I'm trying to get into the allowing mode. But I'm not sure I'm doing it right, it'll be great if you could share with me how did you get into the Allowing mode? How does it feel? How does the process of getting into Allowing mode is? What do you feel just before, what do you feel when you've been in Allowing mode and start to lose it?

Is it a feeling of being relaxed and just knowing? Or knowing is a step further.

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What do you feel just before - bittersweet taste, what do you feel when you've been in Allowing mode - drunkenness and start to lose it - sobering up

(15 Jan '13, 01:48) CalonLan

Allowing/Alignment = Feel Good = Connected to Source

Disallow = Feel Blah , Crap, Etc = Cut off from Source

Simple really , we just like to make things complicated ;-)

(15 Jan '13, 19:36) Starlight

Thanks CalonLan and Starlight.

(15 Jan '13, 21:26) Notgonnatellyou
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Is it a feeling of being relaxed and just knowing?

Yes, that is the state that you are looking to achieve with allowing. Just relax and "Know" that the universe will take care of your desire in the proper place and timing.

Here are a few examples to help you understand better. These are just a few general examples. Certain people know how particular things work better than others.

You turn on the light switch when you enter a room. Do you know every detail of how the electricity runs through the wires (again, assuming your not an electrician or very knowledgeable in this field) and ends up giving you light to see?

When you turn on your water faucet do you question how it will work or if it will work at all?

When you type letters and numbers on your computer keyboard, do you worry and wonder if it will produce the results on the screen that you desire?

These are things that are part of the everyday average persons life. We do these things with complete expectation that they will work, aside from the routine maintenance that they need every once in a while. When we do these simple tasks, in that very moment, we are in the allowing and expectation mode.

In this state, we are in a relaxed belief system of knowing. There is no resistance, worry, or doubt present.

When we get into a mindset of trying to figure everything out, hoping to know the when, and the how, and the where, it turns into resistance of what we asked for. It's similar to a kink in a garden hose.

alt text

When the hose is kinked, the water is blocked and causes pressure to build up and could possibly damage the hose. It's the same with our body and energy. When we continue to stay in the unsure or worried vibrational frequency, we put a kink in our energy field of attraction.

Once we just simply learn to allow and know that everything we desire or want is already in the works and on its way, the kinked hose of resistance can release and our vibrational attracting power of energy can flow freely and effortlessly.

Focus your thoughts of what makes you feel good. Take those good feeling thoughts as far as you can until you eventually find a similar good feeling thought that matches that frequency. Allow the specific desire to be part of your reality in this very moment because it actually is in existence already from the thought that you had of it. It does exist right now. You just need to unlock the door (resistance of allowing) and let it in.

alt text

For me personally, the feeling of allowing is best described as an un-kinked garden hose. If we stop putting so much pressure on the what, when, where, and how of manifestation, and just learn to let the postal service of the universe deliver our package for us whenever that time comes, we un-kink our resistant frequency of attraction to the things we don't want, and start getting the things that we do want.

Abraham Hicks - Learning To Allow!


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@Cory- i like it

(15 Jan '13, 02:49) blubird two

@Cory I like it, too.

(15 Jan '13, 05:07) No Brainer

Great answer, @Cory, thanks!

(15 Jan '13, 06:23) Bedazzled

I'm glad you all found this helpful

(15 Jan '13, 14:39) Cory

Lovely Cory and thanks for the Abe link , always wise words to be gotten there :-)

(15 Jan '13, 18:31) Starlight

Thanks Cory! Excellent explanation.

(15 Jan '13, 21:26) Notgonnatellyou

@Cory, Felt great reading this post. Absolutely on point. Thanks!

(17 Jan '13, 13:23) figure8shape

@Cory - Love it, thanks:)

(17 Jan '13, 13:55) Satori

You are all more than welcome :-)

(17 Jan '13, 15:09) Cory

If you constantly allow in good thoughts your doubt will just disappear? Is that really true??

(17 Jan '13, 17:21) Evolutionary High

@Evolutionary High You have to decide what is an isn't true for yourself. Every single thing I write about here on IQ is simply my own opinion from personal experience. You have every right to sift through what feels good and leave what doesn't behind.

Whatever thoughts you allow into your mind on a consistent basis become your dominant belief system. Just like going back to when I first went to grade school as a child. They taught the ABC's and 123's until they were etched in my head...

(19 Jan '13, 01:58) Cory

@Evolutionary High... from constant repetition. Those teachings were thoughts that I was thinking about a large portion of the time. I started off slow learning to make my letters and numbers just right until I eventually got the hang of it, had no doubt that I could write them, and they became a new habit and chronic belief.

So whatever we do consistently with a strong desire and focus will become our dominant reality. Thoughts that make you feel good will eventually show you evidence...

(19 Jan '13, 02:04) Cory

...that will go a long way in removing doubt yes. Repetitive thoughts good or bad will produce and manifest whatever it is you are thinking about into your physical reality.

(19 Jan '13, 02:06) Cory
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