Consider: Or do you think the purpose is solely for living on this planet?

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we are actually here to learn who we are and to further develop our consciousness.


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I believe so too! Thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 00:47) Inactive User ♦♦

When we bring Presence and Love into everything we say and do, then everything we say and do becomes our purpose.


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Wow! Brilliant!

(27 Feb '11, 16:15) The Traveller

@ Michaela: That was well said! Thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 00:49) Inactive User ♦♦

Thank you, and you're welcome :)

(01 Mar '11, 00:51) Michaela
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Yes Vee, i do.

Wheather or not we existed before manifestation here,or wheather were fresh to this environment it would seem we are here to experience,enjoy and be good stewards of our own talents,being and resources.

I answered another question this orning concerning Jesus and said we couldnt match Him,but that we could give it a bloody good try.

I think with life we have to make the best of it,play the hand of cards weve been given as best we can.Some have been given a good deck,others not so. Some have changed their cards for better ones,some have played so well with what theyve got that theyve won the game.

I think we do MAKE our lives,sure we cant always control every circumstance,but we can control our reactions to circumstances.And who knows, this may in turn affect future circumstances.

I think the first supposition is true,i would add that were also here to experience this environment,for all i know it could be so massivly different to whats gone before ( if you believe that ) or whats to come.

So i guess both points put forward could well be near the trueth.



answered 28 Feb '11, 10:58

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Monty Riviera

Yes it is a lot to think about, thank you.

(28 Feb '11, 22:31) Inactive User ♦♦

Nobody will ever know that answer.

Just reading Wayne Dyers book about Tao and he says when we try to figure these things out we at best can only see manifestations of the truth. When we stop trying to figure it out many more things have the possibility to become clearer.


answered 03 Mar '11, 00:53

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Yes, I like Wayne Dyers his words are very inspiring! Thank you.

(04 Mar '11, 06:53) Inactive User ♦♦
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