Ok, so I left this question as a comment on manifesting-experiment-1, but Stingray asked me to post a seperate thread for this, so here it is :

When we record our vibrational matches, aren't we focusing on the fact that our manifestion isn't here yet , but is only on the way to us? wouldn't that make us feel a bit needy for it too?

I do know the real reason behind it, as stingray explained in his experiment- which is to help you gain more confidence in the methods so that you will continue to do it, but I just feel that it clashes with step 2, leaving it to the universe.

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That does appear a bit paradoxical.

(24 Jan '10, 07:30) Vesuvius

Yes another paradox; really good question I think deserves more attention and votes. Golden post :)

(01 Dec '11, 13:49) Nikulas
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There are three ways you can react when you come across something in your life that indicates that something is happening towards your manifestation i.e. a vibrational match.

  1. You can react with positive emotion. Every time you notice something happening and you feel grateful or appreciative that something has happened, you are bringing yourself more and more into alignment with it (assuming you do not think about it in between those things happening). Here, noting down your vibrational matches is accelerating the manifestation into your experience.

  2. You can react with no emotion. I have this saying: The neutral point is your friend. What I mean by this is that not having any emotional reaction, positive or negative, about what you want will still enable that thing to manifest for you. This is a huge benefit. It means you never need to think about anything you want again and it will come to you. Notice that you don't have to spend hours daily doing affirmations, visualizations, meditations etc...just let it go and it will come even if you do nothing at all.

  3. You can react with negative emotion. This is the problem area. If you think of something and every time you think of it, you feel upset, angry, resentful, annoyed, frustrated (or any similar emotion) that it hasn't come yet, then you are keeping that thing away from you.

This last point is what you seem to be having an issue with, and this usually happens with things that you really want (i.e. things you have a big need for) because otherwise you wouldn't really be that bothered whether it has come yet or not.

The solution to this is to remember that you cannot have your focus in two vibrational places at the same time. That means that if you are feeling grateful or appreciative about something then you cannot also be noticing the absence of it.

Try to do both at once and you'll see that you cannot. You might be able to get your attention to switch between the two quickly but you won't be able to do them simultaneously.

This means that if you are noting down vibrational matches while feeling grateful or appreciative for them, you cannot be in a place of neediness for the thing in that moment.

And if you don't think about the desire again immediately after noting down the vibrational match, you have now left your desire in a better-feeling place than before. Your vibration on any subject always attracts from where you last left it.

Now your feeling about a particular subject could be so strong that you just cannot feel appreciation about it because you only keep noticing it isn't there yet. In that case, noting down your vibrational matches will not serve you.

However, in that case, I would question whether this box experiment approach would be the correct one to use because you may have crossed into desperate need for this thing you want.

You would be better off using a more direct approach of molding your vibration more deliberately. I haven't really gone into detail about how to do this but there are some tips here and Abraham's Ask & It Is Given contains some brilliant systematic methods for this.

In fact, deliberately moving your vibrational setpoint to Appreciation regarding what you want is the fastest way to manifest anything, and is the way I do it with my manifesting spreadsheet. I might try and share my own findings with this more deliberate approach in a future experiment. But I really need people to build up some confidence and experience in manifesting for themselves first and the box experiment is a fairly reliable way to do that if you approach it with the right mindset.

Hope this answers your question a bit.

By the way, just for the sake of having something really trivial to manifest as a kind of demonstration for the box-based approach, I thought I would try manifesting an answer on this website that had more than 10 votes...there's a special badge for that. Last week was very busy and, since it is not something I am at all bothered about, I hadn't got around to writing up the request properly...just noted down a few random thoughts late last week and was going to write it up over the next few days. Well, it manifested exactly while I was writing this answer about not getting too bothered about whether something manifests or not, which I thought was quite amusing. The notification just popped up at the top of my computer screen. The Universe has a great sense of humor if you look for it.


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So, actually to put it simply, am I right to say manifesting works best when you come from a state of appreciation and gratitude, which is why you should note down your vibrational matches to thank the universe that the thing you want is on the way, and manifesting also still works as long as you have no negative emotions towards it, which is why the need to forget about it?

(24 Jan '10, 16:42) kakaboo

Yes, I would agree with that. Most people (initially) find it hard to be appreciative for much in their lives - especially when they think that things are not going well for them - so it is easier at the start to simply have them forget what they want.

(24 Jan '10, 18:47) Stingray

Stingray, and I was the one to give you the tenth vote up. Really interesting that I fullfiled your wish by doing that.

(12 Feb '10, 19:22) Asklepios

Thank you, Asklepios. Yes, it's funny how these things happen :)

(12 Feb '10, 19:45) Stingray

Funny how we unknowingly fullfill the wishes of others. How easy to be manifested by someone :)

(17 Feb '10, 19:35) Asklepios

Let's say if I react with positive emotion (grateful and appreciative) or neutral emotions.

Do I have to act on vibrational matches?

E.g. I want a career in ..... and I heard from a friend about a possible opening. Do I pursue to ask for details and send in my application?

I have yet to put my requests in the box. Just want to clarify first.

(30 Sep '12, 21:38) mskityin

@mskityin, the answers section should only be used to provide answers to the original question and is not intended for making comments. If you wish to make a comment on an existing answer, please click on the "Add New Comment" link available under each answer. Thanks. I'm converting your "answer" into a comment.

(30 Sep '12, 21:45) Barry Allen ♦♦

@Barry Allen I see. Understand

(30 Sep '12, 22:52) mskityin

@mskityin - "Do I have to act on vibrational matches?" - No, you don't have to. Just because something presents itself as a bit of "evidence" that your vibration is changing (a vibrational match) doesn't mean it is some sign from the universe that it is important to act on. If you weren't paying attention to vibrational matches, you probably wouldn't even notice the multitude of them that are manifesting all around you all the time. You act when you feel clearly inspired to act.

(01 Oct '12, 06:49) Stingray
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Yes these are two different parts, you are confusing the letting go part with the focused part. When first focusing that is when you want to feel that strong vibrational match to your target.

Think of it like this you are a Zen Archer, you have the arrow in your hand and you are loading the arrow in your bow. You are in perfect harmony with the bow, arrow and target, all are one and the same. You are fully focused yet relaxed with a calm knowing that you will hit your target. This feeling is that you have already hit your target, everything is in perfect harmony, you pull back on the arrow aiming at your target with full confidence, relaxed even in this pulling that takes strength to do. Your breath is in perfect harmony with your pull and aim. Everything is in perfect place now you release the arrow, your part is done, the arrow is now flying toward it's target, if it hits it's target or not all depends on everything you just did. It is now flying quickly toward the target nothing you do now can change the fact that you set this arrow in motion. Because of this fact not only did you release the string holding the arrow but the arrow itself, all care, all concentration, all completely released. There is no hoping it hits the target, no worry about will it or not, no wishing it does just peace as it pierces through the target perfectly as you knew it would when you aimed for it.

Focus first then release knowing it will hit the target.


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Wade Casaldi

That's really a great analogy :)

(24 Jan '10, 16:41) kakaboo

I am glad it helps :-)

(25 Jan '10, 08:44) Wade Casaldi

Love your illustration Wade. It brings home the point.

(07 Mar '10, 22:23) Frank 1

Much thanks to you

(08 Mar '10, 07:11) Wade Casaldi

Thanks Wade.. This is important for me..

(16 May '10, 16:45) AVBhat 1

I am happy to help.

(20 May '10, 05:22) Wade Casaldi
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It is a manifesting experiment, and the keeping records of your progress, or none progress is the proper way to keep track of what is working, or is not work. You have to remember, we are doing an experiment to learn from each other, to know what is working, and what is not, and what do we need to do next, if we are not getting the result we are expecting.

An experiment is meant to enable us to experiment until we find what we are looking for, or to manifest the outcome we desire. It is a good way to boost up our belief, and faith as a grain of mustard seed. Let us all participate with an open mind, keeping in mind that we are doing an experiment; let us work together to learn from each, so that this experiment will be successful, and we can move on to a second such experiment.

This experiment is a good place to start, and we can all learn from it; we will get the result that is right for us. It will come in good time, so be patience, do not judge, manifestation can come in different ways, and when you least expect it. Let the Law of Attraction do its work for you, and remember the Universe has enough for all of us, and you will get your share of the Pie in due time.

The vibration matches are in motion, and working, therefore you have done your part of setting the wheel into motion. When, and where it will stop no one knows for sure, but the wheel will stop in time for you to get your share of the pie. Life is a cycle, and you have to let it run its course. The magic comes when you receive your gift, and when you are holding it in your hands, and suddenly you realize that someone is looking out for you; you get excited and you shout out aloud “Yes.” I did it; I did it. Thank you God; thanks to the Universe, and the Law of Attraction. I have my wish!

Now that you have faith, you can wait; and you now have the confidence that your wait shall not be in vain. Everything you need is right here in the universe for the asking. There is no shortage; there is enough in the universe for all of us to get our equal share. There is no shortage; see your cup full, and running over, and believe your cup will always be full, for there is no shortage in this universe where you live!


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