When the "pandemic" started, it was still okay and fine to deal with, I was still able to feel good and think positively most of the time and things were still working out for me. The most you had to do was maybe wear a mask and life still goes on as usual.

But the current "pandemic" has reached a stage where it is hard to continue feeling this anymore - talking about vaccination. Now I don't wish to go into conspiracy theories or agendas behind the vaccination or this pandemic, but this vaccination supposedly is still "voluntary" on the surface, when it is actually not.

They try all kinds of ways and methods to indirectly "force" people into going for the vaccination , such as requiring you to be vaccinated in order to get employed in certain industries and so on. As someone who believes in metaphysics and the natural healing abilities of our bodies, I don't see why people need to take it when it doesn't prevent transmission either.

My concern is that eventually it will somehow made to be compulsory for everyone. It is hard to continuing believing in what you stand for when everyone else arounds you tries to convince you otherwise. Do I just have to continue believing in what I believe in and hopefully things will still work out eventually ?

asked 10 Aug '21, 06:30

kakaboo's gravatar image


Would you care to explain your metaphysics approach? Thanks

(11 Aug '21, 10:40) ele

Does it have anything to do with what you focus on expands or where attention goes, energy flows ?

You specifically said "feel back". Do you think emotions play any part? Are you an AH follower? Do you have an IB? Is it the "loving"thing to do?

My take on your post as well as chicken little's answer and focusing on conspiracy theories are all fear based and very unhelpful and contagious.

With all that fear you are generating, you may want to reconsider getting the vaccine.

(11 Aug '21, 12:34) ele

As for "is that the loving thing to do"

I know that could be interpreted in a way I did not intend. It's based on my understanding of IB from AH vids I've seen. My intention was not to shame or guilt you or BlAME you. My understanding of your IB is love and your IB would NEVER shame or ever blame you either. For some reason, I thought you were into AH and you seem to be conflicted and down.

(11 Aug '21, 13:32) ele

The vaccine is being pushed to everyone in mainstream media from a fear based perspective. Think of what a vaccine is supposed to do in the first place, its supposed to either prevent you from transmissing the covid virus, or at least to protect you against the covid virus. But now people are taking it not because of these 2 reasons, but because they fear more restrictions or fear to lose their jobs.

(11 Aug '21, 19:28) kakaboo

The vaccine may be effective, or not effective (as no one really knows now except in the long term), but people should have the POWER to choose. Tell me if all those people taking the vaccine aren't operating from a fear based perspective too, when you see that then yes, definitely one has to reconsider greatly getting the vaccine - by delaying it until more data is out, but the POWER is diminishing day by day.

(11 Aug '21, 19:29) kakaboo

Hi @kakaboo you don't have to feel back your power ... you already have it lol

(12 Aug '21, 00:47) jaz

@kakaboo - It is somewhat amusing to observe that those who are living in fear (of the virus) accuse those who talk about the larger agenda ("conspiracy theorists") of spreading fear. I think that job has been done quite effectively already :)

(12 Aug '21, 01:51) Stingray


Very astute of you. I was not reacting to the conspiracy theories which you specifically stated were not a factor and which I know nothing about and have no interest in.

I AM NOT anti vaccine and do not see it from the same perspective you do. My decision to get the vaccine had nothing to do with fear. Quite the opposite. It came from a place of appreciation, love and yes, knowledge and/or inner wisdom.

"POWER" It also came from a place of empowerment.

(12 Aug '21, 10:29) ele

It's not "FORCE". It's a requirement. I do agree being required to get the vaccine to keep your job could make someone angry. They still have a choice.

Additionally, I do not agree that all the people or even the majority of people are getting vaccinated from a fear based perspective.

School children for the most part are required to get vaccines. I don't think it's any dif than other rules and regs.

(12 Aug '21, 10:47) ele

Back to your question. It seems like you made a decision. You haven't been able to line up with it. Self soothing methods are no longer working. You love your family and friends. Perhaps you are seeking their support or at least their approval?

(12 Aug '21, 11:02) ele

I was most interested in hearing about your metaphysical approach and your answers to my AH queries which you chose not to answer. See, you still have RIGHTS !!! No FORCE :D

(12 Aug '21, 11:09) ele


If there is a contained area for anti vaccine or anti government discussions, that's good.

I know the first few months of the pandemic, I was picking up on other people's fears. I knew nothing about it. I was not following the news. I let go of the fear many months prior to the time I was eligible for the vaccine or it was available for me to receive.

You know as well as I do there is such a thing as mass hysteria. There is also so much misinformation about the

(12 Aug '21, 11:45) ele

vaccine which people believe and spread. I think it's toxic to susceptible people & not helpful. There is so much of it out there in real life & on the internet. I didn't expect to find it here.

Others want to get on the anti government band wagon. When I say that, I mean no gov mandates. Tis their right.

@kakaboo followed the rules & advice in regards to masks & prob practiced socially distancing.

Many people feel powerless. They are angry. Perhaps it's their way of moving up the EGS.

(12 Aug '21, 12:09) ele

@ele Yes I follow the rules since last year. It's just a minor inconvenience after all and no big deal. Vaccine wise, I didn't believe that it would be of any help to the pandemic situation. But I took the first one anyway, because as you said, I went in with a neutral mindset (didn't really read up about all the "conspiracy" theories and the negative effects and didn't care), as I figured my body would be okay since most other people were ok. But my body told me No, none of this shit anymore,

(12 Aug '21, 12:50) kakaboo

and so it caused me to dig and went down the rabbit hole, and opened my eyes to more, feeling as though I had been lied to all along. I also sometimes think , if we are really powerful then our bodies would be able to reject whatever we put in anyway isn't it ? So yes I'm angry, especially when the so-called "misinformation" you mentioned isn't really "misinformation",as I thought the same as you before,a goody boy who just followed the rules and also believed whatever the people or media fed me

(12 Aug '21, 12:55) kakaboo


Most people get flu like reactions from the 2nd vaccine to some degree. Like you, I became very ill shortly after receiving the vaccine. The flu like symptoms didn't last long. In fact my severe reactions more or less ran their course by midnight. When you and I had severe reactions from the first shot it means we both have really good immune systems & the vaccine is working properly.

I was told to expect even worse reactions to the 2nd shot. That person was dead wrong. I only

(12 Aug '21, 13:14) ele

to summarize:I went and took the first vaccine from a neutral stand(maybe not appreciation, but definitely not fear),as at that time there were still no restrictions or gov mandates(at least in my country) early on.I didn't believe it would help to resolve the pandemic but I thought it would be fun just for the experience and see how they are doing it.And it's only then that everything started not to make sense to me anymore.Is that fear?or waking up to my inner self?only time will tell i guess

(12 Aug '21, 13:15) kakaboo

had mild symptoms. People I know personally who had strong reactions from the first shot, had the same experience I did with the 2nd shot.

Mandate is such a harsh word. I use the word law :))

(12 Aug '21, 13:24) ele

@ele "have really good immune systems & the vaccine is working properly." I didn't had severe reactions at all. I had other effects which was not mentioned at all. It wasn't really life threatening. But No one believed me. No doctors believed. But I found a handful of people online with the same effect after the vaccine and no one around them believed them either. "It's just anxiety" they said.

(12 Aug '21, 13:28) kakaboo

If you still don't understand, it's not the direct health effects after the vaccine that made me feel this way. It's the reactions of people around me to it, and their reactions to some others who suffered more debilitating side effects. I felt as though .. they seem to.. not want to face up to it. that it could be a possibility. Yes, somehow I manifested these reactions, perhaps I should also be digging to find out why I manifested these reactions.

(12 Aug '21, 13:30) kakaboo


I understand. I've also had rare side effects from vaccines. Fortunately, I was able to research at reputable medical sites,got more info & took precautions. I'm sure you know a rare side effect is dif than an allergic reaction.

I don't want anyone telling me what I can or can not do with my body. Pandemic is dif. Vaccines to get a passport were required prior to Covid.

I did my research & millions of ppl received the vaccine before I did. I was comfortable with my choice.

(12 Aug '21, 14:36) ele

Path of least resistance is also the easiest. Perhaps the simplest also. I had more legal and social freedoms because I made the choice to get vaccinated

I believe you had a rare side effect. Anxiety may have been a factor.Anxiety can cause all kinds of manifestations. As you know, our minds are very very powerful.

(12 Aug '21, 14:45) ele


"manifesting these reactions"

Are you talking about the side effects or controlling other people's reactions such as doubt?

(12 Aug '21, 15:08) ele

... and as you said, it was not life threatening. It was not an allergic reaction. Someday, these rare effects will be documented. You could look up rare side effect from other vaccines of its helpful.

Try not to give your attention to things you don't want or what was.

(12 Aug '21, 15:18) ele


"like you,... goody boy ... media"

Please don't make assumptions.

Thank you !

(12 Aug '21, 15:26) ele

@ele "Please don't make assumptions" - The same goes for you too; "Anti vaccine" and "Anti govt" are pretty strong words to use too.. don't you think ? ;) When nothing was really mentioned really about those 2 terms by anyone here except a mention of "conspiracy" and a different choice from majority. Just because someone chooses the road less travelled, they are assumed to be or treated as "anti vaccine" or "anti govt" ;) "Conspiracy theories" aren't always "anti vaccine" or "anti govt" ;)

(12 Aug '21, 19:41) kakaboo

boo, victimhood ?

(12 Aug '21, 20:38) ele

I actually wrote a very long comment that never posted & disappeared. I'm not going to try to recreate it.

It was nice talking to you again! I'm confident you will figure it out.

With love,


(12 Aug '21, 20:50) ele

@ele Thank you, I feel the same way too. you and I have probably attracted our own separate reactions from each other for some reason, and it was somewhat felt good for me to write out everything I've been feeling in words rather than in my mind. One thing I have to correct myself is I do agree there are people out there like you who may be taking the vaccine from a place of appreciation, but I just feel that the majority of them are definitely not.

(14 Aug '21, 13:06) kakaboo


Thanks for your understanding.

With much appreciation !!!


(15 Aug '21, 17:17) ele

I was wrong when I said anti gov and anti vaccine. I meant mandates and I meant covid vaccine because that is what is happening in my part of the world. Even tho I had read @Delphine vaccine thread prior,I did not realize she was against any vaccines. I thought she was just talking about what was happening where she lived and things she read on FB until our convo and her comments about the vaccine being a kill shot and covid hoax. I didn't realize there were any members who were anti vaccers.

(04 Sep '21, 16:38) ele

... and I certainly didn't mean to imply that all conspiracy theories were anti gov either. Some are interesting, even fun. Since I last posted, there have been many changes. More and more private employers and private businesses such as stores are following the gov mandates.

Borrowing from Stingray - how is all this "pushing against" working out for everyone and giving attention to things you don't want.

(04 Sep '21, 16:52) ele

Thank you boo for the correction. I appreciate it !

(04 Sep '21, 17:07) ele

@ele Why are you going around commenting on all Covid related questions..? Are you trying to convince yourself (rather than others) that you have made the right choice ..? Regarding pushing against, thats why my question is about having the power to choose what I want, rather than to tell others that their choices are wrong. People can choose what they want (just like you) but they shouldn't be forced or coerced into making an uninformed or hasty decision.

(05 Sep '21, 21:11) kakaboo

Nope :D

I understand. I do.

(05 Sep '21, 21:31) ele

Boo, whether you or anyone else are still trying to decide whether to take the vaccine or not or if you have decided not to get the vaccine, I suggest 5,000 i.u. of vitamin D daily.

(01 Oct '21, 22:19) ele

@cod2 "In spite of all their threatening language, they actually desperately need your consent. If they didn't, they would have implemented a draconian one-world dictatorship long ago (which has always been their objective)."

Who are "they"? What's their agenda, and why?

(03 Oct '21, 07:42) Marin

As for the rice bowl comment, beans are healthier. Make it brown rice NOT white. If you combine rice and beans, you'll have a complete protein. You should prob start stocking up now before the prices increase even more :)

(03 Oct '21, 11:09) ele

Also, stay well hydrated. I'm thinking a diet of rice could be constipating and with everything on your plate, it's prob the last thing you need :)

(03 Oct '21, 11:14) ele
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It’s getting so difficult and it’s getting harder and harder to stay true to yourself. As they trap you physically to a greater and greater extent, try to hold your own in other areas. Don’t let them take your mind, never stop thinking outside the box, never stop asking questions. I wish I had an answer to the physical side of things. I think hold out as long as possible until more (albeit still limited) options are available, and then choose the one that causes the least destruction.


answered 10 Aug '21, 18:58

Bluebell's gravatar image



@Bluebell - "It’s getting so difficult and it’s getting harder and harder to stay true to yourself" - Internal freedom leads to external freedom. If you can ask yourself on a repeated basis "What would it feel like to feel free?" and then keep practicing that emotion, it must then eventually externalize in your physical world regardless of how things appear right now.

(12 Aug '21, 01:55) Stingray

@Stingray If there are people around you that appear to have trapped themselves in some way, do you ever attempt to dissect what the inner cause may be? Or do you just worry about your own life? Seeing others have seemingly random illness or tragedy strike sends me spiralling out of control. Especially when children are involved.

(12 Aug '21, 02:22) Bluebell

@Bluebell - "Or do you just worry about your own life?" - Not sure that an understanding of Law of Attraction and worry go together too well ;) But I think you mean, do you stay focused in your own reality rather than get drawn into others'? To me, you can't do anything else and have any value. There is no Law of Assertion. Each must choose their own vibration. The best you can do is be the lighthouse that shines the light to point out there is another choice than the fear-based agenda

(14 Aug '21, 02:14) Stingray
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Discussing the revelations that came up in Project Looking Glass, remote viewing of future...


06:49 essentially what happened with Looking Glass not only did they not want people to use it anymore because they knew it was just going to burp out the same thing but at the same time they didn't want anybody else to know what it was saying i'm sure because that information was a monumental concern when i was in the military about how to prevent this inevitability now at first i thought it was end of the world now i see end of the world is end of their world the biggest cherry on top of all this conversation um would be a synopsis to say that if i could convince everybody out there that for all intents and purposes what we believe to be true eventually becomes true if somebody convinces us that a major disaster is going to happen in the very near future a major disaster happens in the very near future if we don't buy into that fear and accept that there is really nothing that we know is going to happen and accept whatever happens that makes the convergence of the timelines happen as naturally as possible any attempts to try to go away from this one inevitable conclusion i again see as a new beginning an end of this reality the beginning of something that we can't even possibly understand based on the level of our beliefs currently but when all that information comes flooding out there's going to be no denying what's true and what's a lie or what's illusion


answered 20 Aug '21, 19:20

Delphine's gravatar image


edited 20 Aug '21, 19:25



basically what we're experiencing right now is two master chess players sitting at the board and one of them looks down at the board and sees that he's in checkmate in seven moves and he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it too... both players know the game is over it's only a matter of time before he does this and then you're forced to do this and then he's forced to do this and eventually


(20 Aug '21, 19:23) Delphine

so we just have to accept it as it is while waiting for the game to end ?

(20 Aug '21, 23:35) kakaboo

Acceptance is always the way forward but that doesn't mean resignation. We can take inspired action. Which can mean just keeping the faith and holding the vision of the game's completion, the Light winning, Checkmate.

The current insanity we are witnessing is a testament in itself to the panic and desperation of these people as they see this coming. Side note, I have been hearing the upcoming winter solstice is going to be the event that was supposed to occur in 2012.

(20 Aug '21, 23:52) Delphine

Yes, they seem to be in a mad rush now by resorting to coercion tactics and more. No doubt that the light would win eventually but the issue is the casualties being taken along the way. Just like the chessboard, there may only be 2 kings left on the board at the end with all the other pieces sacrificed. Guess it feels something like this https://www.inwardquest.com/questions/102652/what-is-the-higher-purpose-of-vaccine-damage-in-children but now just apply it to everyone instead of only children

(21 Aug '21, 00:31) kakaboo

Those of us that are committed will never take the jab. I never will. There are probably many more than we know.

Will there be collateral damage? Yes. We're in World War 3. A war for our humanity and for our spirituality.

But it's already been won.

Each of us has to navigate how we go thru it. And it's personal. And it changes according to how we might feel from day to day.

For me, I know I need to stay positive, balanced and in the moment as much as I can.

(21 Aug '21, 11:27) Delphine

More on staying positive. Max Egan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDpdOSVwHNA

(21 Aug '21, 22:17) Delphine

Well I haven't seen any indication here that anyone is reading let alone appreciating my recent posts here, but this video was empowering and very resonant, for me. He (Kyle Cease) says in six weeks or so we'll be in a different world. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_U2RdX9Cyk

"if anyone disowns you because of your journey and you being authentically you because you're becoming a butterfly thank god you're being disowned what are you gonna do shove yourself back into caterpillar it's okay"

(25 Aug '21, 17:58) Delphine

@Delphine - "Well I haven't seen any indication here that anyone is reading let alone appreciating my recent posts here" - Well, I am reading and appreciating them ;).

(26 Aug '21, 04:07) releaser99

@releaser99 ~ Thank you :)

(26 Aug '21, 04:11) Delphine

"World War 3" It has been said, there will be no survivors or at least vast colonies of the human race will be wiped out.

Is that your objective? You are spreading misinformation. Why?

(07 Sep '21, 10:36) ele

It's a choice point, a wr in consciousness. Things are coming to a head. I think this explains it well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OukGppr69Uw

(07 Sep '21, 13:14) Delphine

@Delphine thanks for this video. really resonated with me, there seems to be really no room for middle ground at all. Everyday I am faced with immense, increasing pressure to finish my crossing over to the other side.

(08 Sep '21, 07:51) kakaboo

@Kakaboo, if this pressure is from family and friend, perhaps it is time to disown them. If it's from the government and your employer, stay positive, find local resistance groups on Reddit or Telegram and navigate through the hurdles.

Do not consent.

In spite of all their threatening language, they actually desperately need your consent. If they didn't, they would have implemented a draconian one-world dictatorship long ago (which has always been their objective).

(08 Sep '21, 08:27) cod2

(contd.)... @kakaboo - You're constantly bombarded with threats. These are all empty threats. They want to scare you just enough so you decide that you have lost, voluntarily roll up your sleeves and join the jab queue. They want YOU to decide that, using your own free will. This is vital to understand.

I have decided that I'll wait till I am ACTUALLY homeless, jobless and starving before I ever concede defeat.

And I KNOW that it'll never come to that.

(08 Sep '21, 08:34) cod2

@cod2 - "In spite of all their threatening language, they actually desperately need your consent" - Is this because of the "Satanic" belief that you don't incur personal karma if you can convince your target to make the choice themselves rather than you forcing them to do it?

(08 Sep '21, 13:22) Stingray

@Stingray, yes. If the target decides to jump in front of a train, that's their choice based on their freewill. So no freewill-violation and thus no consequences for the provocateurs. Even when the provocateurs systematically made the target suicidal over months and years through programming.

(08 Sep '21, 13:32) cod2

@cod2 - "no consequences for the provocateurs" - This seems like an interesting departure from a typical Law of Attraction approach where your intent is what you reap. For example, if I wanted to hurt someone, I am now resonating with that hatred/revenge and attracting to myself in accordance with that. Here it seems that only taking the physical action itself matters. Or do the "dark hats" have to sincerely not want you to get hurt as well? i.e. no holding of hatred/malice etc?

(08 Sep '21, 15:26) Stingray

@Stingray, I don't believe they hate us as such. It's more like they see us with contempt, as expendable and replaceable sources of energy. We don't hate the fish or the chicken that we kill and eat, and we never feel the slightest malice towards them.

(08 Sep '21, 15:30) cod2

@cod2 - "we never feel the slightest malice towards them" - I guess I shall have to stop beating the wife then. Shame.

(08 Sep '21, 15:51) Stingray

@cod2 i always thought i have enough "conviction" to reject per wave, but whenever a new restriction or "mandate" comes out,it makes me feel shaken.It's very interesting though to see the psychology playing out in myself and then think that it had happened to so many others the same way.Like you know all the risks etc but you end up still taking it, but not actually because it's good for you, but because maybe you want to keep your job,want to keep your friends,want to go to certain places, etc.

(30 Sep '21, 10:37) kakaboo

@kakaboo, have you taken it for those reasons?

(30 Sep '21, 13:42) Delphine

@Delphine, no I didnt take it for those reasons. But I had already taken one dose as mentioned in my original question comments. I took it in June, where there still weren't all these nonsensical restrictions in my country. But at that time I was busy with my life and didn't read up about other countries that all these were actually already happening.

(30 Sep '21, 19:34) kakaboo

I took it with the mindset "I dont think its effective but whats the worse it could happen, since everyone around me took it and didnt have any issues". But after that, actually I was already going for the 2nd dose(just a week before the appt), just kind of have an instinct something is wrong and then started to read up more and it led me down the rabbit hole. As originally I also thought how my body was reacting had nothing to do with the vaccine, as "brainwashed" by my friends and media.

(30 Sep '21, 19:37) kakaboo

the time of the appt of my 2nd dose was when my country started to impose all these nonsense restrictions (late july to early august), which made me even feel something is wrong, and hence the question here after that dated 10 Aug). As many of my friends who were actually against the vaccine earlier all ended up rushing to take it once the restrictions were announced.

(30 Sep '21, 19:44) kakaboo

with every new "wave", more and more people give in. Yesterday I was told my client is going to bar unvaccinated from entering their premises for 2 months, and some US MNC has sent letters to their employees saying they will be laid off by nov or dec if they are still not vaccinated by then. so, im expecting to lose my rice bowl soon too.

(30 Sep '21, 20:30) kakaboo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLDpZ8daIVM not sure how to embed video in comments but this video talks about the psychology (real "science" as what people on the extreme opposite spectrum want) and less to do with metaphysical stuff.

(30 Sep '21, 21:06) kakaboo

@kakaboo, I missed the post where you said you got first shot. I hope you haven't had bad reactions. You might do a search on: "detox spike protein graphene oxide"

It is said that those who are not vaxed can also be affected by the "shedding" from vaxed, but I don't know how true that is. Dr. Andrew Kaufman who has spoken out about all of this in some depth, doesn't think so.

(30 Sep '21, 21:10) Delphine

I understand feeling shaken by the scenario that is playing out. I often feel that too. You may be interested: https://davidicke.com/2021/09/10/words-in-your-head-how-they-are-telling-you-to-get-the-vaccine-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast/

David ends his video with hope. Very important to keep stating our sovereignty and any statements or mantras that feel right to us. I use Ho'oponopono a lot. This whole thing has been a huge spiritual catalyst on so many levels.

Peace to you @kakaboo.

(30 Sep '21, 21:14) Delphine

@kakaboo, looks like we posted at about the same time, so I missed yours including video, just started watching, sounds very interesting. I'll reply again soon...

(30 Sep '21, 23:05) Delphine

@Delphine - What David Icke is describing in that video (artificial thoughts being broadcast to "Get the vaccine") actually happened to me a few weeks ago. I documented my experience in the Manifesting Lab and then a few others said it happened to them also. It does seem like the technology to implant thoughts does exist, and it does explain why so many seem completely hypnotized in a zombie-like way by the agenda. I'm guessing that the nanotech in the injections enhances the influence.

(01 Oct '21, 01:49) Stingray

I've been completely flummoxed by a Facebook friend of mine who didn't get her daughter vaccinated with all the childhood vaccines (even though I got my children vaccinated more or less and the children played together) and recently she posted something about how a "dear friend" who was unvaccinated had come to her house, given her Covid and how she wouldn't let unvaccinated friends in her house. I was completely flabbergasted. This explains that. People have just lost all sense of reason.

(01 Oct '21, 14:06) Catherine

I'm not sure I think David Icke is much of a friend though, too much fear for my liking. There are plenty of other commentators out there who are raising vibrations.

(01 Oct '21, 14:08) Catherine

Thanks for sharing @Stingray. Were you or any others at Manifesting Lab convinced to get jabbed by those voices in head? Spooky! I haven't experienced that, thankfully.

@kakaboo, watched the video on buying into narrative, very good analysis. In a way, helps me make peace with the scenario. Channeler and intuitive Magenta Pixie talks about "bifurcation." Lines are definitely being drawn between the awake and the "woke."

@Catherine, thanks for sharing about your friend's attitude. Yikes!

(01 Oct '21, 16:25) Delphine

Re your take on David Icke. He may be an acquired taste :) He tells it like it is, but he is not all doom/gloom. One of his books is titled:
"Infinite Love Is The Only Truth: Everything Else Is An Illusion." He also talks about how we create our reality. I think he is raising vibrations in his own way.

(01 Oct '21, 16:30) Delphine

@kakaboo, re your comment about people including yourself, losing their jobs over the jab. Have you heard of the Quantum Financial System that is said will replace the old banking system? I am still learning of it, but here are a couple of links:


Tarot reader and friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUYqPcbmaYQ

(01 Oct '21, 18:59) Delphine

@Delphine Yes,supposedly the "vaccine passports" are the start that will lead to all these.They want to get rid of cash n go digital, so that every transaction you make can be easily tracked. Regarding jobs, yesterday I had an epiphany that people were already losing jobs over lockdown and covid before the jabs anyway,so I've made peace with it. Losing a job now in the short term may end up being better than losing your health in the long term.If you have no health, you wont be able to work also

(01 Oct '21, 21:53) kakaboo

Good attitude about losing job, @kakaboo. You are right, our health is #1.

But the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is not about more control from cabal. It sounds very esoteric and I am still working on understanding it myself. For one thing it is hard to grasp that true financial freedom and abundance could be instituted in these crazy times. But that is what they are saying, and that it could be as soon as mid-month.

(01 Oct '21, 22:08) Delphine

Excerpt from first link I gave above:

"The INFER, as the name infers, will abolish the current fraudulent Orion banking monetary system that has been the main tool of the enslavement of humanity for eons of time. It will operate directly from one individuum to another and from one company (organisation) to another without any intermediary stations that make the current banking system very cumbersome and intransparent – open to all kinds of fraud and deceptions."

It is linked to our ascension..

(01 Oct '21, 22:11) Delphine

@Delphine - "Were you or any others at Manifesting Lab convinced to get jabbed by those voices in head?" - No, because the thought was so contrary to strongly-held opinions and therefore stood out clearly as being odd. And now that there's conscious awareness of what's going on, it won't work in future because we'll be watching out for it. But I can see how many others, perhaps those still on the fence, perhaps even the vast majority of the world's population, could be magnetically drawn in.

(02 Oct '21, 04:10) Stingray

@Stingray ~ Yes, I think the more conscious we are, which of course includes being conscious of what is running through our heads, the less vulnerable we are to such mental intrusions. I think Matthias Desmet's analysis is relevant, in the video above from @kakaboo on why so many believe the narrative. Voice in the head to "get the shot" is right in line with the groupthink mind.

(02 Oct '21, 12:43) Delphine

@Delphine actually what D.Icke described was how I felt like when I went to take my first dose. Because actually the place I was working for was able to get the appointments earlier in Feb-Mar but I thought the vaccine probably is useless so I didn't sign up for it. But when it was opened to the rest of everyone in May and June then I saw the people around me rushing to get it, I just quietly rolled up my sleeves and get it, for no reason too,

(03 Oct '21, 00:20) kakaboo

because I didn't even bother to tell anyone that I was getting or got it. The feeling was like, the vaccine is probably useless against covid, but Im still going to get it for no reason (since there were no restrictions, nothing, etc at that time yet), because why not? Thats why in my earlier comments I said I thought I went to took for fun, but now after seeing David Icke's video maybe that's a possibility too.

(03 Oct '21, 00:20) kakaboo

luckily (or unluckily), it only took me 1 dose to raise my awareness to what is going on. I can't "unsee" it anymore for some reason, as mentioned by David. I'm just frustrated why no one around me in my personal life can see what I see.

(03 Oct '21, 00:23) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "frustrated why no one around me in my personal life can see what I see" - It does rather feel like living inside the plot of a Sci-Fi/Horror zombie movie :) I do actually think there's far more people who are suspicious of what's going on than there appear to be. But they are probably afraid of voicing their concerns because others around them are not doing so, even though those others might think the same way too. It needs a few people to set the example, and light the fire.

(03 Oct '21, 03:02) Stingray

@Stingray actually some of them do know I think, but with every new "wave" of restrictions more and more cave in, stating that they have no choice and pointless to fight, and just accept whatever happen is going to happen. Now jobs and livelihood is probably one of the last "wave"s, the last waves are probably something like that you cannot even go out or take public transport.

(03 Oct '21, 03:39) kakaboo

They don't have the conviction or willpower like maybe you or cod2, who will maybe only cave in when you are really on the brink of death (homeless, penniless, starving), or to choose death over caving in, since by then it wont make any difference anyway already. Just a bit of inconvenience and sacrifices and they get shaken and cave in. I may be the same as them too.

(03 Oct '21, 03:39) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "choose death over caving in"

(03 Oct '21, 05:04) Stingray

Kool-Aid isn't healthy :)

(03 Oct '21, 10:23) ele

"implanting thoughts" I think Amazon sells tin foil hats and perhaps an entire suit of aluminum armor. Tis the season, no one will think it's strange.

If I recall correctly, @jaz has a love shield that might do the trick or treat :). In all seriousness, I believe would work better!

(03 Oct '21, 10:29) ele

boo, taking the vaccine with the mindset of its not going to work is the same as an alcoholic drinking and knowing it's not good for him or a diabetic pigging out on sugar with the same mindset or a smoker who believes smoking is harmful, yet continues to smoke.

(03 Oct '21, 10:33) ele

@kakaboo wrote: "Luckily (or unluckily), it only took me 1 dose to raise my awareness to what is going on. I can't "unsee" it anymore for some reason, as mentioned by David. I'm just frustrated why no one around me in my personal life can see what I see."

Could you share your process, how that shot raised your awareness to see through the narrative? Right, once you have clearly seen for what it is, can't unsee. Same here re being mostly alone in that. But there are many of us online.

(03 Oct '21, 15:58) Delphine

Time to remember and practice what we know about ycyor, LOA etc. This is a big challenge but also opportunity to put into practice. Rubber meeting the road. I LIVE IN A SAFE UNIVERSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krGBRDeNXyc

(03 Oct '21, 16:29) Delphine

I shared this exchange with a friend and she picked this out from @Stingray:

"It needs a few people to set the example, and light the fire."

She wrote: "This.

That's also why Zuby is so powerful. He's travelling around the US, he's very active on social media."

Yes Zuby is great :)

She went on to describe her experience going to a protest with a couple of friends, and people's reactions.

(03 Oct '21, 16:36) Delphine

@Delphine I think its pointless to share, as those who would get it would have already gotten it like you guys. As mentioned its basically I suffered some bad side effects from it and then went to doctors, and the doctors' attitudes pissed me off, it is as though they are being "hush-hush" and can't link anything to the vaccine even if they wanted to. It was after that then I read up about all the stories people were suffering after the vaccines,

(03 Oct '21, 19:38) kakaboo

before that mainstream news almost never reported those at all. I shared the stories with my friends, and they tell me its not possible, those people aren't credible, etc. But my mind tells me why would these people go to great lengths just to discourage ppl to get the vaccine after they had taken it themselves? Some even have videos etc and some are lying in local hospitals inviting you to visit them to see whether what they say is real, but still they don't believe it.

(03 Oct '21, 19:40) kakaboo

But it goes back to the doctors too, because the doctors are quick to point any problems after the vaccines to "underlying conditions" or a "coincidence". So naturally the crowd would tend to believe the doctors, instead of the individual, after all, the doctors are supposed to be "professionals" to them and us, isn't it. Even an individual who suffered after the vaccine would tend to believe the doctor at first, until their beliefs about doctors manage to change.

(03 Oct '21, 19:42) kakaboo
  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/vaccinelonghaulers/ 2. https://thecovidworld.com/ 3. https://www.vaxtestimonies.org/en/ 4. https://www.facebook.com/jacindaardern/photos/a.10151319297407441/10158140116042441/ 30k comments on Jacinda Ardern's FB page complaining after their jabs. Are all these people "anti-vaxxers" and trolls and have nothing better to do and have too much free time on their hands. One has to decide for themselves.
(03 Oct '21, 20:00) kakaboo

The rabbit hole goes very deep, @kakaboo. A lot of people are just not prepared to go down it, as explained in that video you posted. Yes it is very upsetting, all the "adverse events" and deaths following the jab. I pray a lot lately, for us all.

Breaking: Pfizer stands accused of experimenting on orphan babies to test their Covid vaccine. https://theexpose.uk/2021/10/01/breaking-pfizer-stand-accused-of-experimenting-on-orphan-babies-to-test-their-covid-19-vaccine/

(04 Oct '21, 01:32) Delphine

What we are going through is a purging of dark energies that have been interfering and controlling Earth for millennia. They will not prevail. The Great Awakening is real. Hang in there @kakaboo. We will make it through. Hold the vision!

Documentary, "Monopoly: Who owns the world?" Shows how everything is corporate controlled and how the current "pandemic" has been a very long time in the making.

(04 Oct '21, 02:40) Delphine

@Delphine I read a comment by someone elsewhere, and I feel the same. They will not prevail, but when all this is over, they will still manage to escape and plan the next big thing. Just like many other events like 9/11, 2009 swine flu, etc, people said they will not prevail and be punished but yet in the end always got away almost scot free.

(04 Oct '21, 04:46) kakaboo

@kakaboo There is a much bigger picture. There is a bifurcation taking place. We can see the extreme polarization. Choice point.

Magenta Pixie advised using this statement: so do say "I, (speak your given name or spiritual magical name) "do claim and choose my polarization with my own free will. I polarize positive, i walk the service to others path I choose paradise ascension and New Earth, this is my choice, my decree and my contract and i make it so, so mote it be, it is done. I AM."

(04 Oct '21, 19:05) Delphine

Seth: "Amid the mad scramble, you do make your own reality. I admit that this sounds too simple, but you will not be caught in an earthquake if you do not want to be; and no one dies who has not decided to do so.

You make your own reality, or you do not.

(04 Oct '21, 19:21) Delphine

And if you do not, then you are everywhere a victim, and the universe must be an accidental mechanism appearing with no reason. So that the miraculous picture you have seen of your body came accidentally into creation, and out of some cosmic accident attained it's miraculous complexity. And that body was formed so beautifully for no reason except to be a victim.

(04 Oct '21, 19:22) Delphine

This is the only other alternative to forming your own reality.

You cannot have a universe in between. You have a universe formed with a reason, or a universe formed without a reason. And in a universe of reason, there are no victims. Everything has a reason, or nothing has a reason."

Again...this is where the RC rubber meets the road. We have the power!

(04 Oct '21, 19:24) Delphine

BREAKING! The Supreme Court In The US Has Ruled That The Covid Pathogen Is Not A Vaccine, Is Unsafe, And Must Be Avoided At All Costs-Supreme Court has canceled universal vax https://bestnewshere.com/breaking-news-the-supreme-court-in-the-us-has-ruled-that-the-covid-pathogen-is-not-a-vaccine-is-unsafe-and-must-be-avoided-at-all-costs-supreme-court-has-canceled-universal-vax/

(04 Oct '21, 19:28) Delphine

@Delphine bifurcation refers to a splitting of parallel realities or a parallel society will form out of this ? I dont think that news is true though , supreme court didnt rule anything. but sign this maybe might help , even if only 1% chance https://www.petitions.net/investigation_and_prosecution_of_those_individuals_responsible_for_crimes_against_humanity

(04 Oct '21, 19:32) kakaboo

@kakaboo yes, there are always parallel/probable realities, Bashar talks about this a lot. 2 minute overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uvU2jWUcz8

Ugh, looks like you are right about the Supreme Court ruling. It was posted in one of my groups and I got excited. Rejoiced too soon! Oh well. I will check out the petition!

(04 Oct '21, 19:51) Delphine

The only way out is up (into God consciousness).

About 3 min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZuFEnquDq4

(05 Oct '21, 15:04) Delphine
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You really need to re-join Manifesting Lab, especially because as of yesterday there is a new "contained" area to discuss conspiracies.

I haven't had the vaccine and I will keep declining it. There is one part of me that says (based on my experience with spirituality so far) that they will always leave loopholes and ways out. They're bound to, by higher laws. If you keep yourself at a generally positive place while at the same time calmly accepting the worst case scenario, those alternatives will always present themselves to you, and you'll be OK. And stop following mainstream news if you haven't already.

Other days doubts creep up in my mind like they have in yours, and on those days I think, this is truly an unprecendented situation. Never in the history of mankind have "they" gone so far so quickly. Yes, it shows their desperation (they themselves are scared shitless by the way, because they're being pushed hard by the hierarchy that goes far above them), but at the same time there are just far too many people who'd comply with absolutely anything, and that compliance could be interpreted by "them" as the consent given by the whole of mankind (they are truly crafty bastards - they know higher laws and like lawyers they know how to bend those laws), in which case we're fucked.

Probably doesn't really help you much, but that's the best I can give you. Join ML and we'll discuss further.


To suppport my bold statement "they'll always leave some loopholes", here is something I found just a few minutes ago. Believe it or not, in spite of all threatening statements, in the UK you CAN legally use a vaccine expemption to enter into any venue that requires vaccine passport. This information is not publicised, difficult to find and I only stumbled upon it while browsing something else. Here is the link. The badge that you can optionally wear is only available as a very low-res picture. Just to make it as difficult for you as possible.

I used a similar exemption for masks when that mandate was in force.

I am confident that every country has exemptions but they have been made incredibly difficult to find (sneaky bastards that they are).


answered 10 Aug '21, 08:15

cod2's gravatar image


edited 11 Aug '21, 04:22


heh i remember you saying sometime back then this pandemic had shaken your beliefs in the LOA and metaphysical stuff. I also don't know what kind of help I'm expecting, perhaps just hoping to find some like minded people now that it seems like even your family and friends are starting to turn against you

(10 Aug '21, 20:19) kakaboo

Yes, last time I visited, he was ranting about the sky fallin'.

(11 Aug '21, 12:38) ele

@kakaboo - "perhaps just hoping to find some like minded people" - Well, like @cod2 implies, there's a few of us at the Manifesting Lab who are quite like-minded :)

(12 Aug '21, 01:48) Stingray

@stingray cool, but maybe ML is not a good use of my moolah right now ;)

(12 Aug '21, 13:43) kakaboo

on second thought is the "contained" area an additional cost on top of the monthly subscription ?

(16 Aug '21, 20:19) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "is the "contained" area an additional cost on top of the monthly subscription ?" - No, you only have to show your I-am-a-proud-conspiracy-theorist membership card at the door ...and then it's all free. An asbestos suit is recommended to deal with the flamings from Coincidence Theorists ;)

(17 Aug '21, 08:56) Stingray

What next @cod2 Links to fake covid vaccine cards or fake covid passports?

I fail to see the correlation between spirituality and anti masks or anti covid vaccines or anti covid mandates. Care to explain?


Why are you here?

You keep mentioning LOA teachers.


Spirituality teachers are advising the same.

(07 Sep '21, 10:29) ele

That item at bashar.org, "listen to the WHO" was discussed at a Bashar forum, and consensus is, it is not from Bashar, but from the limited humans in that org (Darryl, April et al).

Just because someone can channel high level information, it doesn't mean they are living at that level.

(07 Sep '21, 14:48) Delphine

@Delphine - "it is not from Bashar, but from the limited humans in that org (Darryl, April et al)" - That is my conclusion also, which I've not hesitated in making clear at Manifesting Lab. Bashar's offerings regarding this "pandemic" have contained concerning contradictions e.g. virus is natural, and then later, it's manipulated...there's no conspiracy, and then later, there is. It feels like Darryl and April are allowing their own personal agendas to taint the information coming through.

(08 Sep '21, 03:42) Stingray

@ele - "You keep mentioning LOA teachers" - Not wishing to get involved in an argument here :) but just pointing out that the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective (who have been quoted here at Inward Quest for some time) have been saying for months that this a fake manipulated pandemic. They say the "vaccines" contain nanotechnology which is meant to work in conjunction with 5G as a control mechanism for humans...pretty much in line with what the so-called "conspiracy theorists" are saying

(08 Sep '21, 03:54) Stingray
(08 Sep '21, 04:45) Marin

Thanks for mentioning 9D Dimensional Pleiadian Collective, @Stingray. I was inspired to look up on youtube, I resonate with this posted in June. Espouses the principle of focusing on what we want rather than what we don't want. While at the same time, does not shy away from mentioning the Cabal and their aims.

This is a clip of the entire message which is freely available at Wendy Kennedy's site.


(08 Sep '21, 17:53) Delphine

Also, someone posted at my Bashar forum: "Bashar talked about it and said it is a BIG MISTAKE that the people will regret. Like touching a hot stove.. but needed for their development."

He said it was from Breaking News Part 2.

(08 Sep '21, 23:59) Delphine

@Delphine - "He said it was from Breaking News Part 2" - I presume this quote is in relation to "vaccines"? I've listened to Breaking News recently, and I don't recall any quote from Bashar sounding even slightly like that. Are you sure about the accuracy of your source?

(09 Sep '21, 03:00) Stingray

@Stingray No. I haven't listened to it myself. Just sharing what he posted. I'm sure you would remember, so who knows where he's coming from. We'll see if he verifies it as I requested.

(09 Sep '21, 03:09) Delphine

@Delphine - "We'll see if he verifies it as I requested" - Thanks. While there's overwhelming evidence (heavily suppressed by mainstream sources) suggesting that the so-called pandemic is a carefully manipulated event, I think it's important that we, who can see what's really going on, don't fall into the trap of trying to manipulate towards the other side...otherwise we are no better than they are :)

(09 Sep '21, 04:21) Stingray

@Delphine - For you (or anyone else) who has an interest in understanding what's going on globally, Wendy Kennedy of the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective has a full free seminar here that is worth watching: https://www.higherfrequencies.academy/beyond-control-and-manipulation

(09 Sep '21, 04:22) Stingray

@Stingray Yeah I am not trying to manipulate anything. Maybe that guy was, I dunno. We shall see if he can verify.

The Wendy Kennedy clip I posted above was from that seminar, Beyond Control and Manipulation. I did access full seminar and hope to watch tmw.

(09 Sep '21, 04:39) Delphine

Oh dear, it seems like I did it again. I didn't realize anyone would think what I posted or the link was a channeled message from Bashar. My apologies for not being clear and thanks for clarifying @Stingray as well as your response.

(01 Oct '21, 22:34) ele

Hm. Maybe it is time to take this on board.

Bashar: https://decryptedmatrix.com/channeling-essassani-philosophy-the-4-universal-laws/ Judgement and Preference

Judgement is invalidating that which you do not prefer. Whenever you judge anything, by focusing your attention on it, you exchange energies with it, and so you “become” that vibration. So you automatically become the very thing you disapprove of. You become that which you invalidate. Preference, on the other hand, is not judgement.

(07 Oct '21, 17:52) Delphine

Preference is exercising your ability to discern what is really “you”, what excites you, and then making choices aligned with the real “you”. To prefer one thing does not necessitate invalidating those other things you do not prefer. You become whatever you focus your attention on. To assign any meaning to anything – either a positive meaning or a negative meaning – is to invite that into your life.

(07 Oct '21, 17:54) Delphine

Being neutral about something – assigning it no meaning – is the way to not attract that reality into your life. “That’s terrible!” =========> You are attracting that reality. “That’s wonderful!” =======> You are attracting that reality. “I feel neutral about that.” ===> You are not attracting that reality.

(07 Oct '21, 17:57) Delphine

I still won't comply, but I will apply this understanding toward the situation of my son going for it.

What do I know? Fuck all. Universe moves in mysterious ways.

(07 Oct '21, 17:59) Delphine

@Delphine your son is big enough to make his own decision ?

(07 Oct '21, 22:07) kakaboo

@kakaboo Yes. Did you think I was saying or implying he wasn't?

(07 Oct '21, 23:11) Delphine

@Delphine No just curious. As all hope seems bleak now with vaccine mandates for jobs happening now in US. Soon all the other countries will follow.

(08 Oct '21, 00:23) kakaboo

@kakaboo I missed your latest reply until now, good thing I checked. It gets to be a challenge reading these humongous threads :)

My son actually works freelance, artist/animator. I guess he could pass on it if he wanted, but no. He is on board with the narrative. Not much I can do there. I've tried!

There is no actual Executive Order mandate btw.
Check out: https://brownstone.org/articles/bidens-vaccination-mandate-where-are-the-regulations/

(10 Oct '21, 15:08) Delphine

And, Jon Rappaport, on same question:

I’m talking about the Executive Order (EO) commanding all US companies with more than 100 employees to mandate the COVID vaccine for those employees.

I can’t find the EO. I don’t see it in the Federal Register, where it’s supposed to be published. (Note: the following two Biden EOs only cover Federal employees and Federal contractors.)

(10 Oct '21, 15:15) Delphine

OSHA is apparently the federal agency responsible for framing a set of regulations for the mandate, including fines. But federal agencies only construct regulations after a law has been passed or an EO is issued.

If I’m correct, and no EO has been published, we have an odd situation, to say the least.

(10 Oct '21, 15:15) Delphine

And from Jon Rappaport's blog: "Governors and lawyers have been threatening to sue, because the EO is unconstitutional and overrides state powers. But if there is no Presidential EO, then all these legal cases would be meaningless, because, again, there is no official mandate.

Is the White House stalling? Do they realize the EO and the mandate will be overturned in court? Are they hoping to achieve corporate compliance without an official mandate?

(10 Oct '21, 15:16) Delphine

I’ve queried several lawyers. One suggested that so far, in this situation, the feds are mandating by bluffing.

That indeed would be extraordinary.

Maybe the EO is forthcoming as we speak. Possibly (though I can’t imagine it), it’s been published somewhere other than the Federal Register. But until it’s visible and official, there is no private-sector mandate.

Unless speeches and press releases and media coverage suddenly, all by themselves, have the force of law."

(10 Oct '21, 15:16) Delphine

@Delphine I know, but jobs are still imposing the mandates and one individual can't do much. Biden is using the so-called FDA approval back in August as a reason, but I had read that there isn't any real approval at all. What was approved was actually only the extension of EUA for the name "comirnaty". Even if there is no government mandate, supposedly companies can impose their own as "internal policy" at the pretext at safety for their employees

(10 Oct '21, 19:37) kakaboo

Thanks @kakaboo, I will watch the video. Did you know that in New South Wales, there is now a law that if a worker becomes ill or disabled for taking shot mandated by their job, the employer becomes financially liable, even after the person stops working for them. Big win for Australia!

This is good... https://t.me/magentapixie9/1391 There are those who say "I had a gun to my head so I had no choice" (regarding the juice or job) but the thing is there was no gun and yes you do have a choice.

(10 Oct '21, 22:18) Delphine

FYI, by "juice" she means "jab."

cont: You always have a choice. But "if I lose my job I lose my house and cannot provide for my family" ............... so the system would have you believe and in many ways this is potentially true in a sense. However, there is another way, another path and another truth. This is how New Earth will be seeded and formed....from finding the other option. When all seems lost AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR then the catalyst to New Earth will be there before you.

(10 Oct '21, 22:19) Delphine

(cont.) You have to be sovereign to ascend. Let me repeat YOU HAVE TO BE SOVEREIGN TO ASCEND! Do you see now why this is a choicepoint? The metaphorical 'gun to the head' and the 'catch 22, caught between two worlds' is an illusion. If you take the third option then yes you do lose something. You lose the system but you gain an entire new reality, you gain the sovereign seal and the initiation of the celestial heavens.

(10 Oct '21, 22:20) Delphine

..No one said the choicepoint would be easy. We will all be touched by this. The only way is to see beyond being caught between a rock and a hard place, to see beyond the gun to the head. There is another way but it takes a massive, massive leap of faith. Know this now, so that you are prepared when the choicepoint reaches your doorstep (metaphorically speaking). Stand strong and you will always be guided but be prepared for a rebirth on every level. That is ascension. t.me/magentapixie9/1391

(10 Oct '21, 22:20) Delphine

@Delphine The NSW law is not passed yet. It has been in debate for months I think since Feb or April. The situation in Australia is much worse than other countries now, police are already being activated . Thats why do not believe anything easily already, some are just ppl trying to distract us and made us feel like the battle is already over when it has probably only just started.

(10 Oct '21, 22:28) kakaboo

No I don't think it's over. I do feel the most important thing we can do is frequency raising. The energy we emanate comes back to us. @kakaboo, you don't seem to be "hearing" any uplifting info or messages I am sharing in the spirit of "feeling back our power." Maybe it doesn't really feel right to you, going in that direction. Maybe you feel the need to be focused on the chaos, the storm and struggle. That's fine but just be aware there is another path if you choose it.

(11 Oct '21, 00:01) Delphine

I agree with @Delphine's last comments. There will always be an option, but you have to be brave and accept some temporary hardship. And you must have a positive mindset, or the option won't present itself to you.

Being jobless or not having a steady income for a while is not the end of the world. The first time may be a bit scary.

(11 Oct '21, 02:54) cod2

Thanks for weighing in @cod2. I feel strongly about this. As I think I've said before, it is in times like this that "the rubber meets the road" in applying our understandings of LOA and ycyor. If we don't live our truths, then they aren't our truths!

@kakaboo, here is something on the New South Wales law from Magenta Pixie, who I am following a lot these days:

"Regarding my previous post on the "New Law Passed in New South Wales" It seems this is a bill and not yet law.

(11 Oct '21, 16:25) Delphine

(cont.) I have been sent this from multiple sources. I do see the energy of this occurring at some point so regardless if this bill passes it will go through somewhere and Australia appears to be the place for setting court precedence on many levels. There is credibility there in the fact that many court cases are currently in process in Australia.

(11 Oct '21, 16:25) Delphine

This is a win even at the bill stage. If employers are pushed into this catch 22 situation it will force them to wake up and find new ways of doing things or potentially go under. Yes, small business owners are being targeted but if they all stand together then that is where they will find their strength. We have always known that corrupt businesses will not sustain in this new energy and only the pure will thrive.

(11 Oct '21, 16:26) Delphine

This is a win for Australia regardless. The energy is there and I feel Australia is now right on the precipice or tipping point of the Indigo warrior fire being held in unity. This is the most prominent timeline and regardless of how many times the negative structure try to change the timelines through the superimposed fake Mandela Effect it will make no difference. Australia has its own singularity and inevitably of justice, sovereignty and freedom."

(11 Oct '21, 16:26) Delphine

This is good to keep at hand and refer to when we feel overwhelmed by the onslaught of negativity.(As I sometimes am myself.) Step by step frequency raising. Feel back your power! http://www.juliarogershamrick.com/weblog/2006/05/stepbystep-frequency-raising.html

(14 Oct '21, 17:30) Delphine

@Delphine well no, you're right that I feel it hard to feel positive but it doesn't mean I am negative. Nowadays I am just trying to feel neutral which is better for me. I just don't want to have false hopes. Australia is actually currently one of the most heavy handed in terms of forcing it, just few days ago they are starting to impose fines on workers who don't want to get the jab.

(15 Oct '21, 09:56) kakaboo

@kakaboo A ray of hope. This guy is saying all of the cabal members are coming down.

(Actor/Writer/Director/Producer, Master Astrologer, eldest son of The Beatles producer Sir George Martin)


(15 Oct '21, 11:03) Delphine
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seven years compressed to one
for proclaimed bullet, no steps
skipped is that told, stay well
while reviewing for facts


answered 17 Sep '21, 09:45

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