Since I have been looking for a job, I was asked from my previous company for the same job that I did previously with the same benefits, some time ago, which I rejected because I had quit that job looking forward to a meaningful and long term career path.

While I have'nt come across that dream job yet, I have got calls from different people at different times for the same job in the last 2 weeks. Two days ago I came across a huge ad from my previous company, looking for people for exactly the same job that I did.

Is it the Universe wanting me to take it up, and hence I am coming across this job repeatedly? Am I resisting it just because my ego forbids me to go back to the company? I had left this company with a lot of dreams and hopes about my future job and had snubbed the job I did and the company just before I left while talking to a few of my colleagues (yup,I was arrogant as I was way too confident about myself and my abilities to find a better job when I quit that company!). I have constantly dreaded going back to that company and have always criticized it for its stinginess and unusual policies. Post quitting too. The job itself was not so bad though.

These repeated ads/calls are making me think if I should actually look beyond my ego and see if thats my calling. And I need a job right now to meet my expenditures too. Or am I looking at it as a inspiration from the Universe just because I am desperate for a job?

What do I make out of it? Can anyone please tell me what I should do?

Thanks for the help.

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The first thing that came to mind after reading your post was beliefs. We all create our own reality through our desires, thoughts and beliefs or repeated thoughts. At some point you desired, thought about and believed you wanted your previous job. You've been actively doing your old job, so have been operating from within that belief structure.

The universe always reflects your beliefs back to you, so in order to change the reflection, it's necessary to change your beliefs. Because the nature of belief is self perpetuating and self reinforcing, until your new belief in a new kind of job has taken root, your old beliefs will still get reflected back to you, evidenced by the new similar job offers.

The trick is to define what kind of job you now desire and to believe without doubt that this kind of job will come to you. At the same time, it's necessary to ignore any and all job offers that are not in line with that, which you say you now desire, because they're a reflection of the old belief pattern which is still running within you. Ignore the offers by refusing to pay any attention to them.

Ultimately, once your belief is strong enough, offers of jobs you want must show up, because you create your reality by deciding which kind of reality you now want to experience.

If you need the financial security offered by the old job, it may be worth reconsidering doing it, while you work on your beliefs from within that security. That may take longer, but might be preferable to running short of money and risking entering a financial stress situation.

While it may be true that the universe wants you to move in a certain direction, only you can know for sure by how you feel about it. To find out what, if any, influence your ego is having on your decisions and preferences, get out of your mind. Do what you can to relax and get in touch with your true feelings. As Abraham says: Let your feelings be your guide. Good Luck! :)


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Some things you can live with, and some things you can't. Only you can decide if the benefits are worth the drawbacks, and whether or not those drawbacks are mostly due to the way you are reacting to them.

In any case, you can't change their corporate culture, as that would be asserting, not attracting. You can only influence it.

See also this answer to a question about career choices on the Programmers website:

Bad decision: Always assuming that the grass was greener elsewhere and that moving is always the best answer.

Almost every company has it's downsides. When you moan about the place you're working to your friend and he says "hey, where I work is nothing like that", he's not lying, it's just what's wrong there is different.


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good point, I think we all do that a bit.

(11 Nov '10, 02:56) Back2Basics

This is a great example, as many would like to apply LOA to their career.

According to the LOA, what you give attention to, energy will flow. It seems that you are still very much thinking about your old job, so YOU are seeing it everywhere and noticing it a lot more. I can also feel the anxiety and fear about it in your post, which may be attracting more of what you do not want - your old job.

Also see:

What if you don’t know your calling or purpose?


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Have you given any thought to the type of job that you want. Try writing down all the things that you desire in a job and focus on that. You may find that you will start seeing more of the kind of job that you are presently desiring and less of the other.


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Why do you want this job back now? If you can answer this question truthfully to yourself, then you will get the answer to your own question.

If I were faced with this decision, I would do two things ask my self the question above, and then I would make my decision based upon the answer that I give to myself. Perhaps, you would like to try this exercise, and see how it will work out for you! Good Luck.


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