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Do negative thoughts manifest faster than the positive?

Over the past month my financial problems have largely reduced. Infact I had enough work booked in July to take care of my cash flow till the beginning of September. Over the past couple of days there were some issues with a client delaying their payment and hence throwing off my cashflow projections as a result of which my suppliers were insisting on their payments. This issue resulted in lowering my vibrations and now I find that the clients who had booked for July have halved their requirement for this month and the rest will take place in the last quarter.

My question is that why are negative vibrations so powerful? Just a couple of days of low vibrations manifested their negative results almost immediately, whereas the higher vibrations take so much time to manifest?

asked 29 Jun '10, 10:20

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See: http://www.inwardquest.com/questions/4696/do-negative-thoughts-manifest-faster-than-the-positive

(29 Jun '10, 10:37) Stingray

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