Hi everyone,

I've been clearing stuff up regarding money, getting a job (I'm currently unemployed) and some other things in my daily vibrational routine.

Several opportunities have manifested, things that truly appear in an effortless way and feel to be just right, they seem vibrational matches to the work that I've been doing. Then, I see those opportunities dissolve into nothingness. It's a really weird thing. This has happened before and I'm in the process of clearing those feelings, situations, etc.

To give you 2 small examples, I was messaged personally through linkedIn from 2 different recruiters, both positions looked great. We messaged back and forth a couple of times; everyone seems excited. I schedule a call with each of them.

Then 1 of them emails me just the day before the call saying their client has a potential candidate already so there was no reason to have the call. The other didn't call on the scheduled date, she had a mix up in her calendar. No worries, we rescheduled, and then she didn't call again.

Other opportunities have gone way further, with several successful interviews and then out of nothing they banish.

What am I missing?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks everyone!

asked 26 Jan '15, 11:28

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Firstly, and most importantly, don't restrict your future to a couple of calls via LinkedIn. (LinkedIn is full of millions of recruiters doing the same thing to millions of potential employees. I have yet to hear of someone getting a good, long term job through a linkedin recruiter. It's just a way for them to make a commission on a human resource.)

You have already attracted a lack of a job into your life and the echoes will continue, perhaps even after you get the job, with a few weeks of 'will you be able to keep it?'. If you show disappointment in not getting it then you instantly put out the vibration of lack again.

You will always get echoes to test you and to reinforce the existence of the belief that you won't get it. Have no expectations about the outcome. The secret to the Law of Attraction is to put the wish out there but then have absolutely no expectations of how this will come about. Expecting a job is expecting the outcome of employment or the outcome of money. Don't have the expectation. After all, the reason you want the job is you want the money, so you're expecting something, and that expectation is being generated by your lack of the money, so all your vibrations are about lack. You're taking physical actions and you'll get physical actions that result, but as soon as you start saying 'I hope I get the job' it's less likely to manifest the way you want it to and may only appear as a result of hard work or an action rather than the result of you wanting it to simply manifest.

So, can you go out and pursue your happiness, your joys, with no expectations of where a job or money will come from, and meet people, have fun, bury yourself in your passions and be the shining light, the bright beacon for everyone? If you're able to do that, watch the amazing manifestations in your life. Money might appear on the ground in front of you, or a friend wins the lottery and gives you some, or someone you meet at a cafe or in a pub offers you some work or you feel the sudden urge to hitchhike somewhere and do some volunteer work on the way and get free board, food and friends. There are endless possibilities.

As a way to reinforce what is possible, in 2013 I wanted time off from work to pursue my writing. I had no money and I didn't know where I was going to get enough to last one year so that I would have time to write and pursue some of my other plans. But I thought, well, if I'm meant to have this year, it'll happen some way, and I will just not worry about it. Somehow it will happen and it will be amazing but I'll just remain my happy, positive self and wait for it to manifest, however it manifests.

So the next day I walked into the bank and the bank teller wanted to offer me something. Instead of saying oh, not interested, or everything is fine or I'm not looking for life insurance thanks, I decided to stay and chat and see what he was going to offer. He said "Do you know you're preapproved for a $40,000 personal loan?"


So I took a year off work, rented a nice apartment with a great view, ordered copious bottles of wine and sat and drank and wrote for most of 2014.

It really is possible!

So, know that the universe will give you what you need but don't restrict the outcome to a job or money. Have no expectations of how the universe will take care of you.


answered 26 Jan '15, 16:25

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Thanks for the answer @ManuS!. I totally agree with what you say. I'm in the process of clearing those things. The LinkedIn thing was just a quick example, similar things happened with other opportunities. Thanks for sharing your experience, it's great.

(26 Jan '15, 17:14) Kriegerd

@ManuS not to be a wet blanket, but a loan is not exactly free money :)

(26 Jan '15, 18:01) kakaboo

It's free money if you believe it is. Keep seeing it that way and it will be, the bank will write-off the loan or you will receive an unexpected cheque for the exact amount needed to pay it off, or you will win a lump sum of money, or someone (family?) will pay the loan for you or your writing will get published - the advance will pay the loan, lots of ways it can remain as free money just keep seeing it that way and the universe will have no choice but to reflect it back to you as 'free money'.

(26 Jan '15, 18:58) Yes

@Yes Thanks for reminding me about that. I always keep thinking of the "How" instead of just letting it be. As for Kriegerd's situation, it seems like he's facing an issue of the "battered old car" and the "instability of feeling good and bad". I remember reading some of your posts @Yes and you went through the same thing too.. that one day everything just "Clicked" and you fell over to the other side of the scale of feeling good. Is that right and could you elaborate more on that?

(27 Jan '15, 03:50) kakaboo

Yes, it's the "battered old car" and the echo and that push pull on limiting beliefs that can feel pretty chaotic when you're in the middle of it. I TRIED to fix my limiting beliefs for a long time and as I intended something new (belief-wise) the echo would provide what seemed like unlimited evidences of my old vibration right in my face. The reason I had my breakthrough was by letting go or "giving up" on specific manifesting and just focusing on feeling good now feeling good now....

(27 Jan '15, 10:45) Yes

...as I stayed in that feeling good and general place accepting all the things in my life that I didn't want but chose to feel good regardless I climbed up the EGS and found some stability there. Yes, my limiting beliefs were still running my life but I absolutely didn't care or try to change anything, just feeling good now feeling good now. Eventually when you're vibrating up there on the high-flying disk consistently you have a sort of clearing out type experience where everything in your...

(27 Jan '15, 10:49) Yes

... life that doesn't match that high, open, free-flowing vibration starts dissolving. Lack of any kind moves away from you effortlessly. This is the point where the Universe shifts your beliefs FOR you. You don't have to change anything just one day you know that all you wanted is yours now. I found that all that I wanted that I had been struggling for came all in at once and then from that new place I started to desire more so had to expand to reach the new things and on it goes....

(27 Jan '15, 10:52) Yes

... I was drawn to Manifesting experiment 4 at that point. I probably took about two hours to shift all my limiting beliefs from that place and I KNEW the universe was doing it for me then. It's easy, done through you and then the lack goes away and everything opens up. If you want to speed things up regarding things that you want that just aren't coming then I would focus on M-E4 and the rest of the time try to feel good in that general, open place, be specific with M-E4 then let go.

(27 Jan '15, 10:56) Yes

@Yes thanks that's very detailed and helpful. I understand the echo part but another part I was not clear about was this: http://goo.gl/MyBCF1 In this answer it seems like the echo is closely related to the "Region of instability" and that one will just tip over it someday for no apparent reason. And you also said it happened to you here: http://goo.gl/8CFC5F but it didn't happen instantly, if I read it correctly: "After living in love, joy, appreciation for a while a sort of shift happens"

(27 Jan '15, 11:06) kakaboo

Thank you @Yes for all those inspiring comments. I was in a really bad place emotionally about 5 months ago, and I did just what you said about just wanting to feel good. I really let go of manifesting or anything, just wanting to feel good (precisely as you described).

And it really changed me, but then, when I gained a bit of stability in my emotions and I was more positive the desire to manifest creeped up again and I can tell that my emotions have taken a small dip because of it...

(27 Jan '15, 11:09) Kriegerd

... I was doing ME-5 but switched to ME-4 for the moment because I discovered 5 major topics that basically have been running my life for me which I want to let go of. Also a friend loaned me the FasterEFT trainings and I want to apply it to these issues. I had learned only from the youtube videos and there are a couple of insights on the dvds that will help me with this.

Thanks again for sharing. Knowing you were in a similar situation and were able to break out of that is inspiring.

(27 Jan '15, 11:14) Kriegerd

You're both in the right place and you're being taken of by the Universe, try to remember that when the road feels rocky for you. You're not alone through any of this, Source has your back - and you have the community of IQ in your corner too. :) I PROMISE you, when you get what you want you will be so grateful for every day on this path that is unfolding in front of you. You're on your way to what you want and you can't not get it now. Source/IB will guide you to what you need to get there

(27 Jan '15, 11:38) Yes

@kakaboo, it's all about making that high vibration feel chronic to you, yes. For me now looking back I can see that I was being shown how to feel good regardless of what was outside of me. It was like I was trained to feel good as my default with nothing really changing regarding manifestations. When I got to the point where I didn't ever really dip from that place and could imagine being happy as I was without my "manifestations" there was a shift and I started to see myself differently..

(27 Jan '15, 11:41) Yes

.. Regarding money as money seems to be the "big" one for so many. My thought processes shifted easily using ME-4. I was pulled to doing it one day, I wasn't really looking for money because I was really happy as I was but it felt like a good subject to tackle at that point in time. I felt an urge to do it. I cleaned up some limiting beliefs that I didn't even realize I had. It's as if the Universe said, hey we were hiding this limiting belief from you but today we're going to show it to you...

(27 Jan '15, 11:44) Yes

.. it seemed completely obvious on that day that that particular belief had been holding me back from manifesting "big" money. I could see the thought that was standing in the way to money but yesterday I couldn't see it at all. It's a very strange thing. I cleaned it up in about 30 mins then worked on a few other beliefs and then as my inside changed the outside changed and within a day or two my "manifestations" were visibly different. I got the "big" money when I was loving life without it.

(27 Jan '15, 11:49) Yes

@Yes yup it's only a matter of time. Did not have much success with ME4 though because think I had suppressed my emotions too much in the past and only beginning to feel them again slowly. But only recently did I realize that I was always in the "region of instability" a lot of times in the past, but a lot of stuff and things would happen that slapped me right back down the scale on the other side lol

(27 Jan '15, 23:08) kakaboo

Is there a book you recommend?

(28 Jan '15, 02:53) SR7

@kakaboo It will all click into place at the right time for you. If you keep focusing on trying to feel good and being as general as you can about those good feelings eventually your vibration will rise enough that any limiting beliefs will come up to be released, you will feel a shift. When your vibration is high things that don't match that will move away from you. External things that don't match and internal beliefs that don't match that high vibration will drift away from you.

(28 Jan '15, 06:30) Yes

@SR7 Abraham books of course. But, all the information you need to transform your life from the inside is available free online. There are many Abraham and Bashar videos on youtube and there is a wealth of information here on IQ too. It's worth looking at the EFT videos too if you have subjects in your life that feel blocked or stuck. EFT will clear those up fast for you.

(28 Jan '15, 06:34) Yes

Thanks @Yes

(28 Jan '15, 08:41) SR7

@SR7 You're welcome :)

(28 Jan '15, 08:47) Yes

Thanks a lot for those comments and encouragement @Yes. It is really cool to feel that I'm moving in the right direction.

Even though I still have negative thoughts/emotions I can feel that little by little my attitude is tilting to the positive side even though the outside hasn't changed.

(30 Jan '15, 11:19) Kriegerd
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Hi. I'm in a somewhat similar situation (unemployed etc.) and I have had similar stuff happening to me. Something good is about to happen and I'm really excited, but then it just doesn't come together. I'm not sure why it's that way, but I quess there's just more work to do. I'm finding a lot of definitions and beliefs that I've have not been even concious of yet.

Today I saw this video and in some way it gave me some insight to these things: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWovuM69bIU

(Sometimes the wind blows on the mic, so it's hard to hear what he's saying, but most of the sound is ok)


answered 26 Jan '15, 15:52

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edited 26 Jan '15, 17:05

Thanks for the answer @33sync and the video. I'd heard a similar definition by Bashar and the "echo" test. My vibrational routine is pretty solid so I know I just have to be consistent and patient, but just wanted to see if there was anything I was missing.

(26 Jan '15, 17:10) Kriegerd

This morning I've experienced some kind of a new clarity about how I should totally take charge of my own experience and determine Myself what I want to feel and experience. This video totally helped me with that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChTnwpkCMhg Maybe it helps you too to get a better grip on your own reality.

(27 Jan '15, 04:43) 33sync

I looked up the Bashar and echo test as I hadn't heard about it before. I thought I'd post it here for those who are reading this thread later.. "Circumstances don't matter, State of being matters. "

(27 Jan '15, 05:10) Inner Beauty

Great video @33sync. It's a great reminder. Thanks for posting @Inner Beauty. I hadn't seen it in a while.

(27 Jan '15, 11:43) Kriegerd
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answered 26 Jan '15, 16:00

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Inner Beauty

Thanks @Inner Beauty. I'll go read it :-D.

(26 Jan '15, 16:22) Kriegerd

Thank you guys (@kakaboo, @Inner Beauty) so much for these new links. I saw them but hadn't had time to comment. I'm starting to feel a bit of positive momentum catching on, and is in no small part to your answers/comments. Really helpful and encouraging.

(31 Jan '15, 17:10) Kriegerd
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perhaps it be the culture
we choose to live and breathe in
where the fastest get the time

reasses possibilities
the future holds, stay on track
or turn to where it is
believed the desired outcome


answered 06 Feb '15, 18:22

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