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2012 - will it be like any other year?

Consider: are we setting our expectations too high, and is there really going to be a spiritual revelation beyond our consciousness, and if so what, and how do we know this is going to take place in 2012?

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@ Barry Allen, yes the two questions appears to be the alike, but they are not exact duplicate. The contents are similar, but yet different, but if you see a need to close it, then that is okay too. Thank you.

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Vee, you've asked five questions within one here (we recommend asking only one question per Inward Quest "question") and the title you've chosen is too similar to the previous one. There is not enough information in the body of the question to know for sure what your main point is, so we have to assume that your title is the main point. We strongly suggest you make your questions more focused and more detailed in future so it is obvious they are different from anything that has gone before

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@ Barry Allen, thank you for the feed back, and I can edit the body of the question, if that is okay with you!

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Vee, please refer to Simon Templeton's comments regarding revising questions: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/11235/should-we-edit-and-revise-old-questions-and-answers/11241#11241 I think editing the question now would create confusion because others who have already answered may have assumed a different meaning to what you originally had in mind. I think the better course of action now would be to start a new question specifically focused on your question's intent. As mentioned, please put enough detail in your questions so it is obvious to everyone what the main point is. Thanks

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@ Barry Allen, Not to worry, I understand. Thank you.

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  1. I will not take my self as seriously.
  2. I will live a simpler life.
  3. More people will panic than need be.
  4. A larger number people will start to see that there is more with in there seems to be with out.
  5. A lot of people will try to capitalize on the fear of others (more of the same)
  6. A flower will bloom, a baby is born, the sun will set.
  7. Oh and the Cubs win the World Series

Michael Alcibiades


answered 20 Jan '11, 02:54

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jim 10

Yes, I guess we are probably worrying about nothing! Thank you.

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This is a very good question and I'll answer this way, watch old black and white quick documentary clips. The world of tomorrow, or the world of the future.

They really believed by now we would have flying cars, every home has a robot etc...

When you look at those, you realize not a lot has really changed, we have more modern versions of things like our cars are more modern, Tucker had fuel injection in his cars.

So we really haven't come a long way except in computers, that is the one area we have gained in a lot, that goes into our video game systems too.

So my predictions are we will eventually have a game system so good, it will be hard to tell if someone is playing a game or watching a real baseball game on television. Laptops will gain so much more memory that these laptops look primitive by comparison. Other than that I don't see much change, after all there hasn't been much change for many years, so why would that change any time soon?


answered 20 Jan '11, 05:52

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Wade Casaldi

Thank you for your answer and inspiriting thoughts on the future 2012, and I can certainly appreciate your point of view that much has not changed in many years!

(21 Jan '11, 01:14) Inactive User ♦♦
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