I'm trying to decipher this way of seeing life, and bits of it have helped me greatly, but I keep coming back to my old depressed mode of seeing life. That's why I'm trying to create a sketch of what the theory of this reality would look like.

So far I have this pointers

My thoughts create my reality.

When I'm down is because I'm having negative thoughts in an constant way, more likely started by 1 powerful though.

When I'm happy, in a high vibrational place, is because I'm having positive thoughts, started by a personal resolution.

When I'm down my job is to change my vibration, or get in the Vortex. Not to try to defeat these negative thoughts but rather to think about happy things (Alas, this is hard).

My thoughts are filtered and modified by a "matrix" in my unconscious. This matrix could be called beliefs.

To manifest something, I have to impress my unconscious in a way that it communicates to my creative side of the mind and so this can communicate it to the universe, then I have to allow this to happen. (I'm still not very clear in allowing)

When I'm aligned to my inner self, I feel good, and I can use the law of attraction to manifest what I want.

In order to align myself, I need a process of awareness. Be aware of my body. Be aware of my feelings.

We all use methods to avoid awareness, from food to drugs to watching tv, to doing habitual things.

This and other stuff is what I've gathered so far as the most important. However, those who understand it more deeply probably think other aspects are much important.

I find myself needing a lot of time for meditation to work and help me during 1 day. I bet there are better ways to do it. I also have to say that I'm in a very difficult moment in my life, with many recent difficult events.

I would love that you shared what you think are the most important aspects, and clarify me and correct me.

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Improvement. Quality of lazy man. Apple makes you happy, even if it's rotten. Can you show a path in an ocean? nO. There's only a way.

(19 Jan '13, 19:26) CalonLan

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(19 Jan '13, 20:19) Barry Allen ♦♦

if you want to be aware meditate the negative comes from your own darkness,your own duality that you need to solve by being aware of the truth.but if you do not keep watch and bind your own hand the thief will enter your home.

(19 Jan '13, 21:06) white tiger

@Barry Allen I will try to find a way to change it tomorrow, to make it an specific issue to be able to change the question.

(20 Jan '13, 02:02) Notgonnatellyou

@white tiger Lately I've noticed that when I try to meditate, to just breath, I'm not having many thoughts cross my mind but not in a meditative state either. It's like my thoughts are passing deep down and can't access them...

(20 Jan '13, 02:04) Notgonnatellyou

@CalonLan I'm not sure I follow you. You mean I should not go for more than improvement? Somehow be bolder?

(20 Jan '13, 02:05) Notgonnatellyou

@Notgonnatellyou Try being in the NOW more .. look at some of the questions here about being in the now and also take a look at "How do you think less and feel more" for some great advice.

(20 Jan '13, 05:26) Catherine

@notgonnatellyou meditate open eyes fix a spot in front of you that is not there be aware focus and concentrate. strive to enter the narrow gate.stay in truth do not stick to the darkness,eventually you will reach the water and start to see the light that you are.

(20 Jan '13, 12:07) white tiger

Please look at the links below, it is a bionerial beat meditation for u, i made them myself, hope it helps.

(07 Mar '13, 07:56) TReb Bor yit-NE
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Hello Notgonnatellyou

Reading through the way you express yourself, i get the impression that there is a lot of intellectualization going on ...


Here is a method that helps bring awareness and emotions more into play.

Think of the four elements from which all matter is made in various proportions; fire, air, earth and water ... the flesh and bones of your body represent the element earth ... your body is made up of a large proportion of the element water ... both your lungs and your skin allow nourishing gas exchanges and represent the element air ... energy, heat and light represent the element fire. Yet think again, all these elements are finely intermingled to form all the different forms of physical matter, so there must be a fifth element that puts it all in order ... this element is an invisible force and is the link that harmonizes the physical universe ... this force has many names following the various belief systems, here on IQ we often refer to it as the law of attraction and as humans we live in this world.

To expand in perfect harmony we need to bring together these five elements, in short to be in perfect harmony with the natural forces within and around us ... to do this practice the following;

  • Creative energy or LOA if you prefer, can be symbolized by the sun, think of the sun as being all powerful, when doing this no other thought can enter your mind.
  • Trust your thoughts, this implies meditating on them, seeking their deeper meanings.
  • Have tender warm feelings for your physical body, it allows physical experience.
  • Practice admiring the beauties of nature, a rising sun, a rainy forest, the glide of a bird on the wing. Have fun with it ... bb2

answered 20 Jan '13, 05:06

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blubird two


@blubird 2 Lovely answer.

(20 Jan '13, 05:21) Catherine

Here are a couple videos for you from me.



Love n light



answered 20 Jan '13, 11:47

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TReb Bor yit-NE

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