A while back, I asked a question about premonitions. I have been having a feeling of foreboding for about two weeks, and I got to wondering if my "feeling" was somehow altering reality in such a way as to cause the future incident.

Is this possible? Or am I hooking into some as yet unknown force that is telling me, warning me, that something bad is going to happen soon? What do you think?



asked 01 May '12, 02:34

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Kathleen Kelly ♦♦

What is your track record Jai?
Wow often do they come absolutely true?
I wonder if you let go and let it happen and believe that parties concerned will make it through.
If you try and try and move up your feelings from doom and gloom. To prepared and readiness.
You believe thoughts become things so change those thoughts and see what happens.


answered 01 May '12, 02:56

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