It has been said by Abraham and some other channelled entities before that dreams are sort of like "downloaded" into our consciousness the moment we awake, which is why some of our dreams seem so vivid and real. If that is the case, why do one wake up from bad dreams ?

As in you sometimes feel that a bad dream or nightmare has woken you up from your sleep, but when you have a neutral or good dream you don't feel that way. But this shouldn't be the case, if the all dreams are only "downloaded" to your consciousness the moment you awake?

asked 20 Jan '12, 05:40

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Your logic escapes me.

(20 Jan '12, 18:18) Vesuvius

because there is no logic in the first place :)

(20 Jan '12, 20:02) kakaboo

@kakaboo - "because there is no logic in the first place " haha, love it

(21 Jan '12, 00:22) blubird two
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I would say you have cause and effect backwards here.

In my view, you wake up (for whatever reason) and then interpret the dream as "bad" through the filter of your current physical reality and then attribute the waking-up to the dream.

I've woken up many times in the past because I was laughing because I heard a joke in my dream or did something hilarious in my dream. I could, from the same line of thinking as you suggest, attribute the "good" dream as having woken me up, which I don't believe it did...I just woke up, that's all, and as I "downloaded" the dream as I was awakening and interpreted it, I started laughing.

Abraham have said we all dream night after night but we just don't remember most of them.

Dreams themselves are non-physical and therefore cannot be anything other than joyous experiences. All resistance is physically-based only. But we interpret those dreams through a physical-reality filter later when we wake up so any good or bad feeling we attribute to the dream comes from exercising that filter, not from the dream itself.

There is more information about this in I had a strange dream involving my husband which I cannot figure out. Can you help me interpret it?


answered 20 Jan '12, 06:24

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I am not entirely sure where the idea that dreams are downloaded on the way to waking up came from, but this is one of those things that, while our science has not revealed exactly the nature and reason for dreaming, has been documented. We dream for sometimes as much as 2 hours a night when we are healthy. All dreams do not take place in one specific instance, such as the moment of waking up, and there is brain activity specific to dreaming - it is partially a physical process, which is where one might say we engage the physical filter.

That said, outside of the physical being there is no such thing as pleasure or pain, no experience is either joyous or terrifying, because these are physical expressions; without a physical frame of reference we can't have a concept of these things because they rely on a context of sensation. It is important to identify and recognize the difference between the chemical/electrical nature of our physical being, and the ineffable, intemporal nature of our spiritual being. All experience is equal to a being with no sense of temporal continuity or spatial divisions. One could say that the physical aspect of our existence is the only context we are able to have when dreaming, and that all dreaming is a joyous experience only when we are able to center our awareness in the spiritual experience of being physical.

It is pointless to try and distinguish whether a dream is a 'bad dream' while dreaming or only after waking up. However, it may be simply that your experience in incomplete. I know I have had good dreams, usually very stimulating dreams, where I have awakened suddenly while in the midst of it. There is actually a very direct explanation for this. While dreaming, you're in a kind of paralytic state so that you don't run around your home in your sleep acting out the actions of your dreams. People who sleep walk, for instance, haven't had this process engaged properly, one of the several reasons this phenomenon happens. However, you still have access to most of your functioning brain - so that while dreaming your breathing and heart rate can change, your body may have spasms in response to physical reflexes engaged in your dream, and the whole spectrum of chemicals typically present during waking consciousness, including adrenaline, can be excreted by your glands while dreaming as well. Enough adrenaline, and you will wake up whether it is a good or bad dream.

While the spiritual and psychological aspect of dreaming is largely a mystery, and it's actual purpose is somewhat of a mystery, the physiological processes are not a mystery at all in terms of academic knowledge. The processes that occur and the reported correlation between dream experience and observed changes in the body is fairly thoroughly documented and still a subject of much research, largely because there is a great question being asked by all researchers summed up as, "Why the heck do we dream in the first place?" While scientifically we are not close to answering this question, it can be said that there is nothing mysterious about why we wake up during some dreams and not others. It's simply a matter of stimulation threshold under different circumstances.

Accepting the word of channeled entities is a risky endeavor. Never allow your own reason to be superseded by these types of people for two reasons: One, it is impossible to confirm that an individual is actually channeling a being from another planet/dimension/density/etc.; and Two, it is unreasonable to assume that because a being exists at a higher density/dimensional complexity than we do, that they have perfect knowledge of experience on our level. It is widely believed that higher dimensional being have an inherent ability to know the lower dimensions with some degree of perfection - and yet much of what the various entities supposedly say is not consistent with what all of the others say. One of the two above reasons must be true because of this.


answered 20 Jan '12, 11:57

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Thanks for your reply and welcome to the site :) but if I accepted channeled beings for everything they said I wouldn't be asking this question at all. I just agree that dreams are sort of like downloaded into our consciousness because it is what I personally have experienced multiple times - sometimes I feel like I have had like a few dreams which seemed to last hours in the last 5 minutes of my sleep and I always wondered why.

(20 Jan '12, 12:25) kakaboo

You may not feel it at 1st but when you have 4-5dreams in one particular night which you can remember you will know that feeling, its overwhelming

(20 Jan '12, 12:25) kakaboo

Have you ever kind of zoned out, lost track of time, and become mired in thought? When you suddenly realize you have lost track, it can seem like you were 'away' for a long time... but only a few minutes have past. I have practiced Dreaming and Meditation for a little over half of my life. I don't know that I retain all of my dreams, but I keep many of them. I have always tried to understand where the boundaries, or the gradient, between Matter and Spirit manifest in us...

(20 Jan '12, 17:47) VagrantDream

...Because of this, I like to stay abreast of just how some of these things work, what kind of answers we come by scientifically as well as where the, shall we say, trend is headed philosophically/spiritually. There is no hypothetical limit to the length of perceived time one can experience while dreaming. It is just information processesing, and your brain is a great deal faster than you are, you could say...

(20 Jan '12, 17:49) VagrantDream

...Because of this measurable element, I try to be careful not to suppose the mystical ahead of the measurable, or visa versa. There is no reason to assume that dreams are downloaded from another phase of reality. At least, not all dreams. Just as some inspiration comes spontaneously from the intuitive (unconscious) association of isolated ideas, as well as from a spiritual place revealing insight which sparks the creative process.

(20 Jan '12, 17:52) VagrantDream
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when the body sleep the spirit travels. when the spirit download back in the body the mind know about it. when you are lucid the mind is still link with the spirit. so the download is automatic. experience and enjoy.


answered 20 Jan '12, 18:24

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white tiger


white tiger, don't get up set, your point is valid just make sure that the need to go to the bathroom is ruled out

(20 Jan '12, 19:58) fred

thank you fred for this though i add wounder where it was coming from when i have use it today with constantine.

(22 Jan '12, 01:55) white tiger

? Am I too dumb to get what you 2 are talking about lol

(22 Jan '12, 02:48) kakaboo

me and fred never said that you are dumb kakaboo. do not think like this me and fred never judged you like this. and no we have not communicated together by phone or email or annything like that. it is just that the though bathroom was coming over and over when i was trying to answer constantine. and later on i have found fred message that was write before i have answer constantine. so you see it is not what you where thinking was it?

(24 Jan '12, 15:50) white tiger
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