i have a question.. how do you know when you're psychic ? because i feel that i am because i always hear my name called or something and i've read my cuzins mind a few times and also when i close my eyes or if I'm in the dark i see pictures and patterns and something coming toward me .. it looks like a brain or something.

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Really, everybody is "psychic" because we are all able to perceive vibrationally without the use of our physical senses.

It's just a question of how much you are going to let yourself remember that you can do all of these things naturally and not try to label it as something unusual.

In implying that something is unusual, like using the word "psychic" to mean an ability that only certain people have, you make it more difficult for yourself to access those abilities in future.

I would reframe your general approach as being "I know I'm psychic. Now what fun stuff can I do with my abilities?"...and see what happens.


answered 23 Aug '12, 03:48

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