Just a point of view Law of attraction works automatically where the thought is negative or positive, wanted or not, it will shown in the universe when the mind set it and keep thinking about it unconsciously or consciously

What we are doing, using Abraham teachings, Bashar, or whatever method is intentional, deliberate thinking, stimulating law of attraction to work for us, because it is so much powerful when it works automatically without our stimulating. That is why we believe it does not work all the time I mean when we want it to work, then its work is not automatic, personal and spontaneous, we are interfering, sometime support others resist and the results differ.

Our native thoughts are negative as a matter of protection, some of my fiends comment ‘okay I want to think about the negative result so I would not be disappointed’ I am talking about the non LOA appliers, those who let it (the LOA) to work automatically without their interfere or even knowing and they got marvelous results whatever they are negative or positive, they get their thinking since they do not resist them or even support them, they do not recognize the whole process or if there is one referring it to their luck, god, praying, …. They think negative they got it, positive also got it.

Lately I had a thought, it wasn’t a real manifestation process, just some thought, I said what will happen is that and NOT that, and what happened is the NOT with no time. It wasn’t a thing I want it to occur just a hint in my mind, and LOA bring me the not as I thought about it, which let me wonder:

Is it about mind power more? (the manifestation I mean) When I focus and practice it comes, only then. And is LOA something magnetic more, universal and much automatic respond to the pure vibration even when you resist it, the healthy resistance of focusing and affirmations, and that vibration could be unwanted but as it is pure it comes, then the need to focus, the process, EFT, and and which close to mind power more?? Is there a need to my confusion? Or they are just the same? The intentional and spontaneous one? LOA and mind focusing?

'If LOA is obedient why should I work on it?', the beginners first comment My comment is why should I work that much on it? where will be then its advantage,unique and the feelings of desires as they could be expired.

Thanks in advance

asked 27 Feb '12, 08:18

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the order in nature is constantly changing
evolving, unfolding and more aware
how much wisdom have we stored
or fine tuning of perceptions,
a will detached from desire


answered 27 Feb '12, 21:09

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Well Rola, I am not an expert of LOA but I think one’s attention automatically drawn to negativity or on lack when someone starts to apply LOA .To avoid negative feelings becomes much harder. That’s why the success rate is very low. As Rob stated in this reply.


Yes I agree that those who do not know about LOA sometimes have much success than who know all the mechanics. The key here i think is playfulness and feeling easy.Don't stress yourself for wanted result.just enjoy the moment and leave the end result up to universal intelligence.


answered 28 Feb '12, 00:35

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To speed up manifestation of what we want we need to shift our belief paradigm from scarcity to abundance. Joe Vitale talks about it here. This new thought of abundance is similar to the Kingdom mind set, we have to realize when we accepted Jesus as our personal savior we inherited the Kingdom of God. There is no scarcity here, it is God's Kingdom and we are the Kings as Jesus is the King of Kings. Every good thing is here for us, Health, Healing and Wealth. Every time we have a negative experience we need to think of what belief would someone have to experience this negative thing? Then choose a better more serving belief to put in its place that matches the Kingdom mindset. Always think is this worldly or Godly? God has no limitation. So where is this belief? We need to weigh our own beliefs. Are they excuses and justifications, or acceptance of responsibilities with the willingness to change to something better?


answered 28 Feb '12, 01:36

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Wade Casaldi

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