Could someone please explain the differences between Book of Positive Aspect and Rampage of Appreciation? Both seem to be designed to enhance a good feeling. Both are about appreciating people or things.

I have read what Abraham said in Ask And It Is Given, and the only difference I can find is that the emotional set point range is slightly different. For Book of Positive Aspect the range is frustration / irritation to joy, whereas for Rampage of Appreciation, the range is entirely positive. The actual processes for both seem very similar.

Is the difference therefore that Book of Positive Aspect should be used when you are outside the vortex and that Rampage of Appreciation should be used when you are in or near the vortex? But why do we need two separate processes for that? Couldn't they have just said something like "Write appreciative thoughts when you are outside the vortext, and carry on writing them when you are inside the vortex"?

Also, just to be absolutely clear, the book seems to suggest you should write appreciative thoughts only on topics you already feel positive about - i.e. we are not trying to use these peocesses for clearing.


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Positive Aspects are subjects you already feel good about...they have an existing vibrational momentum about them which makes it easier for you to use them to springboard further up the Emotional Guidance Scale when you come into range of the process (starting at #10 - Frustration/Irritation/Impatience in the diagram below).

Sometimes an initially-bad-feeling Focus Block can be transformed into a Positive Aspects subject as you move up the emotional scale on that subject but I don't find that, in practice, it happens too often in my own vibrational work. I prefer using "fresh" subjects as Positive Aspects subjects.

When you've stabilized yourself within the range of Positive Aspects, you may find yourself feeling (depending on your emotional sensitivity) a subtle vibrational acceleration that indicates you are ready to move into Rampage territory...

alt text

(Click here for a full explanation of the above chart)

The Rampage of Appreciation is generally - unless you are Abraham :) - a process you can only use within the Vortex (so I use it as a test for Vortex alignment). It involves selectively sifting through your current life experience and finding things that you are appreciative about (not the same as feeling 'gratitude'). You may, or may not, already feel good about some of these selectively-sifted subjects.

If you can write out a batch of these items quickly and easily that you are full of appreciation about, you are doing the rampage correctly. Most people can "fake" an item-or-two on a rampage list but they know within themselves when they do it that is a "faked" feeling (it feels hollow) that item-or-two is not a demonstration of Vortex alignment (not a true rampage list) because the items are being forced onto the list.

A batch of items should flow easily and effortlessly when you are rampaging correctly. If you feel any kind of effort in creating the rampage list, it indicates you are not in the vibrational vicinity of the rampage yet i.e. not yet in the Vortex. (See Should Appreciation Be Forced?)

There is some overlap between Rampages and Positive Aspects and, quite often, I will write an item on my rampage list (actually I do it on a computer spreadsheet) and then transfer a copy of it into my Book of Positive Aspects list for that subject to use another time.

Though I tend to stick to the above definitions and requirements for a rampage (I like preciseness and consistency, where possible), Abraham sometimes appear to have some flexibility in their own definition.

For example, they sometimes do rampages on a particular subject (I tend to classify those more as Book of Positive Aspects material) and also they sometimes do rampages starting out of the Vortex...but that's because they are really good at them :)

Here's an example of what Abraham calls a rampage on the subject of financial prosperity starting out of the Vortex but finishing firmly within: Financial Prosperity Rampage of Appreciation

I personally don't advocate trying to replicate that kind of Abraham example, mostly they because they are way better than me, and most of the rest of us, at this vibrational stuff :)

I like to make life easier for myself and just try to have a reasonable separation between the Book of Positive Aspects and the true Rampage of Appreciation and let each process carry me naturally further up the emotional scale.


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Extremely helpful--Thanks, Stingray!

(17 Oct '16, 19:44) tpgrubworm

@tpgrubworm - You're welcome :)

(18 Oct '16, 14:52) Stingray

@Stingray-Great answer.Can we do vibrational work before bed time at night?

(19 Oct '16, 06:58) Zee

@Zee - "Can we do vibrational work before bed time at night?" - You can do it whenever you feel inspired to do it. The most effective times to do it, however, are during periods of low momentum of thought i.e. shortly after waking in the morning, after a nap, after a meditation session etc. Once established limiting thought patterns get going at full speed, they can be more difficult to turn around.

(19 Oct '16, 10:30) Stingray

@Stingray-Thanks a lot.Actually I generally feel sleepy due to lack of sleep and not fresh most of the time.So, i thought that this state is not good for vibrational must be in fresh mood while doing this. Thats why i asked.

(20 Oct '16, 01:14) Zee
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