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Robert Heinlein, a science fiction writer of the 70's. wrote a book called , "Time Enough for Love", about a character who was seemingly immortal. Despite the "racy" content, it is a very thought-provoking book, and makes me wonder about what it would be like to live 3,000 years.

Would you like to be a Lazarus Long? Or would you rather stick to the status quo?

Blessings, Jai

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Barry Allen ♦♦

do not marvel at my saying:verily,verily,verily i tell you the flesh is flesh and the spirit is spirit. dust will return to dust and the light to the light. but many i tell you came empty and wants to remain empty.

(17 Jul '12, 17:20) white tiger

I remember watching some Bashar a while back and there was a very interesting idea put forward.

As you live more and more in the present moment with a feeling of excitement, the present moment becomes longer and longer...a bit like those times when you are so engaged in something that you suddenly realize that several hours have gone past and it is now the end of the day.

I'm paraphrasing but I believe Bashar was saying that it is possible to live your life that way and your physical life will actually extend as a result.

To others, it will appear that you are living an immortal-ish life but for you the passage of time (and experience) will still feel the same.

In effect, those moments of total engagement allow you to step outside of physical time.


Just stumbled across this snippet from Bashar, which I've not heard before, talking exactly about this idea...

Bashar - Staying Young


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Never a dull moment when you're answering questions. :)

(03 Mar '10, 19:32) Vesuvius

Plenty of time on my hands,'s the pesky immortality, you know :)

(03 Mar '10, 20:29) Stingray

Stingray,you write so wonderfully.Its so amazing to read your thoughts,views and ideas.I cannot resist asking you ..where are you from?I always feel If I could give you infinite no. of award points .

(17 Jul '12, 05:25) insilentpain

Can I take the liberty of asking you to provide your valuable comments for my earlier question.I came back moment after wrote earlier comment.

(17 Jul '12, 05:28) insilentpain

@insilentpain - "where are you from?" ...most of the time these days, I hang around on the third rock from the Sun :) Which earlier question are you referring to?

(17 Jul '12, 05:41) Stingray

:( I meant which country are you from..Iam from India.But I liked your answer :):)..The question is:

(17 Jul '12, 05:48) insilentpain

@Stingray, I think it was Einstein, who suggested that faster moving particles age slower.

(17 Jul '12, 05:49) CalonLan

@insilentpain - I don't believe in the man-made concept of countries so I refuse to answer your question on moral grounds :) But, if it helps, I'm currently in the Northern Hemisphere. Next week, I'll be in the Southern Hemisphere. I think @Nikulas pretty much wrote the kind of thing I would have written there. It's worth reading how @Nikulas has "evolved" on IQ - read his earlier stuff and then the stuff he is writing now. It's a public journey from depression to joy - very inspiring.

(17 Jul '12, 05:59) Stingray

@Stingray,Iam even more happy to know your belief.One thing I can say is God bless you..your posts are turning my thoughts for sure.Just wanted to ask any help/link/notes you got for meditation as Iam a aggressive,tensed person.And right now Iam in deep depression.I wish to calm down and to be at peace for my entire life ahead,something I wish to change about myself since 5 years.

(17 Jul '12, 06:10) insilentpain

@insilentpain - You're welcome. I like Abraham's meditation advice . Remember that every day is chained to the next day vibrationally. So while it may seem difficult at first, you carry on where you left off each day, and everyday it becomes easier and easier until eventually it becomes effortless. If you can do it for 30 days consecutively, I guarantee you'll be a different person :)

(17 Jul '12, 06:17) Stingray

@Stingray-Thanks a lot,Iam gonna follow it devotedly and report you back my progress. :)

(17 Jul '12, 06:37) insilentpain

@insilentpain - Good. And if you don't like it, you can have your money back :)

(17 Jul '12, 06:47) Stingray

@Stingray- Cheers for the compliment man, that put a smile me on quicker than the speed of light. And cheers for, ah, everything you've ever written as well, in case no-one's thanked you yet.

(17 Jul '12, 08:42) Nikulas
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With immortality we could visit other planets, establish colonies, travel to other galaxies, it does not matter if it will take ten billion years no big deal that is drop in the bucket compared to eternity.

Our knowledge would increase over all these years maybe we would know every language of Earth fluently, think of it with all this time to spend learning we could achieve totally amazing feats.

Aging would have to be conquered as well as degeneration of the brain, it would be a horror to live forever in a state of Alzheimers and not be able to take care of one self. On the other hand living forever like this eventually when they find a cure you can be cured.


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Wade Casaldi

Living forever, you lose the drive. There's no need to prioritize, no need to grow, improve, no fire within. The pressure is taken of you. I could see how one goes on a billion years wasteful limb. You can see what happens, even today people act as if they had forever to live. And that makes them live dull lives.

See how approach to life game changes if you think today is the last day of your life. You live quite fully that day.


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Personally, I would not want to be immortal. I don't like the idea of outliving all of my loved ones and eventually being alone in the world with no one to share everything with.

But, (you heard that but coming, didn't you?) on the other hand, if one was immortal there would be no fear and you could do anything you wanted to do such as sky diving or cliff diving, traveling the entire world, going into the future without even realizing it. That would be exciting.

I am probably missing the whole point here, right? But just to answer the original question, I'd rather go to wherever our souls go after our physical body dies and be reunited with all my loved ones that have already passed and prepare to return to life in a new body with a new family in order to learn even more lessons.



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The idea of immortality has fascinated humanity even since the invention of storytelling. But what has been the realm of myth and fiction is now being explored as a possibility. Scientists are talking about the very real possibility of extending our lives to a couple of hundred of years. Many believe that the first batch of people living to 200 years of age are living today.

Furthermore, the possibility of immortality is considered a certainty by many channeled beings such as Bashar, Abraham-Hicks, and others. Moreover, Russian scientist-mystics have developed work that they believe makes immortality a reality. The most prominent is the controversial figure, Grigori Grabovoi (you can find his work all over the internet, on, and I know people who work with his system who claim to have helped a woman grow back her ovaries, and other organs, among other miraculous stuff.

You can also look at the work of Vadim Zeland, another Russian who developed Reality Transurfing. He is a quantum physicist who developed a system using principles of quantum theory to create your reality. One of his students, Renee Garcia, claims to have reversed her age by 15 years using his techniques. She is on YouTube and also has a Facebook group. You can find Zeland's books on Amazon and also find his audiobooks on YouTube.

Also, there is the work of Julie Renee Doering ( who claims to use the quantum realm to regrow organs, increase longevity, cure cancer, and has many testimonials from a gallery of Who's Who in the self-development field who swear by her work. The most notable is Jack Canfield who went through her Brain Rejuvenation program after developing age-related memory problems. He claims her program fixed this.

So long story short: there are some incredible techniques available. While you should have a healthy amount of skepticism, a lot is changing in our world.

Could it be that our rockets of desire through the Law of Attraction has made some of these things a reality?


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