It seems to me that discussions about lucid dreaming are often tinged with a bit of fear; that advice on how to empower yourself in dreams is given with a little hesitation and at least implied warning, but I haven't found why this may be, or what the pitfalls could be in such a practice.

This feeling has always made lucid dreaming seem a bit spooky to me, and I've found myself shying away from what would otherwise be something I would happily jump into and poke around at, just to see what would happen. :)

Does anyone else feel this way? That there is some vague, foreboding cloud hanging over the subject? What could this be?

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well the only difference from lucid dreaming and normal dreaming is that you are aware and in control. so you could compare it with taking the bus and driving a car. it is not the time to fall asleep,you need to make wise choice and not be afraid or panic,and learn from the experience. as for the danger the darkness you might meet dark one that will try to make you fear,because they feed on your fear,so be the light that you can be and cut their food supply, a good signal that there is a dark one is when you start to lose control of the dream you usely feel it,and you start to notice that the dream is not quite going like it should,in time like this seek the dark one,before things go farther, and kick him out,he has no business taking control of your dream.example:a fee month ago i have meet one that was looking for a sharab to have fun and get a little piece of soul. at first i did not know what was a sharab but the second part i knee that it was not very good. so i told him i am not a sharab go away.


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white tiger


"... you need to make wise choice and not be afraid or panic..." I think that must be the answer I'm looking for. I suppose you could have a bad experience in an environment where anything can happen, if you are afraid or you panic. That makes sense. Thanks, @white tiger.

BTW what is a sharab?

(04 Oct '12, 18:33) Grace

i have search sharab on the net and it seams it is meat alcool youth. so probably that he was looking for someone drunk to have is fun.

(04 Oct '12, 18:41) white tiger

I have never found any danger in lucid dreaming. In fact not only have I never found any danger I have turned nightmares into my own victories every time I have a nightmare.

I have done very many amazing things in lucid dreams. I once met Freddy Kruger and fought with him beating the stuffing out of him! That was the last he met me in my dreams.

Jai wants me to tell you about the chainsaw fight dream I had and have already written about but here it is again anyway. As far as answering your question I don't know what this pertains to the answer but here is the dream: I was confronted by someone that wanted to kill me with a chainsaw. We were fighting, I was trying to keep his arms with the chainsaw away from me. All of a sudden, I thought this is ridiculous! I don't need to fight this, I am light and made of light! I can't be hurt! I stopped fighting and grabbed his arms and pulled the chainsaw through my middle across me cutting myself in half. I looked at him and said, "Ow was that supposed to hurt?" I said it in a sarcastic tone to him actually. He dropped the chainsaw screamed and ran away from me. That was the end of that dream.

I remember I had a dream of a witch releasing a swarm of bees after me as they flew towards me I made a U turn gesture with my finger and the bees turned around and attacked the witch.

Another time someone was trying to run me over with a snowmobile as she raced towards me, I put up my hand and waved it like I made an invisible wall. She crashed into this invisible wall right in front of me.

Another time a monster was chasing me and I couldn't think of what to do. The monster had these scissors he was trying to stab me with. Finally, in desperation I yelled CUT! The whole dream stopped and became a movie set and we were actors playing parts in a scary movie we were filming. I acted angry and said you call this acting? Look at him his makeup doesn't even look real and this script sucks! Everyone was trying to apologize and saying lets try this over again! I said NO forget it, it's ruined now, I'm through, I'm leaving! I walked away while everyone else stood there dumbfounded! lol

I have had many many years of lucid dreaming and I am still here to tell about them.

I have walked across lakes, flown through TV sets, and into old movies, I have walked through walls and through mirrors. I have walked up walls and on ceilings. I have been shot and cut and fallen out of the sky thousands of feet to slam to the ground and still I am here alive to tell you about it. I have called down lighting and vaporized four grim reapers that were after me on horseback. I have stopped time, reversed time then restarted time. I have created earthquakes that swallowed up vampires and zombies that were after me. I have flown while laying down, standing up and sitting down in a lotus position. I have changed night into day, and even held my hand out and to take a riffle away from someone that was getting ready to shoot me. The riffle just flew out of his hands flipped through the air maybe 20 feet and landed in my hands pointed at him.

If there was any danger involved in lucid dreaming I guess I would have experienced it a long time ago. I have visited heaven and hell by my will. I have been at the bottom of the ocean walking around in my dreams, I have traveled through solid rock. If anything gets "out of control" you wake up. When you get scared if you are astral traveling you jump back into your body. That is why your body sometimes jerks when you wake up. Like if you are falling and you wake up and your whole body jerks like boom you landed in bed. You actually did, you jumped back into your body.

[Jai here] I told you he was the absolute king of Lucid Dreams!!!!


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Wade Casaldi

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"I yelled CUT! The whole dream stopped and became a movie set and we were actors playing parts in a scary movie we were filming. I acted angry and said you call this acting? Look at him his makeup doesn't even look real and this script sucks!" LOL. very nice, while reading i had to laugh and you put me into the vortex right now. thanks :)

(04 Oct '12, 05:51) releaser99

Yes the only way I could think of out of that dream was to think of it as a movie and us as actors. I then played the part of a temperamental actor that gets mad and walks off set! There was no way I was going to "Try it again!" lol

This monster had one eye hanging out and an ugly face. I think I saw him in a Creature Feature Chiller movie many years ago. He did look pretty real but I wasn't about to let on I was actually scared.

I did that a few times that I remember.

(04 Oct '12, 11:19) Wade Casaldi

LOL! WOW! @Jai you weren't kidding! @Wade Casaldi this is wonderful! I think I like the angry primadonna actor best, myself! Those are wonderful dreams! You are a pro. I have to give this a try. :) Thanks for sharing your stories.

(04 Oct '12, 15:41) Grace

@Wade, how I wish I can do the same in my dreams. I do dream, I know I do, but when I wake up, I simply don't have any recollection of them. When I was young, I dreamed wonderful dreams. I cannot remember what are those dreams, all I can recall are the wonderful feelings, yes, I felt those wonderful feelings right now as I am writing this comment, I know it is about my dreams long ago but I cannot remember the dream.

(12 Apr '13, 09:47) Romel
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There is no danger, Grace. In fact, lucid dreaming means that you, the dreamer, are in the driver's seat. That is the joy of lucid dreaming.

Wade is a lucid dreamer, and he will tell you the most amazing things he does while dreaming lucidly! But that is for Wade to tell. I have only mastered lucid dreaming as far as stopping my nightmares.

I suffer from bad nightmares, and Wade has encouraged me to take control in these dreams. So far, the best I have been able to master is to be able to say to myself, "This dream really sucks. I am going to wake myself up." And I do. But I am sure that one day, I will turn on my dream enemies, and vanquish them. Wade says it will come with time.

I hope he answers this question. He has some amazing dreams to share.

As far as I know, there is nothing spooky about lucid dreaming.

Blessings to all,



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Thanks, @Jaianniah. I'm beginning to wonder where I'm getting that sense of warning/foreboding from...

(04 Oct '12, 15:38) Grace
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