I bought a Lapis Lazuli ring set on silver and has some diamonds on the side.

I know diamonds enhance the powers but if its not touching the skin does it still give its miraculous effects ?

asked 28 Jun '11, 16:56

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Arti Joshi 1

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Barry Allen ♦♦

What miraculous effects?

(28 Jun '11, 19:14) Vesuvius

Although they are trying to sell you the stone on this site, there is some good information here about what the psychic seer Edgar Cayce said while in trance about Lapis Lazuli. Interesting! link text


answered 29 Jun '11, 01:14

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LeeAnn 1

It says that it only needs to be worn close to the body, as Wayne mentioned. Best wishes!

(29 Jun '11, 01:15) LeeAnn 1

Thanks for the recognition and by the way my name is Wade, I hear Wayne enough from people every day, even at my church I have to say no my name is Wade.

(29 Jun '11, 03:41) Wade Casaldi

Sorry Wade; I do know that, it was just an accident. I always remember you because we are both Astarians. Just typed incorrectly. I am often called LuAnn!

(29 Jun '11, 04:20) LeeAnn 1

Ahh see it happens to us all! lol

Very true we both are Astarians, you know Reiki too like I do I believe. That is how I learned of the aura being affected using muscle testing while bringing a bleach bottle closer and closer to the aura from across the room.

(29 Jun '11, 05:27) Wade Casaldi

hehehe Luann and Wayne. In Swedish there is a saying "Kärt barn många namn" loosely translated "Cherished children have many names"

(29 Jun '11, 05:30) ursixx

lol I like that Cherished, Thanks! :-D

(30 Jun '11, 03:10) Wade Casaldi
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Yes it does work.


answered 28 Jun '11, 21:00

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Wade Casaldi

Can you be more specific?

(28 Jun '11, 21:36) Vesuvius

I actually don't know much about Lapis Lazuli, but I do know about the human aura and bringing anything within that aura has an affect on the being of that aura.

(28 Jun '11, 22:05) Wade Casaldi
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