if you try to sit and write a story and not feel in the mood for it then this is how you feel! you should respect that feeling and let it be. trying to be happy in that vibration will creat a discord within you.

everything is like a disease - feel good be healthy, feel bad manifest a disease. so when you have resistanse within you the evidace of it is an annoying person or an uninspiring moment.

so in your examples i would say your inner being told you to: are far from me, but thats ok. its just an indicatin for it. try search for things you do like and interested about ( in general and specific about this person) 2. not the right time to write stories.

what interests me is that in both examples you had "boredom" on the emotional scale, so i would work on an appreciation notebook to go higher.


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So the reason for the disagreement doesn't matter. What matters is looking, reaching, for the nearest, easiest, better-feeling thought or action right Now. What matters is Now? Inner being/Higher self does or doesn't agree with what I'm thinking/doing right Now? And don't worry about another Now because this is the only Now that exists right Now? Right NOW I am preferring this over that, for no other reason that I like this more than that in This Now? Practice appreciation in & for This Now?

(08 May '21, 12:40) Kieth61

yes. exactly. you can practice appreciation for the future too. if you want to understand the "now" in a better way listen to one of Joe Dispenza's interviews. he expleins the now and the law really good.

(08 May '21, 16:47) myself

Yes I really appreciate Joe Dispenza's work, just brilliant ... here's an example

(10 May '21, 03:26) jaz

hey I just got around to this. It's great! Thank you!

(09 Jun '21, 19:59) Kieth61
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