The bible said be careful how you treat strangers for you may be entertaining an angel. Do you think you would recognize a heavenly angel by its actions or whatever if you saw it in human form?

asked 11 Feb '10, 09:16

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They are not in Human form, but I believe I see Angels every time I look into the eyes of our Dogs. Unconditional Love is a very hard thing to miss, what a heavenly blessing animals are to us.

Love and Light


answered 12 Feb '10, 03:21

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Animals are a blessing for most show us unconditional love until they leave us with not asking for much in return. They are a comfort to you rather you are lonely with a room full of people are if you are alone. They can make you laugh with their tempermental ways and foolish actions and bring tears to your eyes of thier bravely to protect or help you in a time of need. God knew what he was doing when he sent pets to us to give us love and be loved. But I was talking about heavenly angels. Who knows Roy they can take any form they want for a time.

(13 Feb '10, 06:32) flowingwater

I understand your question Flowingwater but I really do not know if Angels can take on an actual human form.It's my understanding that only one Angel has ever walked the Earth in human form,and that was Enoch and he evolved into Archangel Metatron.So I'll stick with my dogs :)

(15 Feb '10, 02:31) Roy

But if you were to ask me if you can see them ,hear them and talk to them I'd say yes :)

(15 Feb '10, 02:35) Roy
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I am told that, if you go to India or the Himalayas where there are monks and other enlightened people, you can feel energy emanating from them.

If I encountered an angel, I would assume that they would have a way to impart some of their energy to me in a way that I would "know" that they are an angel.


answered 11 Feb '10, 15:06

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I believe so unless they choice to contained it but I believe they would let you feel it. Vesuvius

(12 Feb '10, 11:40) flowingwater

I guess it depends on your conception of an angel. If you mean the ethereal being who is the stereotypical picture of an angel, then probably not too many of us have seen one. However I choose to believe there are many angels on this earthly plane who minister to the sick poor and needy from a place of complete compassion - Mother Teresa was a prime example - and there are many more 'Mother Teresa's' out there that we are unaware of.

Lately I have noticed myself becoming more attuned or sensitive to other people's energy and I would love to be in the presence of someone like The Dalai Lama or Eckhart Tolle to feel the energy they emanate. I agree with Vesuvius that an enlightened person or an angel would have a way of radiating or imparting their energy that we would know or feel we were in the presence of something special.


answered 12 Feb '10, 12:49

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Those are human angels you are talking about but I was talking about heavenly angels. There presence will radiate pure energy and if they choose for you to know than you will know who they really are.

(13 Feb '10, 05:15) flowingwater

Human angels does a great service to mankind as a whole and like with Mother Tereresa her's was a great sacrifice of her self which she chose but you know with seeing so much pain, hurt, discomforts, deaths her heart got very heavy sometimes as a human and God was indeed the only one who held her up. For to have such high postive vibractional energy surrounded by such low vibrational energy will pull anyone down for a spell and she had to rely on Jesus to help keep her spirits up for the people who relied on her energy to lift them up. She reach out and showed love and compassion to so many.

(13 Feb '10, 05:20) flowingwater
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