The past couple years I have been in several very terrible and challenging situations, things that have never occurred to me previous to two years ago ( and shouldn't be occurring) I moved to a different part of the country and I guess one of the things for me is trying to understand the difference between persevering and growing through challenges that bring growth and are seeds of opportunity and the universe really trying to get a point across to me and doing its best to redirect me? I try my best to keep a high vibration (Love or above as Christie Marie Sheldon would say) or "in the vortex" but my faith has been compromised much as of late.

So the question is, How to tell the difference between the universe trying to get a message across to you ( Is it really not my purpose to be in this specific part of the country?) Versus, "No, this is teaching me something even if I can't see it and its essentially a growth experience that will benefit me if I can get through it ) I guess I am starting to really be exhausted by what is happening and sometimes it actually becomes life threatening!

I do my best to try to pick up on signals ( People telling me, suggesting things, looking out for books that pop out at me in the library or store... ) that sort of thing!

Any insight or further perspective is much appreciated- even if abstract!

Love love love<3

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Whats the difference between A universal redirect and perserverence/growth challenge?

It is what you think it is. Remember that everything is neutral and that you create positive situations, universal redirects or whatever.

But if you really want specific instructions from your higher self, who knows everything you need or want then here is a "trick" to communicate with it directly.

When you are in a good feeling place, preferably joyful or at least hopeful, ask your higher self: "What should i do now to get to x?". Then let go of wanting to get an answer and just relax into your inner body.

Sometimes you will get a feeling that feels good that will tell you what to do. Or you will hear something like when you read a book and you hear yourself reading.

I experienced this a few times lately. The most impressive experience to me was the following.

I felt very stuck and tried to analyze what was causing my issue. Then i relaxed and asked my higher self what to do. A few seconds later i recieved a clear good feeling and something voice-like that i can swear said: "Just chill dude! Surrender!" :). Afterwards i saw many things in a different light. I came to very valuable realisations about how to continue with a lot of challenges.


answered 04 Jan '13, 17:26

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