I have a desire , lol, as do we all :-) I know I am holding myself apart from it, two and a half years. How do I stop the sometimes daily swing from , oh bother I give up, ergo release resistance and allow manifestation and then back to...... but I do "want" ( reintroducing resistance ) this particular thing ? I appreciate that it is my veiw of circumstances , not them in and of themselves being the cause .

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@Starlight - Focus on keeping yourself in the Vortex as often as you can. This is what works for me. If I'm thinking about what I don't have yet then I know I'm not in the Vortex. In the Vortex you can get on with enjoying your life right now and allow things to unfold in their own perfect time. Hope this helps:)

(06 Dec '12, 16:56) Satori

Yes Satori , thank you , I guess I could kinda look at it. the Vortex and enjoying self as a , lol, distracting technique :-)

(06 Dec '12, 17:08) Starlight
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The simplest way would be to just not think about what you want any more...if you can :)

I think there's often a part within people that feels that if they completely give up thinking about something then it will somehow mean they will not get it.

But that is not possible because your Inner Being is already living your desire.

So giving up on the desire for a while is only giving up the resistance to the desire, not the desire itself. Your wanting of the desire is still just as strong as ever even in your giving-up on it.

The truth is that you really have no choice but to physically catch up to your desire sooner or later (because part of you is part of it)...it's just a question of how painful you want that journey of realignment to be :)

One thought I find helpful to consider is that...

The universe is doing the best it can in every moment to find cracks in my resistance

...so everything that happens to me in any moment is completely for my own benefit and is actually bringing me closer to my desire even if I can't see exactly how at that moment - or even if I'm doing my very best (unintentionally) to stand in the way of it :)

So, for example, if you want a new car and your old car has just broken down then instead of feeling bad that you now have to repair it, reframe it by thinking that this is part of the universe's plan to get you that new car...it's just that you don't have the broader view of the path to your manifestation from your physical vantage point.

Knowing that a broader part of you can see further means you can just trust that guidance and all you have to do physically is follow the directions you are given i.e. follow the path of positive emotion.

It's when we decide to make the present moment "wrong" because we don't have what we want yet that we actually block the change we want from coming.

But by considering that everything is working itself out in perfect timing ("the universe is finding cracks in your resistance"), you can give yourself relief and make the present moment an empowering one instead of a disempowering one.

Hope that's clear.


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You mentioned that you can make the journey as pleasant or as painful as possible.

Well, what is a way to make the journey pleasant when I cannot think of a way to make it pleasant?

Any advice?

(06 Dec '12, 15:22) Evolutionary High

@Stingray - The universe is doing the best it can in every moment to find cracks in my resistance. Brilliant. Isn't this what they mean by The path of least resistance? Looking back most things manifested for me in ways I would never have thought of i.e. the path of least resistance. :)

(06 Dec '12, 16:27) Satori

@Stingray , Thank you , you've nailed exactly where I was coming from !

I love how you keep things simple , I am not a stupid woman but sometimes find answers in here can be so convoluted that I give up trying to decipher them . Straightforward and to the point wins every time , excellent job and again thank you , much love and appreciation ♥♥♥

(06 Dec '12, 17:15) Starlight

@Evolutionary High - Find reasons to feel happy everyday even if it appears to be completely unconnected to what you want. This is because the feeling of happiness threads everything you want together, even if you can't physically see how. See the ideas in What does 'detachment' truly mean in Law of Attraction?

(07 Dec '12, 04:34) Stingray

@Satori - It's a similar idea though Abraham mean "Path of least resistance" in the sense of what you do or think. The idea in the answer (also inspired by Abraham) is more of the flip side of that...a reassurance that the Universe is similarly trying to complete the vibrational circuit from its side of things also

(07 Dec '12, 04:37) Stingray

@Starlight - You're welcome. Glad it was helpful to you

(07 Dec '12, 04:38) Stingray

@Stingray - Thanks. Sorry, I should have said desires usually manifest through the path of least resistance (The cracks). :)

(07 Dec '12, 09:40) Satori
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This is not a questions about your desire and whether you want it or not. You would like to understand triggering mechanism behind those swings and why sometimes you'd go for it and the other time you'd not. Right?

I won't present you with a technique for they almost always lead you astray from understanding the nature of what you're trying to apply the technique on anyway. That's why I deem them all useless, for if you know what you're dealing with, you'll always figure out the most suitable way to go about it in any situation rather than having a step by step manual which often times is not adaptable.

There are at least 2 major things at play here. 1 - cause and consequence, 2 - change.

It is important to understand/analyze the situation you're at right at the moment and find out whether you are still or in motion. Not so much physically as decision making wise.

I will try to explain the very subtle difference between being still and caught up in a domino like effect of cause and consequence where the consequence becomes another cause perpetuating another consequence. If you would imagine a vast field and there were signs scattered all over it, saying go right, go left, go forward etc. Being in the domino effect is like following those signs blindly. Being still, is stopping at each sign and making a brand new decision sometimes contradictory to what is the sign at the place you are at suggesting.

Understand that paradigm of cause and consequence will be always present. In both scenarios. But when being still (and I'm referring to having a quiet mind and being unattached from everything here) you will not be prisoner to current circumstances. In other words, the every day situations and experiences you encounter throughout the day.

To present more of an real life example, if you enter a room full of people and everyone starts smiling at you, your immediate response would most probably be to start smiling too. You don't say: hold on a moment, why should I be smiling now?. You give in to the circumstance and follow the signs blindly.

You are either consciously evaluating the situations, thus you are finding possible triggers, therefore you are able to avoid them and their consequences, or your going "with the flow". Conscious evaluation gives you more options and more freedom. And that can be done only when you judgement is not clouded and your sight blinded. Which happens only when you're still and look at everything through eyes that know no attachment.

Now, as far as it goes for - change. Everything is constantly changing. These changes big and subtle are triggering multitude of causes and consequences that is happening every single moment all around you, most of which however go unnoticed. As you are closed to some and open to others. Based on your limitations...or your beliefs, if you will.

And through any situation you analyze you will learn more about yourself. Never mind what's going on all around, because ultimately what you want is to expand circle of influence about your own life.

I'd like to use parable that when you were born, you were handed over an alien ship. As you pressed each button you learned to navigate the ship, communicate with other ships, get yourself over to many places. But there is so much more that you don't know. The ship has many programs which you have no idea how to control. Like your battle mechanism of immune system. Shields go up and turrets fire when there is a danger, but you have no clue how to do it manually. On other planes, like emotional, spiritual and such you may be caught in jumping from place to place through hyperspace, and unless you learn to control hyperspace navigation one moment you'll be happy, the very next moment you'll be crying. That's why it's viable to stop the ship for a moment and find out what each button really does. Eventually, if you would gain full conscious control of the ship, infinite possibilities open up. And the universe is your for taking.

The point is, you phrase your question incorrectly. In sense, that you are drawing your attention away from yourself and towards the circumstances around you. Because there are no daily swings, there is only your inability to press the correct buttons to compensate for circumstances around you.

So the question really is, how do I learn to fly the ship instead of how do I stop meteors flying to it and hitting it.

And hopefully, you've learned a bit of that through my incomplete explanation above. And while there is a lot more to talk about, I assume that it couldn't be digested at once anyway.


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