I have for many years been interested in learning more about mental health and now am thinking of working more in that area. But I am already quite an emotional person and I'm afraid that it will lower my vibration even more listening to people's sad stories. On the one hand, I feel that I could maybe help others, but on the other I don't want it to affect other aspects of my life where I am trying to hold a high vibration.

How important are other people's vibrations to maintaining your own? Is it possible to be happy when exposed to other people's sadness? I am really trying to find my purpose and feel that this is one in which I could be helpful, but I don't want it to be at the expense of lowering my vibration and not allowing other good things to come into my life. I know that for many years i've worked in jobs I haven't much liked and I'm sure this has made it more difficult for me to be successful in other areas of my life and I don't want more of that. I would value people's opinions and experiences.

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Other people cannot activate a vibration that isn't already present in you. If something affects you and 'brings you down' it tends to be a vibration that was there already but perhaps you were not aware of it.

I think the key to helping others is just to be able to maintain a stable high vibration and then go out into the world, as you can offer an example of a positive vibration and lift others up.

My favourite Abraham quote is a definition of being totally stable in a high vibes - and then.... "If what you see doesn't bring you down, it's got to bring them up. That's upliftment."

Get stable in the high vibration and then, get in the vortex and then..... :)

* Here's Abraham talking about being in a high vibration and apparently rendezvousing with lower vibrations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fbxu9eqkQM


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Getting involved with people in lower vibrations didn't do Jesus much good, so probably best to steer clear...


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you mean it made Him one of the best-known and loved figures in the world? ;-)

(21 Jul '15, 21:29) Inner Beauty

I just prefer an easy life. A slow and painful death in return of universal acclaim is just not my thing I guess. But don't let that stop you :-)

(22 Jul '15, 02:14) cod2

Why are you assuming that people in mental health have lower vibrations and have "sad stories"?

I would agree that people who commit crimes like murder, rape and theft are of a lower vibration. But I have never thought of people suffering from mental health are of a lower vibration. Some of them might even possibly be of a higher vibration than most of us because they are freed of all the baggage and labels in society. Have you seen some people who are "mentally disabled" as labelled by others in public shouting and doing stuff they just like without caring about what other people think at all? They just live their life as they want it to be.


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I meant there are would be many with depression and anxiety or have experienced difficult life events.

(21 Jul '15, 21:31) Inner Beauty

it is not something caught by
being near, more towards having
uncontrolled fears holding your
life force for its own use

perhaps good experience,
if you see without blinders


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No. If you know what you know about The Abundance of The Universe then it doesn't matter what others think.


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