We often play,sing and dance to a certain kinda music. Irrespective of the kinda lyrics,which obviously may contain negative or none uplifting words,That way, are we not affirming and thereby becoming?

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Ifeanyi 1

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I have thought about that many times. I have gotten rid of music because I didn't like the words I found myself singing. There are many songs that have wonderful sounding music, but the words are not good to be running in my head, nor coming from my mouth. Dr. Emoto did research on water crystals and how positive and negative spoken words, written words, images and music affected the formation of snow like crystals, or no formation, just ugly waves of gucky mucky that did not form any crystal. It shows how the words, thoughts, and sounds affect us on a molecular level.


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Fairy Princess

good reply Juniper...

(08 Mar '11, 18:25) Zee

Thanks Juniper. That was great!

(09 Mar '11, 06:45) Ifeanyi 1

Yes Juniper, excellent reply! thank you

(09 Mar '11, 10:07) daniele

Hi Juniper, really glad you mentioned Dr. Emoto's study, because looking at his experiment years ago really brought the power of our words really home for me

(09 Mar '11, 16:06) Susan 1
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Yes this is a very good question, my Reiki teacher and I were talking about this last year. Just how much does the music we listen to affect our field of existence? We can lift our selves up by listening to positive music and meditation sounds. By this same token we can bring ourselves down by listening to depressing music, we may not even realize what we are listening to consciously but it is pulling us down. To us this could just seem like good music, it has a good guitar solo in it so it is good. But the lyrics are about depressing things. Example: for years when I became lonely I would sing to myself Love Hurts by Nazareth, in it, it sings of love being a lie to make fools cry.

What is this programing our minds to think as we listen to this over and over again? Jai has a friend that when she was depressed she sang the same song over and over again to herself. I am sure there are many other songs that bring down our energy level, this can of course lead to sickness and disease.

My Reiki teacher noticed she kept singing a sad Beatles song over and over and caught it influencing her mood.

I believe this holds true for what we read, listen to, or watch on television. Do you want to feel like a victim, watch the 24 hour news stations. Joe Vitle found out the authors he liked reading where influencing him and how he lived and experienced life. The authors he used to listen to were poor, and killed themselves, he was poor and came close to killing himself before he changed.


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Wade Casaldi

Much thanks to you, Wade casaldi.

(09 Mar '11, 06:49) Ifeanyi 1

The people we hang around, the books we read, and the things we listen to, we become over time.

These are the things that influence our thinking. Like Deepak Chopra said; If you want to know why you are where you're at today, reflect back on what you were thinking most five years ago. If you want to know where you'll be at five years from now, it's what you are thinking most now.


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Thanks to you, RPuls i appreciate.

(09 Mar '11, 06:47) Ifeanyi 1

Very good point.

(09 Mar '11, 09:55) Monty Riviera

quite right RPuls!

(09 Mar '11, 10:08) daniele
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Good question.I think you have a point,i would concur with all the above.

I would think that the odd song here and there wouldnt crash our world, BUT the cumulative effect over many years would take its toll on our deeper mind.

Im a big believer in the conscious mind being like a nightclub doorman/bouncer,only letting in people who wont, by the evenings end give him trouble!!

Music is actually more powerfull than most would imagine,many people have the radio on for most of their day.I know builders who literally have it on for 10 hours a day,5 days a week.Some would then jump in thier cars,click on the radio and then put MTV on when they get home.

Not much good listening to a couple of hours of motivational tapes a week and then spending 70 hours listening to the TV and radio!

Im keen on music myself and think its a great blessing,i also watch a hell of a lot of TV too, its worth us all sifting a little more carefully what goes thru the doorway of our minds.



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Monty Riviera

I do believe that when a song with negative wording is played over and over again it will impress the subconcious mind. Music helps to put us in a trance like state and when filled with positive uplifting wording has the power to lift our spirits really high, the opposite will also be created if the wording is negative. That is why once " responsibility for creating your own world" is truly accepted in all its form, we need to become more vigilant to what we allow the subconcious mind absorb.


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