Our starting premise is:

With that out of the way, my question is: Can we therefore predict with pinpoint accuracy exactly what is going to happen and when in my life?

How does the universe decide what event to physicalise in my reality and how does it decide exactly when that event should occur?

Let me illustrate.

Long back, one day, I had a desire. It just flashed in front of my eyes, a "wouldn't it be nice if..." kind of thought. I never thought about it since. Suddenly, it has now manifested. You would say that it has manifested because I am now vibrationally aligned to that wish.

Which is fine, but how do I know exactly what wish I am now, at this exact moment, vibrationally aligned to?

Another example. Many times in the past I have had so called negative imaginations, like many people do... "what if my car got stolen..." etc. Nothing of that sort has ever physicalised. However I have in the past had many instances of people being aggressive or rude to me, motorists cutting me off, etc., etc. You would say I was feeling negative and the universe sent me events to match my vibration.

Which is fine, but how did the universe decide what exact event to send my way? Did it sift through all my past visualisations, and said, "Nope, none of those matches this particular vibe, so I'll manufacture a fresh event to match it"?

Why do we sometime get events that make us feel "This is what I always dreaded", and some other time "I never dreamed of such a thing happening to me"? What determines what kind of event you'd get?

Finally: timing. How does the universe decide exactly at what moment an event to manifest?

Let me illustrate. Suppose in a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the happiest), I am generally hovering between 3 and 5. A 'negative' event occurs, but at that exact moment I was at 7 or 8, i.e. quite happy. I am now thoroughly confused by the events. I seemed to be coasting just fine when I was 3 to 5, but now get this when I am 8? How does that work?

At other times, I got immediate feedback. I was feeling terrible, and more things happened straightaway that made me feel even more terrible.

So how does the universe decide when to do what needs doing?

What is the point of this rambling?

If LOA is a law, it must be a exact, measurable, predictable and repeatable.

If I can work out the precise logic the universe follows to decide what to manifest and when, that means I effectively know my own future before it happens!!! I can say that today for 37 minutes I was at mood level 4, but the rest of the time I was between 5.1 and 7.78, therefore based on my calculations, I'll get a flat car battery tomorrow at 8.06am, but not to worry, my neighbour will help me out.

Now I know what you are thinking. How do you know when you are at mood level 7.78 and not 7.5? Can we ever measure our mood with that precision? I take that point on board, but still, the principle stands.

What are your thoughts on this?


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Great question. Do you think you would really want to know? It's fun to watch how the universe pulls things together, in ways your limited mind could never have conceived of. However, I remember reading somewhere that @Stingray's spreadsheet had the potential to track the rate of manifestations in a certain graph, I think. I'd love to hear his take on this.

(21 Nov '14, 15:33) Bluebell

Great! I think we can actually predict future events, but we can't predict when will they happen

(21 Nov '14, 15:49) Marin

Perhaps we should call "The Law of Attraction" something less finite- like "The Rule of Attraction". Isn't it impossible to put an exact figure on a mood? Something to ponder...

(21 Nov '14, 18:28) Jaianniah
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Can we reduce Law of Attraction to an exact, predictable, repeatable science?

It can't be a Science because (traditional) science deals with the paradigm that there is an Out There that can be studied independent of ourselves.

If you are going along with a Law of Attraction physical reality model, this cannot be the case.

In the Law of Attraction model, there is only In Here, and Out There is a reflection of it.

And Out There only exists for others who are playing the physical reality game when enough of them ("the observers") think the same way that they can vibrationally perceive (with their physical senses) a common Out There to agree upon.

Of course, all their Out There perceptions are just reflections of their own agreed-upon In Here focusing and are not because of some absolute unchanging Out There. (See Do scientists just make up their own answers?)

You cannot go down a physical-evidence Science-based route because you cannot force others to think the way you do and perceive the way you do. I can tell you all day long about things that happen in my reality but until you are on the same vibrational level and are perceiving in broadly the same way as me, they won't exist for you and you won't accept they happen.

alt text

For example, on this website Inward Quest, we get these threads from time to time about how great certain people on the site are in guiding and teaching others. But that's really looking at it the wrong way.

For me, I've been basically saying the same thing on this site in different ways for more than five years. I find it to be an ongoing stimulating intellectual challenge to think of yet another way to repeat myself :)

And I've been listening to Abraham for a couple of decades saying the same thing in different ways. And before that, and before the Internet, I've been coming across many others saying the same thing repeatedly in different ways.

So it's not that I, or anyone else, is a great teacher or whatever (I'm certainly not), it's that an Observer who wasn't on the vibrational level of that information previously has now finally brought themselves to the level where they can perceive the information that was always there before, and being repeatedly said by so many others.

It didn't matter that the information was Out There already, it was only when the Observer of it was ready to Observe that it was there that it became a part of their reality. And who they then decide outside themselves to credit for their own change in observational attitude is really quite irrelevant :)

So when you say...

Can we reduce Law of Attraction to an exact, predictable, repeatable science?

...the "exact, predictable, repeatable" part that you are alluding to in your question is that of a vibrational journey (not a physical Science-based journey) because it can only be personal and perceptible to you. It's only up to you to decide when a manifestation happens because there is no such thing as a manifestation outside your perception of it.

The truth is that once you've thought of something, you've manifested it.

Everything else is just about playing observational games with yourself and others so you can tune into that briefly-held thought again (we call those briefly-held thoughts, "desires"), and you can play those games in whatever way you want. See What should I tell the 'concerned' people around me when things have not yet manifested?

If you want others to agree with you that you've manifested something, you now have to find ways to bully them somehow, and at some level, into perceiving that thought in a similar way to you :)

So a statement in your question like...

how does the universe decide when to do what needs doing?

...doesn't really make sense because there is no Out There universe doing anything or deciding anything. It's all you and your personal vibrational journey of perception.

And the idea of that vibrational journey, as far as most humans on this planet at this time are concerned, translates into an Emotional Journey...and that journey can be quantified using the Emotional Guidance Scale...

alt text

The yellow boxes in the diagram above are some predictable aspects of this personal emotional journey of realignment with that "thought of desire"...a "frequency", if you like.

Physical reality itself is really a menu of those available frequencies, along with physically-projected beings who are choosing (consciously or not) to perceive selections of them and thereby include them into their own physical reality experiences.

It's going to be a tough job to predict the outcome of blending your choice of frequencies with those already offered by billions of others currently alive, along with the countless other vibrational offerers who have focused on physical reality before. And let's not even get into the time-is-an-illusion so past-present-and-future-are-all-NOW business here :)

Even if you could somehow blend together all the vibrational factors, even if you could somehow predict how all the frequencies will mish-mash together, even if you could somehow highlight a particular frequency to tune into to empirically proclaim that a manifestation has occurred in a "scientific way", you still can't (as I said above) control another's observation of that frequency.

So you can tell people all day long that you are manifesting your life "exactly, predictably and repeatably" in a science-based way and they still won't believe you :)

Probably easier to just stick to finding ways to feel good and letting your life sort itself out :)


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good answer

(22 Nov '14, 11:23) Inner Beauty

Hi @Stingray, Let's say I am not interested about convincing anyone else about the 'science' and predictability of LOA. I am interested only about predicting my own upcoming physical realities which only I control. Can I do that?

(22 Nov '14, 12:12) cod2

@cod2 - Isn't that what the vibrational spreadsheet is about - a trial-and-error approach to constantly fine-tuning one's personal vibrational offering? As Abraham have said (to me, in fact), it's all about the projection of thought with a pure intent without doubt. But your results with the tool will be unique to you for the reasons outlined in the answer. To me, it controls the Universe. To others, it might just be a spreadsheet :)

(22 Nov '14, 13:23) Stingray

@Stingray, I understand your reference to the vibrational offering, but does the spreadsheet allow you to predict exactly when a particular manifestation would occur?

(22 Nov '14, 14:21) cod2

@cod2 - No, it doesn't give you exact times/dates. What you want comes to you automatically at the best time for you to receive it. What could be better than that? :) Often a desire to control the process more tightly stems from an underlying lack of trust in the process which, ironically, stands in the way of the process. It's like people that want to win big on the lottery; it often stems from an underlying fear that they might not otherwise attract money when needed so better hoard it all now

(22 Nov '14, 14:45) Stingray

@Stingray - what or who then determines the 'best time' and why should the best time not be now? Are you suggesting maybe that the 'best time' is when you have 'let go' in some way - the Law of Allowing?

(22 Nov '14, 18:20) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - "what or who then determines the 'best time'" - You do: The Bigger, Broader You with the higher viewpoint. See Is life really just about living in a state of bliss? Ignoring Broader Self and trying to force Physical Self (with its limited "vision") to take on its role is a great recipe for a painful life :) "Letting Go" just means Physical Self agreeing to let Broader Self get on with its job :)

(22 Nov '14, 18:51) Stingray

thank you @stingray for always replying and helping. The way I see it then from what you say is that there is always something higher than your 'conscious' self that somehow knows more and perhaps the more you come to know and be one with that 'higher' or 'broader' self, the more you will be in control.

(23 Nov '14, 07:12) Inner Beauty

@Inner Beauty - You got it :) All this "Feeling Good" stuff is about is that Physical/Broader Self alignment so you become a Whole Person. When you are that whole person, life becomes truly delightful. You become an explorer of physical reality instead of a sufferer of it. Where many go wrong is to only rely on Physical Self (ignoring their emotions) but it's self-crippling to do that. Many do apply these manifesting ideas without Broader Self's involvement - and that's a bumpy ride :)

(23 Nov '14, 07:24) Stingray

That's a brilliant comment @Stingray - one of your best. Really clarifies the matter and focuses mind.

Thank you.

(23 Nov '14, 08:03) cod2

@cod2 - I like what Stingray said too. The 'feeling good' is about becoming a Whole Person. I'm pretty sure it's not about predicting and controlling your life minute by minute. The end result of the process is definitely something greater than having every physical desire manifested.

(24 Nov '14, 13:15) Inner Beauty
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Wow @Cod2. I would be very surprised if anyone could give you an accurate answer to that question! Not that there is no overarching Universal law that might be acting, but I don't think that in our current state of consciousness we would be able to understand all the laws in the Universe that would go into creating any specific event. Very likely, there are much higher level laws happening that shape events in addition to the ones you listed such as the law of attraction and emotional vibration. I think if there was such a minute by minute relationship of our emotions with events, human beings would have long recognised that and acted accordingly. Also the probability of any event happening would probably depend on the vibrational states of others. So if you were to come across a very angry person at a time you are feeling good, that may not protect you from being attacked. I guess there will be people on this site who might suggest a formula for predicting events as you suggest, but I truly doubt that anyone has yet penetrated this mystery, at least no mortal human being. If you ever find out the answer ... please share though! :-)


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Inner Beauty

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Hi @inner-beauty, I see what you are saying, but then we humans should have named it "The General Guidelines of Attraction of Which We Understand Very Little", and not something as grand as The Law of Attraction".

(22 Nov '14, 09:05) cod2

yes, that's exactly true in fact. "If anyone thinks he really knows something, he has not yet learned it as he ought to know it."

(22 Nov '14, 11:30) Inner Beauty

This is a very relevant question for which no objectively satisfying answer can be easily provided because you are dealing with the basis of all reality i.e. your Self (: or consciousness :) of which "objectivity" is a child or a creation. Objectivity is an illusion of imagination.

Language is a result of objective consciousness and whenever we use it we tend to objectify the ideas. Don't get me wrong - language is very useful but once you're dealing with the Source of all things i.e. your Self or the Unified You, it starts to become problematic because you're referring to the Law in an objective manner as if it is somehow separate from you. Truth be known, there is no "law", there's just YOU i.e. your Unified Undifferentiated Consciousness (: Divinity :) which is the same as everything and everyone "else" (: there's no "else" actually :). This "law" we keep talking about since it is convenient to talk that way using language is just YOU and all that is being said is that YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THAT WHICH YOU FUNDAMENTALLY ARE no matter what form it might assume.

In terms of predictability, you ALWAYS achieve 100% correspondence because the form MUST reflect the general state of mind. The degree to which you can determine the detail is related to how much you know of your own state of mind and how long you maintain that state, we like new experiences so we deliberately create change as we move our consciousness through different states along the illusive timeline we call "life" and as we change we alter the consciousness so it's not that easy to pin down while experiencing things objectively. Further subjecting consciousness to a test brings in doubt which is but a belief in experiencing something contrary to what one is focused which in itself is a point of focus and therefore you will still experience what you focus but thinking your experience is not correlated to your perception. This is out of reach of objective science which is but a creation of the parent which is your consciousness.

In short, the word "law" is just for convenience of communicating the idea. Fact is, there's no law, there's just YOU and all that you experience regardless of form must at is core be YOU. There's no escaping your Self is all that we're saying.

Let me know if this helps in some way.


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if not your first time in a
human form with prior
choices made on what to do,
you discount that effect now


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