I really want to know what you all think about this...I am not sure where I stand, so you will help me make up my mind. Why do so many people share these experiences if they are not real?


Merry Christmas 2011,


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I like this answer quite a lot, I especially look forward to hearing Rob's response. ^_^y . I even have a few thoughts on the subject myself, but I am too tired to share them for the moment. Good night, Jai. Sweet dreams of better days. ;)

(25 Dec '11, 12:13) Snow

Question*. My sleep deprivation is causing typos.. -_-

(25 Dec '11, 12:13) Snow
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This subject is a very serious one, indeed, and one which I have done an enormous amount of research on, from Betty & Barney Hill, Whitley Strieber, R. Leo Sprinkle, and Stan Romanek to Karla Turner, Budd Hopkins, Judy Carroll, and Linda Moulton Howe, amongst many, many others. This research also includes Miltary Abductions (MILAB), contactees, non-physical abductions, as well as experiences such as those of Simon Parkes. It is my educated understanding and gut-feeling that nearly, but not quite, 50% of the population on this planet has been physically abducted, whereas the remainder of the population has been non-physically abducted. The physical abductions seem to be associated primarily with what we term 'Greys' , 'Reptilians', and 'Mantises', as well as human Black Ops military. In some cases, all four or a specific three or two are involved in the same abduction scenarios.

The justification of abductions comes from the E.T.s themselves, as well as channelled E.T. entities, and self-proclaimed non-physical gestalt entities, some of which are also channelled. A recurring theme of justification for these abductions comes from ALL the above: 'You agreed to this on a higher level, but you do not remember consciously the agreement'.

In many documented cases of physical abductions, there is another recurring theme relayed to abductees: 'You are special. You have been chosen.'

For a time, during my research, I had to accept the possibility of the following, dissect it, and discern it to remove the veil of deception of its most simple justification for such actions, and to realise the much bigger picture.

'The Greys' were once human beings, like us, from an alternate Earth. Very possibly, they are remnants of the Illuminati sector of the Atlantian civilisation.

At some point in their evolution, 'The Greys' opted to follow the path of service-to-self, technology over spirituality, poisoning of their natural resources and planetary atmosphere, war over peace, and cloning physical vehicles so that they would never have to experience natural death, but rather transfer their consciousness from one vehicle to another vehicle - one genetically engineered from their DNA, waiting for them.

Through cloning, the 'Greys' defied the organic cycle of birth, death, and renewal, to an extent of no return. They thought they were above God (or Source) and did not understand the vital importance of natural propagation, natural birth, natural death, and natural renewal via integration with Oneness. They continued the practice of cloning amongst their species, resulting in atrophy of their reproductive organs, their bodies, their emotions, their passion and compassion, and their ability to love and understand love. And because of the poisoning of their planetary atmosphere, they took to living underground, propagating further their service-to-self, de-evolutionary path, before venturing out to colonise other planets, seemingly thought to be more suitable to their requirements and agenda of survival.

Cloning. I throw this in as an example. My example. One makes an audio tape from an external audio source - the original audio source. One copies that source. The audio tape becomes second generation and loses fidelity of the original source. Make another, and further fidelity of the original source is lost. Make another, and another, and another. Do you see what I am implying? The pure fidelity lies within its original source, not the copies. The more copies the less fidelity; the less purity.

Colonisation of unspoiled planets did not help 'The Greys' in their intended advancement and continued unnatural propagation, as they had already chosen the path of de-evolution, and now had to face the ramifications of their actions.

'The Greys' had long developed into negative entities. Their cloning procedures back-fired. They required and sought assistance. Being of negative polarity 'The Greys' entered into an agreement with the Ancient Reptilians, who showed 'The Greys' how to access gateways (wormholes) in the space-time (or is it time-space?) continuum of this Galaxy, and, more importantly, on the Earth plane, where a semi-compatible DNA is available.

It is important to note that E.T. abductors, through implants into the human brain stem (which is Reptilian) and reticular formation (which is also Reptilian), are able to control what we 'perceive' and how our bodies operate and react. But not entirely. The majority of our DNA -- which our Illuminati-controlled 'scientists' call 'junk DNA'-- is a pure strain Angelic DNA, of which 'Greys', 'Reptilians', and 'Mantises' are incompatible to, and cannot access or replicate, even though they try and try and try to do so through abductions and genetic engineering.

Are any of you familiar with implanted screen memories? This technique is very similar to our recall of dreams. When our consciousness leaves our physical vehicles during dream state, the true activity of our experiences outside our physical vehicles during this period are, upon reentry into our physical vehicles, scrambled and coded, and interpreted via the limited software (mind) of our organic computer (the brain). Anything our software (mind) is unfamiliar with will be processed with something our software IS familiar with. This is the reason why our dreams are so odd and difficult to understand.

However, with any software -- organic or otherwise -- the software can be breached. When this breach occurs we remember what really took place. We will often react to this as being a very vivid 'dream', but in fact, the experience was a real experience, not a dream.

Abductors -- both E.T. and MILAB working with E.T.s -- have developed a technique to implant false screen memories into the minds of their abductees, so the abductees will not remember what truly happened during their abduction. Barbara Bartholic was one of the few hypno-regression therapists that understood this. This is why I, personally, do not give too much credence to hypno-regression therapy and recall.

Anyway, there is a great deal of information out there regarding this subject. There are abductions taking place globally, far, far more than people think, know, or want to know. There are E.T. abductions and joint E.T.-human Black Ops military (MILAB) abductions taking place, both with different agendas. It is all very convoluted.

My love goes out to all those who have experienced and continue to experience these physical abductions.

This global phenomenon raises many questions for me. I say phenomenon as such isn't an experience in my perceived physical reality. I am aware of it just as I am aware of countries I have never experienced or people I know of whom I have never met.

One thing to consider, however, is if Bashar of the Sessani and Ishuwa of the Yahyel are to be believed in their claims, then the Grey-human hybrid agenda has already played out, even if such continues to be played in our perception of time as linear. Perhaps their spiritual assistance is in some way related to paying back karma for what the Greys have done to us (and themselves).

One thing that is crystal clear to me is the evolution of human beings is on a precipice. I used the word crystal and this is humourous and ironic, as our bodies will become more crystalline and less carbon-based. It is very likely this change is already occurring within us.

Regardless of whatever changes occur with the vehicles our consciousnesses reside in, we must remember the most important fact: what makes us human is not our physical vehicles, but rather our complex emotions, variety, richness, creativity, individuality, and capacity to love unconditionally.


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@TGunn Good morning. What you say sounds like a plausible time line. Although 50% abduction rate sounds quite high. Please continue.

(19 Mar '14, 02:03) ursixx

I once saw Fire In The Sky, and Communion, two very weird movies based on alien abduction.

(19 Mar '14, 02:21) Wade Casaldi

@ ursixx: I will, friend, and thank you. I get very teary-eyed when approaching this subject. In this incarnation, I have not been physically abducted, but non-physically abducted frequently by a reptilian-hybrid race, one connected to the Ancient Reptilians, of which I am connected to via my Over Soul. They love me, but I do not approve of what they do to other 'beings'.

(19 Mar '14, 03:03) TGunn

@ Wade Casaldi: Have you ever seen the unedited film 'Intruders'?

(19 Mar '14, 03:05) TGunn

@TGunn I'll try to find that movie, thanks!

(19 Mar '14, 17:49) Wade Casaldi

@ Wade Casaldi: The movie is from 1992, directed by Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows). It is THE BEST alien abduction film out there to date.


(19 Mar '14, 18:02) TGunn

@TGunn Thank you, I found the wrong Intruders movie. Thanks for the right one.

(19 Mar '14, 18:06) Wade Casaldi

@TGunn Whoa, this movie dives into what was hinted at in Communion! Making alien human hybrids may have a purpose for good or for bad. Like the movie says we don't know.

They could get them to look just like us but be loyal to them. We don't know but it seems that in maybe 16 to 20 years when these beings grow up we'll find out, but then will it be too late or something wonderful. One thing it is not evolution except maybe forced gene manipulated evolution.

(21 Mar '14, 02:40) Wade Casaldi

@ Wade Casaldi: It is very important to understand the difference between an actual E.T. abduction and a MILAB abduction, and one can only do this through heavy research on both subjects, accepting, dissecting, and using discernment. One will see certain patterns emerging that separate the two.

It is also important to note that there are planetary laws, even if they are not always adhered to.

(21 Mar '14, 04:00) TGunn

Souls from an E.T. Soul Group that wish to incarnate on Earth must incarnate through Earth's planetary Law, and this can only be done through a contractual agreement. The E.T. soul's Earth vehicle must be conceived via the coupling and procreation of an Earth human male and female. Once this link is established, the Soul Group of these E.T.s can now access, via the brave soul who volunteered to become a human and have his/her memory erased, human genetics.

(21 Mar '14, 04:34) TGunn

You have heard the term 'Starseed'? Pertaining to Earth, a Starseed is a first time incarnation as an Earth human. Sometimes more, but more often 'first time'.

(21 Mar '14, 04:38) TGunn

Non-MILAB abductees are Starseeds. A Starseed is a bridge. They do not know of their true origins, anymore than the rest of us do. But they and we will know. The time is now. Positive/Negative -- we are all of us tired of this game which has played out far too long.

(21 Mar '14, 04:45) TGunn

@ Wade Casaldi: BTW. Did you enjoy the movie, brother? :o)

(21 Mar '14, 04:46) TGunn

This regression session is very important. Not for the faint of heart! Note the implications of 'junk DNA'. Note also the presence of the Elohim.


(21 Mar '14, 06:23) TGunn

@TGunn Oh yes enjoyed the movie, it was much more suspenseful than Fire In The Sky or Communion and moved slower but after the movie gets half way or more it really gets freaky! When that boy turned around at the lake, I'd feel like I was in some alien monster movie if I saw that in person, wow, and that woman alien, wow! I have to wonder why looking part human seems more creepy than looking like the grays.

(21 Mar '14, 14:08) Wade Casaldi

@TGunn I have to look up MILAB, I never heard of it before your writing. I don't even know what that stands for.

(21 Mar '14, 14:11) Wade Casaldi

@TGunn I looked up MILAB, you did explain it. MIL is Military, and AB is short for Abductions. I thought each letter stood for something.

(21 Mar '14, 17:37) Wade Casaldi
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here is an old session abiout a group of people whoi were abducted


love n light



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TReb Bor yit-NE

good work my friend :)

(26 Dec '11, 07:20) blubird two

ty ny freind, love n light

(26 Dec '11, 13:19) TReb Bor yit-NE

Our bodies exist on a physical plane and are situated on an infinite continuum extending to both the outer and inner worlds ... "as above so below" ... we travel in mind inwards and outwards and any forms that we find there may or may not be objects of our own fabrication ... images that are not integrated into our consciousness risk to be projected ... and we could be tempted to believe that they're real.

have a great day


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blubird two

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Very Carlos Castaneda ;-)

(19 Mar '14, 02:06) ursixx

We think the food chain stops at us. The universe does not stop. It is a continuation to eternity and we are a speck. Don't make the universe personal. It does not fit. It is the other way around. We fit into it. With this perspective, it fits, and makes sense.


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The Knights Alchemy

"To serve man, I translated it, it's a cook book!" "We are only here to serve man."

Twilight's Zone or reality? Interesting...

(19 Mar '14, 02:04) Wade Casaldi
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