Hello again to the world of Inward Quest.

I feel I'm right on the brink of manifesting the biggest miracle (so far) in my life.

I've got all the vibrational matches, and I actually know that all I have to do is feel good, and I even know ways I can personally do this.

But, funny this, the only issue is this: I don't feel adequate enough to have my manifestation. I don't feel it's necessarily better than me, but I feel I'm not good enough or worthy enough to have it, thus, I purposley stop feeling good to contemplate and accept this thought (for some reason, I'm not rue why....).

Notice here, that this is not a question about manifesting directly. I know the pattern to manifest flawlessly, so I'm saying that I know how to manifest. How do I feel comfortable with this manifestation?

I've done my best looking for similar questions and duplicates, but no success. I'd love it if anyone has websites or links to answers already up here, but please help me!!

How can I accept that I 'deserve this'?

(By the way, I might as well reveal. This manifestation is actually a girlfriend. I've met a girl, who likes me, and I like her, and she ticks all the boxes I've put down for my dream girl....My issue is I feel she's too beautiful a person on the inside out to have her. I feel I'm unworthy to have such a beautiful person.....Seriously I never knew such wonderful pieces of creation existed!!)

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Barry Allen ♦♦

I can only offer this piece of advise, all creations are worthy. For creation would not create anything unworthy. For all that is created is all there is, and each aspect of it as you see it in physical reality or other realities PRETENDS to be part of all there is, yet all of those aspects are all there is themselves. It is only your mind playing tricks on you in that sense. For human beings are masters of creating limitations as someone once noted. Let go of judgement, and you will be happy.

(26 Mar '12, 07:05) CalonLan
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Lots of good answers here from everyone.

I'll just add that it sounds, from what you've written, that you've got yourself quite emotionally attached to this outcome manifesting for you. That's not a "bad" thing in itself because if you didn't care about the outcome, you wouldn't have a reason to focus (Ithaca).

But manifestation is only individual perception and by getting too attached to a particular outcome, you risk pushing yourself away from it because something that feels like "the biggest miracle" is not The Next Logical Step.

If you can remember that anything that ever manifests will only bring you temporary happiness anyway (because you'll want something else after that) then you can take much of the pressure off yourself.

True long-lasting happiness never comes from the end-result, only the enjoyment of the process.

So what would I do in your situation?

I would just take my attention off the subject completely and forget about it so that any resistance I can't clean up right now is automatically deactivated. You don't have to be a perfect match to something coming (or even feel good about it), you just have to not stand in the way of it...your natural desire will do the rest. The neutral point is your friend.

Stuff in your life that you find mentally absorbing is ideal for distracting yourself from your resistance.

I do things like:

  • Play computer games
  • Watch movies
  • Play musical instruments
  • Read books
  • Pick a subject I know nothing about and try and become an "expert" on it
  • Get involved in physical sports and tournaments
  • Sleep :)

...and so on.

Just do stuff that genuinely occupies your attention and thereby takes your attention off what you're attached to.

There's already enough vibrational-match evidence in your life to show you that you've done all the vibrational work you need to. So even if nothing comes from this encounter, there are many other encounters already vibrationally queued up for you if you leave your current vibrational setpoint on this subject where it is.

So I would suggest just focusing on something else completely unrelated in your life and let this situation unfold in it's own way.

In any case, people become so much more attractive to the opposite sex when they don't need the other person in their lives because they've got so much else going on :)


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A bit late to take the prize for this one aren't we hehe :)

I like your bullet points here, I reckon you should seriously add them as community wiki in terms of 'letting go' material.

(14 Dec '11, 13:21) Nikulas

But again, big thankyou <3

(14 Dec '11, 13:33) Nikulas

@Stingray, I love your reminder that each individual manifestation will only bring temporary happiness, and that it's all about the process. It's so easy to get caught up in "If only I could manifest this, then I'd be 100% happy". Thanks for writing that, it came at the perfect time for me :)

(27 Mar '12, 07:47) cassiopeia
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I don't feel adequate enough to have my manifestation.

First of all, you are good enough to have anything you desire on this Earth. I'm pretty sure you understand that concept by now from all the info here at IQ, but I just wanted to remind you so it sinks in to your conscious mind as much as possible.

As for the statement above, it sounds to me like the easiest and quickest solution for your negative belief is to use FasterEFT. Robert Smith suggests to tap on an issue until your arm falls off. So if you feel that this issue is keeping you from one of your biggest desires, tap tap tap it out until your arm falls off and then some.

Take the statement "I don't feel adequate enough to have my manifestation" and really get deep into that negative emotion that is within your mind and body. Continue to tap that phrase for as long as you have to (even if it takes days or weeks) until you start noticing some gradual relief. Find that emotion on a scale from 1 to 10 and tap it down. There is no particular time set for this so let it flow naturally at your own personal level.

Do the same thing with the feeling of unworthiness. Tap on that empty feeling until it fades completely away. Make a habit of doing these everyday as many times as you can a day.

Once you get all that negativity eliminated (I have a lot of confidence you will) start tapping in some positive affirmations. Tap in things like "I am a very worthy and loving individual." and "I am more than adequate enough to have my manifestation and I know that I deserve it." Try to say these positive statements as much as you can throughout the day even when you aren't tapping.

You really got to dig the negative beliefs out by the root so you can have fresh soil to plant the new positive and uplifting ones

You seem to be doing very well lately Nikulas and I am very happy for you. Don't let a few crumby old negative self talk habits keep you stuck on this last hurdle. You are on the verge of breaking through here my friend and I truly think a little bit of FasterEFT or EFT in general could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Just stay consistent with it and keep it as easy and simple as possible.


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Like the solution Cory, seems quite simple and clean, nice!! :)

(14 Dec '11, 13:29) Nikulas

To me, all of this fits in with your own belief in your own sense of personal self-value and self-worth. Maybe somewhere in your game of life, someone said something to you with the intention of devaluating you and making you feel unworthy and you accepted it, took it on-board and believed it, it happens.

If so, those old beliefs, those old programs are still running in the background (unconsciously) and causing these feelings of unworthiness within you; and they will continue to do so until you recognize them, own them, thank them (for showing you more about yourself), love them and release them.

To see this, you have to remember that you cannot have a feeling that is not preceded by a thought (belief), be it conscious or unconscious, chosen or automatic.

Now ask yourself: Do I believe that other people deserve true love? If so...

Ask yourself: In all of creation, why would I single myself out as being unworthy? As an infinite, eternal creator who exists now, why do I believe that I, out of all of existence, am unworthy and undeserving of true love?

Again ask yourself: Do I really believe that?

You will see that your negative ego-self is playing a role here, by holding on to beliefs and definitions that no longer belong to who you are now and thus, that no longer serve you. Like I said, they are old programs that you initiated for your own reasons and only you can end them.

Additionally, it seems to me that focusing on the areas of self-appreciation and self-love will be highly beneficial for you. Not only will self-appreciation and self-love cause these old unconscious beliefs to surface within you, giving you an opportunity to redefine (change) them, but the more you appreciate and love yourself, the more these feelings of unworthiness will dissipate and so the more worthy and deserving you will feel.

Remember: Two emotions cannot occupy the same space at the same time and love will always triumph over any kind of negativity and fear ♥


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Eddie, this answer has given me a memory flooding back. When I moved out of my mums house, she always gave me talk like "how selfish I was" and "I hope you never find happiness." Bare in mind, I was taking this in from my MUM, and I was 15, 16, 17 at the time (I'm 18 now). I can see how silly this works now thankyou and appreciation :)

(14 Dec '11, 13:32) Nikulas

Nice. It's great to see the younger people remembering stuff early and in so doing, avoiding a lot of pain throughout their lives :)

(15 Dec '11, 13:42) Eddie

Hiya, Niki!

How do you feel "good enough" to accept this girl????

You are a wonderful person, Nik, and deserve all the happiness in the world! I know how you feel...I once felt as you did! Exactly as you did!

I thought to myself, "He cannot love me. He cannot want me. He cannot need me!

It is a fear of that other person seeing your flawed self! But we are all flawed!!!

I assure you, Dream Angel has her flaws, but perhaps you cannot see them right now. Maybe she hides them well. But I say, "Go for it!"

Two years ago, I dared to dream...I dared to put a name in my Manifestation Box! And now?? He is seated nearby, typing his answer to an IQ question, just like me!

Fear not, Nik, for Behold! We are all with you- especially God!

Blessings, Peace, and Happiness,



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I'm new here, and I came across this question randomly while meandering across the internet. So, I'm not familiar with inward quest in general. So, I have an answer that may take some contemplation to not seem really hard hearted.

I've dealt with this problem a lot in my life. I'm surrounded by wonderful people, and have had so much help and been able to offer so little (in the same way) that often times I find myself feeling like a leech, like I don't deserve these wonderful blessings. A few months ago, while I was in the midst of this quandary yet again, a really beautiful thing occurred to me, and it has really changed the way I see these blessings and my own relationship to the people around me.

So here it is: You do not deserve this, and you are not adequate. At first, it seems like this would be a crushing thing to accept. But there is more - when we change our view from one of entitlement - "I'm good enough, I deserve happiness, etc." - and shift instead into true gratitude, we not only become more deserving of the things we receive but we are able to manifest more completely what we desire. We are all of us imperfect beings, and we have to accept that imperfection in order to understand the journey towards being more-perfect through out actions and through them the expression of our spiritual nature.

By understanding that we don't 'deserve' anything, and that we are not really 'adequate' in our current state, and becoming truly grateful in our hearts for the gifts that the universe gives with us, including the gift of co-creation, a lot of things happen internally. First, we have to struggle with acceptance of who we are, as we are. Not complacence, but acceptance. We can see our flaws objectively but be okay with having them. Then the work of becoming an ever more-perfect being is not stressful and depressing, but a joyous journey filled with thanks and energy and vitality. The second thing that happens is that we become softer, more supple individuals in our daily lives and in dealing with others. When we recognize and accept our imperfect and undeserving selves, a side effect eventually becomes a natural empathy with everyone else's imperfection. It's easier to have compassion for the people who 'wrong' us in some way or irritate us because 1: we know that we're not entitled to any special treatment from anyone, and 2: we know that these times are just expressions of the other person's own struggle because we've connected to our own struggle in a more real way.

The fact of the matter is, as long as you try to maintain that you're 'good enough', 'adequate enough' and so on, you'll continue to expect to encounter situations which confirm this, and when you don't you'll experience cognizant dissonance - you unconscious mind will be conflicted with your conscious experience. When you are grateful for a blessing because you know that you don't 'deserve' anything, you won't experience this, you'll just be able to be truly happy with what you have.

I hope that this is of some help. Remember, it isn't about hating yourself and your imperfection - it's about being grateful that despite all the work you still have left to do, the universe is none the less allowing you to be a co-creator of your own life, in a way blessing you with a kind of trust that you will make the correct choices and continue to grow into a more-perfect being.



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Brian 3

Hey Nik - Unworthiness - that's a word that humans have come up with to justify why we don't get what we want. There is no such thing as "unworthy" from your "inner being's" perspective - you don't have to deserve or be worthy to have be or do anything. Your inner being is amazed by you and loves you unconditionally and if you could do that too then you would also feel the joy of your own existance just because you are.


answered 16 Dec '11, 05:28

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thats an interesting spin on things thankyou <3

(17 Dec '11, 12:21) Nikulas

great advise....good to apply in all of life

(17 Dec '11, 23:10) Wanda

Hi Nikulas,

In my opinion the best way to deal with your feelings of unworthiness would be to try Stingray's Manifesting Experiment 4 or 5, which ever suits you better. This will help you deal with your feelings of unworthiness in a holistic fashion and I am 100% sure that you will get your results.

I can vouch for these processes because I am currently seeing some massive changes in my life while I am practicing these on a daily basis.

Hope this helps!

Keep releasing and keep achieving :)



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Barry Allen ♦♦

The ME 4 and 5 are really just ME 2 but in a much more detailed manner and related matter. I've yet to actually give them a go, for just reading the article for ME 4 is a challenge in itself. I do want more money so I'm going to use ME 4 for all my money issues......Someday hehe

Thanks for the input champ!!

(14 Dec '11, 13:18) Nikulas

If she likes you as well as you like her then there is an attraction not just one way but both ways. Within as much as you feel inadequate for her she as well may feel inadequate for you. This is a paradox that we think people are being "snobbish" and not talking to us like we are not good enough for them. Really they are feeling insecure and not good enough to talk to us, like feeling like "Why would he/she want to talk with me?" It is with this understanding that we all feeling these same feelings of insecurity can come to an understanding of ourselves. We are seeing things through a veil of perception from self judgement. We need exterminate these self-perceptions. Be as like the child that has none. Innocent and happily accepting everyone and being accepted by everyone just as he/she is, and with no conditions.


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Wade Casaldi

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"Combat the idea of unworthiness"?

Why would you combat a vibration you are offering? Wouldn't that just cause you to focus on that some more?

A point to ponder on. I would also highly recommend you approach the subject from inside the vortex - get in, start focusing on it until the vortex throws you out and repeat.


answered 13 Dec '11, 22:27

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My wording of the question isn't really what I'm asking, it's a just a general wording I could think of at the top of my head to get some information.

(14 Dec '11, 10:17) Nikulas

Dear Nikulas, No matter what you think of yourself just remember that there ae millions of people on earth who think they are unworthy. The problem with a belief of unworthyness is that many self sabotage themselves when it comes to getting what they desire. Why? Fear is the main factor here. Fear of failiure, fear of not being able to acheive, fear of maybe acheiving and then soon after loosing.

In your case it is a fear that the girl will think you are not good enough for her. If this is the case you are already gearing up to self sabotage youself so that later you can say to yourself I wasn't good enough for her.

Now here comes a suprise. That is not your decision to make. Yes that's right, it is not your decision but hers. Let her decide if you are worthy of her or not. Let her be the judge if you are worthy enough for her. If she realy likes you that already says that she thinks you are worthy as a person otherwise she wouldn't have given you the time of day. You said she likes you so that automatically makes you worthy no matter what you might think.

Work on your fear Nik by replacing it with love and gratitude. Be grateful and amazed and happy that this wonderful creature likes you and forget about yourself. When feelings of unworthiness pop up observe them and say to yourself how silly of me to feel this way after all everyone feels this way sometimes so it's no big deal.

Enjoy every moment for you are entering a period of your life where magic happens for there is no greater feeling on Gods earth than being in Love. I think you are falling head over heels Nik. Dive in and enjoy the ride and soon your fear will disappear. Yes you are more than good enough.


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Paulina 1

Hello Nikulas, for me it's a question of accepting us humans as we really are with all our qualities and defects ... this is a manifested 'dream girl', she is up there on a pedestal ... at some time or other she will descend and no longer be a dream ... that can be a cause of apprehension ... enjoy yourself.


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blubird two

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you know nikulas there is a old saying:if it looks to perfect it probably is not. also you should know this each good personnality factor has also a negative factor. example some one might have for good factor: patience. but for someone else that does not share that factor he will view it has slow to take action. and you can do that with all factor. so do you see that judging some one is stupid because you will be judge with the same mesure. but in your case you got what you wanted in those little boxes but do they cover all factor? what i would suggest to you is to get to know that person for a while and you will see how it goes. experience and enjoy.


answered 14 Dec '11, 01:43

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white tiger

please listen to this, my source explains this well. please listen from this part till the end.





answered 16 Dec '11, 14:08

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TReb Bor yit-NE

we all are worthy God loves you your brother and sister love you. even in this world your brother and sister love you, yes i agree some are confuse but eventualy they will wake up. so stop being lost and move out of that confusion. experience and enjoy.


answered 27 Mar '12, 09:49

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white tiger

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